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Tobacco 1.1.- He was a British Explorer. In 1585 he sent colonists to North America. ____________________________________________________ Sir Walter Raleigh He was the leader of the settlers that landed on Jamestown in 1607. ____________________________________________________ Captain John Smith She was the first English child born in the New World. ____________________________________________________ Virginia Dare She was the queen of England in 1585 when Sir Walter Raleigh sent colonists to Roanoke Island. ____________________________________________________ Elisabeth I He was an English explorer. He founded an English settlement in Newfoundland in 1583. ____________________________________________________ Sir Humphrey Gilbert He was the king of England when Captain John Smith landed on Jamestown. ____________________________________________________ James I A small group of people, village or group of houses in a thinly populated area. ____________________________________________________ COLONIZATION: Jamestown Revision Game

Settlement People that lived in the New World before the English landed on there. ____________________________________________________ Native Americans It’s known as the Lost Colony. Settlers that went there disappeared. ____________________________________________________ Ronaoke Island He left Roanoke Island to go to England to look for supplies they needed. ____________________________________________________ John White It was the first English settlement in the Americas. ____________________________________________________ Newfoundland John White couldn’t go back to Roanoke island because of a... ____________________________________________________ War between Spain and England. This was one of the main crops grown by the English settlers in Jamestown.

COLONIZATION: Jamestown Revision Game

Jamestown Revision Game