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Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Country Fest 2012   is proudly brought to you by  Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association

Goals & Objectives of the Agricultural Association To stage an annual fair, which will be a showcase for quality livestock, produce of the soil, home crafts, youth work and community life in general. To support and encourage the 4-H program in its aims of developing personal skills, a sense of community and good citizenship in our youth. To demonstrate the value of agriculture to our economy through demonstrations and displays. To bring together rural and urban peoples in an atmosphere of wholesome entertainment and good sportsmanship –promoting understanding and co-operation for the benefit of all TO CONTACT COUNTRY FEST OFFICE Phone: 604-463-6922 Fax: 604-463-6940 Email:

Home Arts & Garden Rules 1. Each exhibitor must have his or her own entry form. 2. Needlework, Arts, Crafts & Hobbies, Wine & Beer, Photography & Scrapbooking entries can be dropped off at the HOME ARTS & GARDEN BUILDING situated in the centre grounds, opposite the fair office) on Tuesday, July 24th between 4pm and 8pm. Gardening and cooking can be dropped off on Thursday, July 26th between 4pm and 8pm 3. No exhibitor shall be allowed in the building during judging. 4. Only persons with claim checks will be allowed in the building to pick up their entries on Monday, July 30th between 4pm and 8pm. Any perishable entries not claimed at 8p.m. on July 30th will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.. 5. Unclaimed entries may be picked up at the office by arrangement up to one week after Country Fest. 6. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE FINISHED IN THE LAST YEAR OR NOT PREVIOUSLY ENTERED IN MAPLE RIDGE FAIR/COUNTRY FEST. 7. ALL ENTRIES ARE LEFT AT EXHIBITOR’S OWN RISK. 8. ONE ENTRY PER CLASS PER PERSON

Theme Classes – "MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE" This year, the theme of the Home Arts and Garden building is “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE". Using your creativity, imagination and decorative skills, show us your vision using the Make Mine Country Style theme. These themes allow you to have fun and let your imagination go wild. You are permitted to use any interpretation of the theme you would like.

Aggregate Award Any adult exhibitor that enters in four out the six categories that are offered and any junior exhibitor that enters in four out of the five categories that are offered will be eligible for this award. Prizes & rosettes will be awarded for the Junior and Senior Winner.


ARTS, CRAFTS & HOBBIES CONVENOR: Barbara Gallant – 604–467-3926 ENTRY FEE: $0.75 per class th ENTRY FORM & PAYMENT DEADLINE: Monday, July 16 , 2012 PRIZES: 1st - $4; 2nd - $3; 3rd - $2

PLEASE SEE GENERAL RULES AT THE BEGINNING OF PRIZE BOOK Exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor. (Persons who earn 50% or more of their income from the sales of hobby items are not permitted to enter those classes). PAINTING AND DRAWING 800.Painting, oils, landscape or plant life 801.Painting, oils, portrait or animal life 802.Painting, watercolour, landscape or plant life 803.Painting, watercolour, portrait or animal life 804.Painting, pastels landscape or plant life 805.Painting, pastels portrait or animal life 806.Painting, acrylics landscape or plant life 807.Painting, acrylics portrait or animal life 808.Drawing, landscape or plant life 809.Drawing, portrait or animal life 810.Drawing, pen & ink, any subject 811.Drawing, pencil crayon, any subject 812 Pencil sketching 813.Drawing, ink, comic strip 814 Drawing, ink, political cartoon

815 Painting, cartoon 816 Painting, fantasy 817 Painting, medieval art, your interpretation 818 Mixed Media 819 Series of drawings (3-5 drawings: mounted together) 820.Series of paintings, any medium (3-5 paintings mounted together) 821.Series of pencil sketches (3-5 sketches mounted together) 822 Article of art not listed; man-made (ie. saw blade, tray, etc.) 823 Article of art not listed; natural (i.e,.wood, rock, fungi, etc.)

WOODWORK 824.Hand carving - any item 825.Child’s toy 826.Wooden item, large, 24” or larger 827.Wooden item, medium, 10”-24” 828.Wooden item, small, Up to10” 829.Woodcraft picture, (i.e. intarsia, segmentation, etc.) large 24” or larger 830.Woodcraft picture, (i.e. intarsia, segmentation, etc.) medium, 10-24” 831.Woodcraft picture, (i.e. intarsia, segmentation, etc.) small, Up to 10” 832.Wood turning, practical item 833.Wood turning, decorative 834.Driftwood, any item

