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Strategy Book

By: Leonard Oliver

C=Character –Who is in the story? Limit it to two or three. S=Setting- Where does the story take place? T= Trouble –What is the story about? A= Action-What happens because of the trouble? (2 or 3 events). R-=Resolution-How does the ending bring closure to the actions?

Example cstar..... Characters =David and Sally King- brother and sister Setting = In a desert. Dry, over 30° temperature T rouble= Lost and cannot find a way hone. Action = - see a mirage -run towards it - find oasis Resolution =find a camel and ride it. Never play in the desert again.

Paragraph order

The order of events in a story should follow a STAR format. Paragraph 1 Describe the setting Introduce the characters. Setup foreshadow.. Parag raph2 Introduce the trouble. Paragraph3, 4 or more Each action is the result of the last action Last ParagraphResolution must be connected to events in the story. Character must have learned a lesson.

Example cstar.....

C = Jill older sister. Her brother Brad

S = old woods.

spiders story of ghosts

T= they get lost in a place

they never have been

A –=

They look for the riverthey fall in they get separated

R –They get rescued and swear never to go again

Gr. 6 Writing Criteria Content:        5  4  3  2  1  x  2 =   /10 •    story communicates a theme or lesson learned by character •    main character vividly described through actions, feelings, dialogues, appearance details •    setting is descriptive (sights, sounds, smells, where, when - morning, afternoon, weather, season); sets a mood •    conflict or problem moves to a climax; helps to communicate lesson learned by character •    writing is creative and holds reader’s interest •    title foreshadows Organization:    5  4  3  2  1  x  2 =   /10 •    introduction grabs reader’s attention, tells what story is about (theme/lesson), and makes reader want to keep reading; dialogue at beginning •    events in logical order •    details and ideas connected to main idea from introduction, to events, climax and ending •    ending makes sense and ties in with beginning; reinforces theme or lesson learned •    middle and ending show changes in details used at the beginning e.g., character appearance, feelings, actions •    appropriate use of paragraphs evident        Sent. Structure:    5  4  3  2  1  x 2 =     /5 •    sentence complete and effective •    sentences varied - types, lengths, beginnings        Vocabulary:    5  4  3  2  1  x  2  =   /5 •    adjectives creatively describe setting and characters •    verbs exciting and describe character personality Conventions:    5  4  3  2  1  x  2  =   /5 •    spelling correct    •    punctuation accurate (periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks) •    dialogue approp. indented for new speakers •    grammar correct •    capital letters used accurately

TOTAL:                       /35 COMMENTS:

Never use: I, we us, me, my, our, mine, or any 1st person personal Example RAFTS..... pronouns. R= A= F=

Reporter name, role of reporter Audience , who are you writing this for. Format of paragraphs 1st Paragraph Answer 5 W’s who what when where why 2nd paragraph expand on some w’s tell what happened 3rd paragraph relevant info

T = Title Topic sentence

extra resources

S= Spoken part-state who said what Specific vocabulary

R= Reporter-Miah Legpains Role- report a lost kitten

A= Audience- people living in the Bay Rogers area F=Format

Paragraph 1 Who-Daisy Chainmail What –Lost her new kitte n When –Late last night around 12 am Where-Bay Rogers, Fort Trenton Why –Kitten wandered off after being left out for a bathroom break Paragraph 2 Description of the kitten Description of the area of town Caution that it may have been pet knapped Paragraph 3 Local SPCA NUMBER Email address to contact Daisy

T- Title – Young Girl Heartbroken Over Lost Pet

Topic Sentence- A young girl cries herself to sleep tonight, her best friend is missing.

S- spoken part

“I have only had him three days!”cried Daisy cuddling her teddy bear.

Content (thought and detail) 5  4  3  2  1  x  2 =   /10 Students organize and develop ideas for a specified purpose and audience. Content Management   5  4  3  2  1  x  2 =   /10 (using the conventions of written language correctly and effectively) Students communicate clearly and effectively by selecting words and phrases appropriate to their purpose. Students demonstrate control of sentencestructure, usage, and mechanics.

TOTAL:                       /20 COMMENTS:

Must: 1) show enough to allow interactions amongst characters. 2) stand alone and not be part of a paragraph. 3) begin a new line for every new speaker. 4) include who the speaker is of the quote is and how they say it. 5) choose from 3 types a) Speaker 1steg. Billy said as he ate ice cream," I love french fries." b) Speaker last eg. "I love french fries." Billy said as he scooped more ice cream in a bowl. c) Speaker in the middle eg. "When I am home I get dessert." Billy yelled reaching for seconds on the large table, "Especially french fries which i love."

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la documents

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