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Bulk Conveyor Systems

Engineered Bulk Conveyor Package Solutions Baldor Electric company offers a unique service aimed at providing customized solutions for end users. This service, known as System-1, combines the functions of inside sales, marketing and engineering to provide a single source for the design, selection and procurement of multiple component systems. Once the System-1 Group receives the customer’s specifications, the correct products are selected based on the application criteria. The group then checks product availability and provides a written quote to the customer. Throughout the process, they work to ensure that the order is completed and shipped in accordance with the customer’s due date. One point of contact within the System-1 Group covers all of the product lines we offer. Whether you need a standard package or are looking for one that is more customized, System-1 is the source for all of your product needs. System-1 also has the capability to ship the total package pre-assembled. If products are to be assembled on-site, the items are boxed together for ease of identification. All orders are tagged on the outside of the pallet or box with the description number designated for the project.

Why Choose System-1? • • • •


Optimized product selection Pre-assembled packages Project coordination Reduces the total cost of ownership

Customized Bulk Conveyor Solutions Use this Quick Fax form to receive your customized solution quotation

To: SYSTEM-1 GROUP Fax: 864.281.2355 Re: CUSTOMIZED QUOTATION Email:

FROM: _____________________________________ COMPANY: _____________________________________ PHONE NUMBER: _____________________________________

EMAIL : _____________________________________

Desired System Capacity (TPH) ___________________________

Length of Conveyor


Material Type


Change in Elevation


Estimated Weight of Material


Number of Belt Scrappers/Plows ___________________________

Desired Belt Width


Idler Angle


Desired Belt Speed


Bearing Center Distance


Desired Conveyor Profile (Please Circle Your Selection)

Additional Comments

Bearing Type:

Conveyor Pulley Type:

SCM Ball Bearing

Cema Drum


Type E

Mine Duty Drum

Quarry Duty



Mine Duty Extra Drum

Super-E Premium Eff.™



3/8” Herringbone Lagging


Motorized Torque Arm


3/8” Diamond Lagging




Motor Type:

Reducer Type:

Crusher Duty


Severe Duty

USAF™ For a customized conveyor components solution contact the System-1 group at 864.284.5767 or visit us online at One of our qualified product specialists will provide you with a quotation to meet your needs.

Hydraulic ISAF

3/8” Holz Lagging Cema Wing Mine Duty Wing Mine Duty Extra Wing Wing Lagging


The Industrial Choice

When it comes to industrial electric motors, power transmission products and drives, no other manufacturer offers more than Baldor...that is why Baldor is The Industrial Choice! Whether your application requires a fractional or 15,000 Hp motor, a variable frequency drive, mounted bearings or gearing, a pulley or sheave or even a standby generator, Baldor is the choice most preferred by industry.

• Superior Reliability

When your next project demands the most reliable and energy efficient products available, look to Baldor as your one source for more industrial solutions.

• Local Sales and Support

• Quickest Delivery Available


• Unmatched Quality

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