835.Burlcraft, any item 836.Fibre arts equipment 837.Wood furniture, large 838.Wood furniture, medium 839.Wood furniture, small 840.Twig furniture, large 841.Twig furniture, small 842.Dollhouse 843.Birdhouse, original design 844.Handmade decorative folk art, not pre-cut 845.Folk art, pre-cut wood 846Any other item not listed

CERAMICS AND SCULPTING 847.Ceramic, practical 848.Ceramic, decorative

849.Model, sculpting clay (not jewelry) 850.Modeling, any other medium (not jewelry)

JEWELERY 854.Metal 855.Any other medium

851.Sculpting clay (i.e. Fimo, sculpey etc.) 852.Lapidary 853.Beading

TOYS 856.Soft toy 857.Rag toy 858.Teddy bear 859.Teddy bear, dressed

860.Other animal, hand sewn 861.Ornamental doll 862Puppets, hand 863Puppets, finger 864.Any toy, not listed

COLLECTIONS Any collection must be securely mounted and in a container or on a base 2

865.Collection, miniature, max. 15 items 866.Collection, handcrafted collectable, max. 10 items 867.Collection, any other not listed 868.Scrapbook, one subject only

869.Scrapbook, miscellaneous content 870.Memory Books 871.Photo Album (handmade book)

FIBRE ARTS 872.Spinning, 2 skeins, natural, 50 grams 873.Spinning, 2 skeins, dyed,50 grams 874.Spinning, 2 skeins natural, 50 grams, exotic fibre (Silk, llama, mohair, etc.) 875.Spinning, 2 skeins, dyed, 50 grams, exotic fibre (Silk, llama, mohair, etc.) 876.Spinning, dyed and carded by hand, sheep, 20 grams 877.Spinning, dyed and carded by hand, exotic, 30 grams 878.Fancy spinning, 2 skeins, 50 grams each, boucle etc.,any fibre 879.Beginners class, any woven article 880.Woven article of clothing 881.Woven shawl, stole or scarf

882.Woven household article 883.Woven rug 884.Woven blanket 885.Small expressions, woven article ie. mug rugs (4) sachet bags 886.Any other article 887.Basket weaving, natural material, small item 888.Basket weaving, natural material, large item 889.Basket weaving, commercial material, small item 890.Basket weaving, commercial material, large item 891.Felting, any article of clothing 892.Felting, practical 893.Felting, decorative 894.Needle felting, any subject

CANDLEMAKING 895.Dipped beeswax 896.Molded beeswax 897.Fancy beeswax

898.Dipped any other wax 899.Molded, any other wax 900.Fancy, any other wax

FLY TYING 901.Wet fly, 1 item 902.Dry fly, 1 item 903.Selection of wet flies, 5 ties, named

904.Selection of dry flies, 5 ties, named 905.Fly box, handmade

SEASONAL CRAFTS 906 Easter, your interpretation 907.Canada Day or Canadiana Crafts, your own interpretation 908.Christmas, your interpretation. 909.Halloween, your interpretation 910.Wreath, artificial

911.Thanksgiving, your interpretation 912.Any other specific occasion not listed 913.Card, any occasion 914.Card, computer generated 915.Wreath, Natural

PAPER CRAFTS 916.Stamping: Card 917.Stamping: Tag 918.Stamping: Bookmark 919.Stamping: Invitation 920.Wrapping paper 921.Card (not stamping ) 922.Tag (not stamping)

923.Bookmark or Invitation (not stamping) 924.Scrapbook page 925.Paper mache 926.Folded paper craft (not origami) 927.Origami, 3 items, mounted 928 Any other article

RECYCLING 929.Recycled broken glass (eg. mosaic effect) 930.Item from recycled cans 931.Item from recycled plastic containers

932.Item from recycled metal (not cans) 933.Wood Furniture from recycled articles 934.Any other article – (eg. Hats)

MISCELLANEOUS 935.Tole painting 936.Paper tole 937.Decorated basket 938.Beadwork, (not jewelery) 939.Origami, 3 items, mounted 940.Writing – lyrics for song 941.Writing – calligraphy 942.Writing – original poem 943.Writing – original short story, 2 p max. non-fiction

944.Writing – original short story, 2 pages max. fiction 945.Garden Stepping Stones 946.Stained glass small (under 10”) 947.Stained glass large (over 10”) 948.Calendar 949.Nail Art – 2 artificial fingernails, mounted on a popsicle stick 950.LEGO, original construction (max size 2’ sq.) 951. Any item not listed

THEME CLASSES: "MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE" Your interpretation (see beginning of book for definition of class) Any item not listed


