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Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Country Fest 2012   is proudly brought to you by  Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association

Goals & Objectives of the Agricultural Association To stage an annual fair, which will be a showcase for quality livestock, produce of the soil, home crafts, youth work and community life in general. To support and encourage the 4-H program in its aims of developing personal skills, a sense of community and good citizenship in our youth. To demonstrate the value of agriculture to our economy through demonstrations and displays. To bring together rural and urban peoples in an atmosphere of wholesome entertainment and good sportsmanship –promoting understanding and co-operation for the benefit of all TO CONTACT COUNTRY FEST OFFICE Phone: 604-463-6922 Fax: 604-463-6940 Email:

Home Arts & Garden Rules 1. Each exhibitor must have his or her own entry form. 2. Needlework, Arts, Crafts & Hobbies, Wine & Beer, Photography & Scrapbooking entries can be dropped off at the HOME ARTS & GARDEN BUILDING situated in the centre grounds, opposite the fair office) on Tuesday, July 24th between 4 pm and 8 pm Cooking and Gardening can be dropped off on Thursday, July 26th between 4 pm and 8pm and Friday, July 27th between 10am - noon 3. No exhibitor shall be allowed in the building during judging. 4. Only persons with claim checks will be allowed in the building to pick up their entries on Monday, July 30th between 4pm and 8pm. Any perishable entries not claimed at 8p.m. on July 30th will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.. 5. Unclaimed entries may be picked up at the office by arrangement up to one week after Country Fest. 6. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE FINISHED IN THE LAST YEAR OR NOT PREVIOUSLY ENTERED IN MAPLE RIDGE FAIR/COUNTRY FEST. 7. ALL ENTRIES ARE LEFT AT EXHIBITOR’S OWN RISK. 8. ONE ENTRY PER CLASS PER PERSON

Theme Classes – "MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE" This year, the theme of the Home Arts,and Garden building is “Make Mine Country Style". Using your creativity, imagination and decorative skills, show us your vision using the “Make Mine Country Style” theme. These themes allow you to have fun and let your imagination go wild. You are permitted to use any interpretation of the theme you would like.

Aggregate Award Any adult exhibitor that enters in four out the six categories that are offered and any junior exhibitor that enters in four out of the five categories that are offered will be eligible for this award. Prizes & rosettes will be awarded for the Junior and Senior Winner. 1

WINE & BEER CONVENORS: Donna Klein – 476-0865 ENTRY FREE: $0.75 per class ENTRY FORM & PAYMENT DEADLINE: Monday, July 16th

PRIZES: 1st - $4, 2nd - $3, 3rd - $2 RULES: PLEASE SEE GENERAL RULES AT THE BEGINNING OF PRIZE BOOK 1) The exhibitor must have made all wines by the process of fermentation. 2) Wines entries must be in 750 ml. (25-26oz.) bottle with any type of closure. The labels must not bear the name of the exhibitor. 3) Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of TWO bottles in each class, but each bottle must be the product of a different ingredient and, in the case of grapes, from different varieties or from a different vintage. 4) Wines will be judged for clarity, presentation, bouquet and taste. 5) The entry form should specify the principle ingredients (ie. Grape, peach, blueberry, etc.) in the wine and variety of wine (ie. Merlot, Chardonnay, etc.), whether it is a single variety or a blend (Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot, Blackberry Merlot, etc.), as well as year made. 6) Beer entries must be in a standard beer bottle with crown closure, labeled. Only one bottle per entry allowed. 7) Icewine, port, and sherry entries must be in 375 ml. (13oz.) bottles.

Red Wines 300.Red wine, from fresh grape juice **special prize**

301.Red wine, from concentrate (kit) 302.Red wine, home brewed

White Wines 303.White/Blush wine, from fresh grape juice 304.White/Blush wine, from concentrate (kit) **special prize**

305.White/Blush wine, home brewed

Fruit Wines 306.Fruit wine, from fresh fruit juice 307.Fruit wine, home brewed **special prize**

308.Fruit wine, from concentrate (kit)

Dessert Wines 309.Icewine, Port or Sherry

310.Icewine, Port or Sherry, home brewed

BEST IN SHOW - Wine – Rosette BEST IN SHOW - Wine made in the Home - Rosette Wine Beverages 312.Mulled Wine

Samples must be accompanied by recipe. 311.Sangria

Beer 313. Beer, home brewed 314. Beer, made from kit or other commercial aid 315. Cider, home brewed

316. Cider, made from kit or other commercial aid **special prize**

Displays & Extras 317.Educational Display – Wine or beer - SPONSORED BY COUNTRY FEST 1. Display size should be no bigger than 18 inches x 18 inches. 2. Display will be judged on educational value 3. PRIZES – 1st - $25; 2nd - $15; 3rd - $10


318.Decorative Display - Wine or Beer 1. Display should incorporate theme "MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE" along with wine or beer. 2. Display size should be no bigger than 18" x 18".

319.Best Label 1. The entry will be judged on neatness, creativity and description of wine or beer 2. Labels should be displayed on an empty bottle 3. Extra points awarded for appearance on the bottle. 320.SPECIAL CLASS - Best Dressed Bottle - related to theme: “MAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE" No entry fee Ribbons only


Beer and Wine  

prize book

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