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Name___________________ Date _______________________________________ 1.- Locate next facts in British colonization timeline. A.- Pocahontas was born. B.- 1st Voyage to Roanoke Island C.- Sir Humphrey Gilbert landed on Newfoundland. D.- Crossing of the Mayflower. E.- English settlers landed on Jamestown. F.- 2nd Voyage to Roanoke Island.







2.- Roanoke Island. Match. a) Roanoke Island is located in what is now ... b) This word was carved on a tree. c) He was the leader of the settlers. d) She was the queen of England. e) She was the first English child born in the new world.

...... Elizabeth I ...... North Carolina ...... John White ...... Croatoan ...... Virginia Dare

3.- Order these facts in Pocahonta's life. ....... She played with the settler’s children in Jamestown. ....... She was kidnapped by an English soldier. ....... She departed for England and met King James I. She discovered John Smith was not dead. ....... She wanted to return to America but she didn’t survive the voyage home. She died when she was 22 years old. ....... She saved John Smith from death. ....... She brought food to the near-starving settlers. Her friend John Smith was badly injured. ....... She married an English tobacco planter. ....... She was born in 1595.

4.- Tick the right answer: People that lived in the New World before the English landed on there. Settlers Native American Pilgrims A small group of people in a thiny populated area. Family Settlers Pilgrims It was the first successful English colony in the Americas. Jamestown Virginia North Carolina A group of people that disagreed with the religious teachings of the Church of England. Settlers Pilgrims Explorers

5.- TRUE or FALSE. Say why. Governor John White couldn't go back to Roanoke Island because of the war between England and Canada. Tobacco was one of the main crops grown by the Native Americans. Elizabeth the II was the queen of England at the time. Thanksgiving is a celebration to remember how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims in Jamestown.

6.- Cross the odd one out and say why: Jamestown- Newfoundland- Roanoke- Powathan

Kansas-North Carolina- Virginia- Massachussets

Mayflower- Humprey Gilbert- Columbus- Walter Raleigh

James I- Powhatan- John Smith- John Rolfe

7.- Fill in the blanks: In some countries in ____________________some people speak ____________ because of the British Colonization. It started in the 16th century and NewFoundland (___________) was the first settlement founded there. Afterwards, explorers sent ___________ to Roanoke Island and to Jamestown. Life for the settlers was very __________. Some of the Native Americans were _________ and some of them were not. The name of the friendliest Native American was ___________. She helped the settlers by bringing ________.





North America




CLIL Colonization Test  
CLIL Colonization Test  

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