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Her grandfather was Governor John White. Settlers Roanoke War He sent colonists to Roanoke Island. He went back to England for supplies. Sir Walter Raleigh John White He was the governor of the settlers in Roanoke Island. Croatoan This was the date of the first voyage to Roanoke Island. Virginia Dare 1585 His granddaughter was Virginia Dare. He landed on Newfoundland. He was a British explorer. He was very rich. Sir Humphrey Gilbert Newfoundland Elisabeth It was an inscription carved into a post of the fort in Roanoke Island.

COLONIZATION: Roanoke Island, The Lost Colony Matching Game

July 22, 1587 This was the date of the second voyage to Roanoke Island. July 30, 1583 It’s an island on the East Coast of North America in what is now North Carolina. She was the first English child born in the New World. She was the Queen of England. Governor John White left them in Roanoke Island. Three years later they had disappeared.

Governor John White couldn’t go back to Roanoke Island because of it. It’s located on the East coast of Canada.

It was the only clue about what could have happened to the settlers that were left in Roanoke Island.

He was a British Explorer. This was the date when Sir Humphrey Gilbert landed on New Founland.

COLONIZATION: Roanoke Island, The Lost Colony Matching Game

Roanoke Island Matching GAme