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TABLE OF CONTENTS Small Scale Projects Sustainable Rooftops.....1-2 Baxter St. Revitalization.....3-4 Alps School Green Initiative.....5-6 St. Joseph’s School & Church Grounds.....7-8 Residential Permaculture Project.....9-10 Caldwell Corridor Redesign.....11-12 Newport, RI Resort Pool.....13-14 Roadway Median Forms Project.....15-16 Greensboro Community Park.....17-18

Large Scale Projects Oak Grove Conservation Subdivision.....21-22 Brownfield Development.....23-24

Digital Works Road Alignments.....27-28 Construction Documents.....29-30 Sketch Up Images.....31 Photoshop Before and After.....32

Additional Works Paintings.....35 Field Sketches.....36

small scale projects

sustainable practices: rooftop potentials


This conceptual project explores how to optimize the potential of rooftop spaces in urban environments where room for green space is hard to come by. Of the four categories (urban agriculture, energy harvest, rooftop garden, and recreation) two are geared towards community enjoyment while the remaining two focus on sustainable programs. Advocating the movement of urban agriculture contributes to food security and food safety. Using rooftop space for energy harvest takes advantage of natural resources through energy capture and water harvesting. The idea is that each of the these rooftops would be connected by skybridge to increase community accessibility to each of these spaces.

urban agriculture

energy harvest


rooftop garden


e Two Masterplan baxter street revitalization Crossover Hub


Baxter Street is a major throughway in Athens, but it is lifeless and extremely unsuited for pedestrians. By eliminating the middle turn lane, there is room to add a pedestrian/bicycle boulevard with rain garden buffers down one side of the street. The boulevard provides wider sidewalks and separation between bikes and cars. The cross over hub moves the boulevard to the opposite side of the street (priority given to commercial sides) and serves as a traffic calming device. Bike lanes continue down both sides of the road, but bikers are given the option to cross over to remain on the boulevard or continue down the street on the narrower bike lane alongside traffic.

Street Section

Pedestrian Boulevard and Rain Garden

Crossover Hub Street Section

Pedestrian Boulevard and Rain Garden

Boulevard Perspective Street Section

Pedestrian Boulevard and Rain Garden


alps elementary green initiative



st. joseph’s school and church grounds



This site is located on the west side of Athens-Clarke County. The school is newly built and occupied but the grounds have yet to be developed. As a site serving both the school and future church an extensive program was requested by the client. Recreational fields and playground space is located on the west side of the site near the school while the event area and meditation gardens are on the east side by the church.

church & parish center event space


The client requested a multifunctional event space. By locating the church and parish center close to one another, a convenient event space between the two is an effective use of space. Meditation and prayer gardens are located near the church for individual or group use.

stations of the cross & prayer garden

mathews drive residence: permaculture project This private residence was a group project that was designed and installed based on the principles of permaculture. To achieve the goal of a self-sustaining yard, the main features of design include an extensive herb and vegetable garden, fruit trees, and animal husbandry. The plan was designed to minimize site disturbance and to take advantage of existing site conditions. Naturalistic design approaches were utilized such as sheet mulching, an expedited composting method, to install the keyhole vegetable garden.

ornamental tree installation


herb & vegetable keyhole gardens

concept diagram

sheet mulching layers












final plan


caldwell corridor redesign


This site is located directly outside the UGA College of Environment and Design. The goal was to create a more functional and usable space that integrated pedestrian and vehicular use while also working with the existing grade. A bioswale was included to harvest rainwater runoff from the road way. To accommodate the steep grade of the site, there is a large scale terrace system that includes pathways and also serves as a destination area in which to sit and spend time.

caldwell corridor planting plan After selecting specific plants for the entire site, a CAD generated planting plan was created to determine the exact quantities and pricing of the vegetaion throughout the site.


newport, rhode island resort pool


The location of this site is Newport, Rhode Island. The design process was steered by the cultural and aesthetic values of the area. The rocks used in the spas and jacuzzis mimic Newport’s rocky coastline and the plants are to be native to the northeast. Firepits give the space nighttime usage especially once nights are chilly, and vegetation is limited for maximum sun exposure. A small stage is included to cater to Newport’s music scene.


