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Crime science Sheet In Crime Science we are doing a end of theme project. This project is a cross curriculum project that involves Science, LA, Math and Art. This paper includes a checklist for the project and a description of what is needed. Students will be given only one copy. It is their responsibility to ensure it is not lost. The Scenario: You are to create a crime scene. Written permission from any suspects and victims must be received before you use those people in the story. You must also have written permission from your parents to do that specfic crime as your topic. You will have to do 3 presentations. 1st as the investigating police person, secondly as a person reading a newspaper in the morning about the crime, and thirdly, the prosecuting lawyer that names the suspect. No toy or real weapons allowed, however pictures or drawings are acceptable. The roles Investigator (Art( /5), Math( /5), La Communication( /5) , Science( /5)) (20%) -10 pieces of evidence (in bags). - a 10x10 matrix that shows where all evidence is in the crime scene -Date and time of the scene (do not mention the suspect) Breakfast guy or girl (La Communication and reading( /5), Writing( / 20), Science ( /5)) (30%) -A news paper article about the crime -state all 5 w’s (Do not mention the suspect) - mention 3 pieces of evidence found and how the police aim to use it -Spoken quote from someone involved (not the suspect or victim - end with relevant info on that type of crime Prosecuting lawyer lawyer (Science /5, Art /5, Writing / 35 , Debating / 5 (50%) -10 pieces of evidence with a card in each Card tells how the evidence links to means mode and opportunity -Create a case summary (short story) explaining how each piece of evidence was left at the crime. Mention how it relates to the suspect here and how it relates to the victim. - Convince your class that the suspect is guilty beyond a reason of a doubt.


Crime science project  

This is the scoring rubric for crime sci

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