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Use the flashcode to see a demonstration video of the AquaLink TRi® on your smartphone.

Without doubt the simplest smart remote control. AquaLink TRi®, enter the age of AUTOMATION Automation is the remote control of all your pool equipment (filtering, water treatment, heating, lighting, cleaning, water features ....). It is domotics applied to the pool. Its objective is to provide you with comfort, safety and remote communications functions.

 ased on its many years of expertise in automation in the United B States, Zodiac® innovates with AquaLink TRi®, the solution making it easy to control the different pool equipment using your Smartphone*, your computer or the Aquapalm remote control.


(*) : Free application available for iPhone ® / iPad® (Blackberry ® and Android® available during the year)

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Why choose AquaLink TRi®? Zodiac® innovates with its new smart communications protocol "iAquaLink" which is built into the AquaLink TRi® automation system. This language provides a clear and user friendly interface on the different available control media (Smartphone*, Aquapalm remote control...)

T hanks to AquaLink TRi® you have the possibility of controlling and programming all your pool functions according to your needs and your habits, for maximum comfort and simplicity.

Create a programme that will trigger your heat pump and pool cleaner from your place of work, for example. You can then benefit from a clean pool at the ideal temperature as soon as you get home!

(*) : Free application available for iPhone® / iPad® (Blackberry® and Android® available during the year)

The pluses: compatible with all your pool equipment AquaLink TRi® lets you control up to 5 devices

AquaLink TRi®, How does it work?

Standard control

Filter pump, heating, lighting, water features, pressure cleaner booster pump...

iAquaLinkTM smart control

Salt water chlorinator TRi, variable speed filtering pump

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The ++: easygoing ­– 4 possible user interfaces: Remote control using free smartphone applications (iPhone®, Blackberry® or Android®), internet, optional Aquapalm remote control or directly on the AquaLink TRi® control unit ­– U  ser friendly settings accessible on the control unit and on the remote control interfaces ­– Smart connection possible with Zodiac® TRi chlorinators

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• F or existing private pools or private pools under construction

• Very simple internet connection (WiFi or cable)

• 4 relays for the connection of standard equipment

• AquaLink TRi® control unit installed in the technical room

• 1 connection for specific AquaLink equipment

• Water and air temperature sensors provided

As an option The AquaPalm remote control

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