952.Painting or drawing on theme 953.Decorated Cowboy hat 954. Decorated Cowboy/Farm Boots 955.Stuffed Animal dressed Country style 956.Farm Animal made from Recycled materials 957.Woodwork on theme 958.Decorated Farm Implement 959.Any item not listed

Special Prize Special Prize NEW Special Prize NEW Special Prize NEW Special Prize NEW Special Prize Special Prize NEW Special Prize

BEST IN SHOW -Art - Rosette BEST IN SHOW - Crafts and Hobbies - Rosette BEST IN SHOW – Fibre Arts – Rosette ASSISTED ENTRIES -

(For adults with special needs)

966.Memory Album – most creative page– 12”x12”misc. content 967.Memory book 968.Any other item, not listed

960.Wooden garden ornament 961.Bird House 962.Large wooden item 963.Small wooden item 964.Wooden item, not listed 965.Memory Album – most creative page – max size 12”x12” – one subject only


Art Classes

Ages 6 and Under 1501.Drawing 1502.Series of Drawings (up to 5) – Mounted on the same cardboard 1503.Colouring Art

1504.Painting 1505.Collage of your choice 1506.Computer art

Ages 7 – 9 years 1507.Drawing 1508.Series of Drawings (up to 5) – mounted on the same cardboard 1509.Colouring 1510.Painting, any medium 1511.Series of Paintings (up to 5) – mounted on the same cardboard

1512.String art 1513.Painting on glass 1514.Cartoon or fantasy 1515.Computer Art 1516.Collage of your choice

BEST IN SHOW – Art - Up to 9 years - Rosette Ages 10 – 12 years 1517.Drawing, any medium 1518.Series of Drawings (up to 5) – mounted on the same cardboard 1519.Painting, any medium 1520.Series of Paintings (up to 5) - mounted on same cardboard

1521.String Art 1522.Painting on glass 1523.Cartoon or fantasy 1524.Computer art 1525.Collage of your choice


Ages 13 – 16 years 1526.Drawing, any medium 1527.Series of Drawings (up to 5) – mounted on the same cardboard 1528.Painting, any medium 1529.Series of Paintings (up to 5) – mounted on same cardboard

1530.Series of India Ink Sketches (up to 5) – mounted on the same cardboard 1531.Painting on glass 1532.Cartoon or fantasy 1533.Computer art 1534.Collage of your choice

BEST IN SHOW – Art - 10 – 16 years - Rosette Miscellaneous Crafts & Hobbies Classes

Ages 6 & Under: Models & Construction – max size 2 square ft 1535.Suncatcher 1536.Rubber stamp art 1537.Modeling any medium (Playdough,clay, etc.) 1538.Rock Painting, any medium 1539.Model, store bought kit 1540.Lego, store bought kit 1541.Lego, own creation, any subject 1542.Perler beads, any subject 1543.Pony beads, any subject 1544.Beadwork, any subject

1545.Any collection, securely mounted and in a container or on a base 1546.Card,anytheme 1547.Scrapbook 1548.Foam craft, any item 1549.Ceramic, any item 1550.Pompom art, any item 1551.Puppets,finger 1552.Puppets,hand 1553. Calendar

THEME – “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE” 1554 Theme – Decorated Cowboy hat - NEW 1555.Theme – Decorated cowboy or farm boots NEW 1556.Theme –Decorated farm implement. NEW

1557.Theme – Stuffed animal dressed Country Style (animal may be store bought) NEW 1558. Theme - any hobby not listed

Recycling 1561.Item from recycled cans 1562.Recycled glass container 1563.Recycled plastic container 1564.Paper roll item 1565.Decorated picture frame

1566.Papier Mache 1567.Theme –“Make Mine Country Style” Farm animal made with a recycled Item(s) NEW 1568.Any other article not listed

Ages 7 – 9 years 1569. Suncatcher 1570.Original Construction 1571.Construction, store bought 1572.Model homemade 1573.Model, Store bought 1574.Lego, store bought kit 1575.Lego, own creation, any subject 1576.Perler beads, any subject 1577.Pony beads, any subject 1578.Beadwork, any subject 1579.Any collection, securely mounted and in a container or on a base

1580. Modelling, any medium (such as Playdough or clay) 1581.Card, any theme 1582.Scrapbook 1583.Foam craft, any item 1584.Ceramic, any item 1585.Rock painting, any medium 1586.Carving, any medium 1587.Modeling, any medium 1588.Pompom art, any item 1589.Puppets, finger 1590.Puppets, hand 1591.Calendar

THEME – “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE” 1592.Theme – Decorated Cowboy hat - NEW 1593.Theme – Decorated cowboy or farm boots NEW 1594.Theme – Decorated farm implement. NEW

1595.Theme – Stuffed animal dressed Country Style (animal may be store bought) NEW 1596.Theme - any hobby not listed

Recycling 1599.Item from recycled cans 1600.Recycled glass container 1601.Recycled plastic container 1602 Recycled broken glass (Mosaic) 1603.Paper roll item

1604.Decorated picture frame 1605.Papier Mache 1606.Theme –“Make Mine Country Style” Farm animal made with a recycled Item (s) NEW 1607.Any other item not listed


Creative Writing 1608.Short story, 2 pages maximum, fiction 1609.Short story, 2 pages maximum – non-fiction

1610. Poem 1611. Comic strip or book

BEST IN SHOW –Crafts & Hobbies – Up to 9 years - Rosette Ages 10- 12 years Models & Construction – max. size 2 square ft 1612. Suncatcher 1613. Original construction 1614.Construction, store bought 1615.Model, homemade 1616.Model, Store bought 1617.Lego, store bought kit 1618.Lego, own creation, any subject 1619.Perler beads, any subject 1620.Pony beads, any subject 1621.Beadwork, any subject 1622.Any collection, securely mounted and in a container or on a base

1623.Card, any theme 1624.Scrapbook 1625.Woodwork 1626.Ceramic, any item 1627.Rock painting, any medium 1628.Carving, any medium 1629.Modelling, any Medium 1630.Pompom art, any item 1631.Puppets,finger 1632 Puppets, hand 1633.Calendar

THEME – “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE” 1634.Theme – Decorated Cowboy hat - NEW 1635.Theme – Decorated cowboy or farm boots NEW 1636.Theme Decorated farm implement. NEW

1637.Theme –Stuffed animal dressed Country Style (animal may be store bought) NEW 1638.Theme – Model car painted Disco style NEW 1639.Theme - any hobby not listed

Recycling 1641.Item from recycled cans 1642.Recycled glass container 1643.Recycled plastic container 1644.Recycled broken glass (eg. mosaic) 1645.Paper roll item

1646.Decorated picture frame 1647.Papier Mache 1648.Theme – :Make Mine Country Style” Farm animal made with a recycled Item(s) NEW 1649.Any other item not listed

Creative Writing 1650.Short story, 2 pages maximum – fiction 1651.Short story, 2 pages maximum – non-fiction

1652.Poem 1653.Creative writing – Comic strip or book

Ages 13 – 16 years Models & Construction – max size 2 square ft 1654.Suncatcher 1655.Original construction 1656.Construction, store bought 1657.Model, homemade 1658.Model, Store bought 1659.Lego, store bought kit 1660.Lego, own creation, any subject 1661.Perler beads, any subject 1662.Pony beads, any subject 1663.Beadwork, Jewellery 1664.Beadwork, any other subject 1665.Jewellery, any medium except beadwork 1666.Any collection, securely mounted in a container or on a base 1667.Card, any theme

1668.Scrapbook 1669.Woodwork, small, no intarsia 1670.Woodwork, large, no intarsia 1671.Woodwork, intarsia or inlay 1672.Ceramic, any item 1673.Rock painting, any medium 1674.Carving, any medium 1675.Modelling, any medium 1676.Beginner electronics, any item made using homemade electric circuit 1677.Print in your choice of “style” (ie. Abstract, impressionist, manga) 1678.Puppets, finger 1679.Puppets, hand 1680.Calendar

THEME – “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE” 1681. Theme – Decorated Cowboy hat - NEW 1682.Theme – Decorated cowboy or farm boots NEW 1683. Theme - Decorated farm implement. NEW

1684.Theme – Stuffed animal dressed Country Style (animal may be store bought) NEW 1686.Theme - any hobby not listed


Recycling 1688.Item from recycled cans 1689.Recycled glass container 1690.Recycled plastic container 1691.Recycled broken glass (eg. mosaic) 1692.Paper roll item

1693.Decorated picture frame 1694.Papier Mache 1695.Theme – “ Make Mine Country Style “ Farm animal made with a recycled Item(s) NEW 1696.Any other item not listed

Creative Writing 1697.Short story, 2 pages max fiction 1698.Short story, 2 pages maximum – non-fiction

1699. Poem 1700.Comic strip or book

BEST IN SHOW – Crafts & Hobbies – 10 – 16 years - Rosette THEME CLASSES - “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE” Age up to 9 years 1701.Craft, any medium Special Prize

1702. Painting or Drawing, any medium Special Prize

Age 10 – 16 years 1703. Craft, any medium Special Prize

1704.Painting or Drawing any medium Special Prize



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