final plan

roadway median project


final plan

section view

This project was an exercise to demonstrate how music can inspire forms and figures in design. The geometric design of this plan was inspired by the music of Benny Goodman. The expanding circular terraces interlace and overlap to represent the many different layers and sounds of jazz.


greensboro, georgia community park


plaza space photoimagery


In collaboration with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, a community park was designed and presented to the City of Greensboro, Georgia. The goal of the design was to convert an old mill site into a passive recreational park for the surrounding residential area. The site was divided into two areas of focus. One half is more open ended and geared toward leisure and passive play. The other half is more active and includes a playground, interactive water feature, grill area, and multi-use plaza space located in front of the existing warehouse.

final plan

large scale projects

oak grove conservation subdivision This subdivision was designed to maximize the use of green space while conserving as much of the existing land as possible. Open space is included for community use while wooded areas add privacy to the space. Each lot directly backs up to connecting green areas which adds a sense of seclusion and promotes activity.


oak grove site analysis Desired Land Use

Soil Limitations

22 Vegetation Limitations An in depth site analysis was taken before the plans for design began. Because the goal for this project was to maximize conservation, it was important to have a comprehensive understanding of the existing features. After evaluating soil, vegetation, and slope limitations through site visits and map studies, the optimal area for development was determined. The existing hardwood forest, pond, and stream were preserved and used as site amenities in the final design.

Slope Limitations

brownfield redevelopment


24 train station detail plan

This brownfield development is a 60 acre site located ten minutes from downtown Athens, Georgia. The new urbanist design features townhome, loft style, and 28 single family residences along with recreational, retail, and office spaces to create the live-work-play environment. A train station was added to connect the site to the existing railroad and tie in to the potential line running from Athens to Atlanta. The look and style of the site features is industrial to tie in with the existing brownfield structures.

digital works

Eaglepoint and Roadworks were used to calculate and engineer the vertical and horizontal roadworks throughout the entire conservation subdivision site.


vertical road alignment


horizontal road alignment


construction documents

This set of construction documents depicts the same site with modular material (left) and segmental material (right).



sketch up



32 The alleyway here is located in downtown Athens and is a potential location for a pocket park. By importing and adjusting collected images into Photoshop, this after shot was created to depict an ideal transformation into a small usable space.

photoshop before and after project

additional works



oil on canvas

paintings and sketches.

These are examples of works I have completed on my own time. My studies in art and science are what sparked my interest in landscape architecture and these sketches were the very beginnings of my interest in the field.


resume. education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia Expected Date of Graduation - May 2013 Current GPA: 3.69 honors: HOPE Scholarship Recipient, Fall 2008 - present Dean’s List, Spring 2009 - present skills: Hand Graphics - pen, pencil, marker Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Land F/X, SketchUP, Photoshop, InDesign Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems Basic knowledge of ArcGIS and Illustrator related experience: Landscape Architecture Intern - Cooper Carry, Summer 2012 LABASH Conference Executive Planning Committee Events Coordinator, Fall 2011-present Greensboro, GA Community Park Project, Design Team Member, Fall 2011 Residential Permaculture Focus Project, Design and Installation Team Member, Fall 2011 Landscape Improvement Day at Gaines School Elementary, Spring 2009

other experience: UGA Main Library Circulation Desk Clerk, Spring 2012 - present Customer Service Sales Associate, UGA Bookstore, Summer 2010 - Spring 2012 Live-in Childcare Provider, Camp Weequahic, Summer 2011 Shift Manager, Yogli Mogli Frozen Yogurt, Summer 2009 Temporary Office Assistant, TimberLink, seasonal activities: UGA Women’s Glee Club, 2010 Invisible Children of Uganda at UGA, Art Team Leader, Fall 2008 - present Georgia Students of Landscape Architecture, Fall 2010 - present community: Oconee Regional Humane Society Volunteer and Foster, 2011- present UGA Alternative Spring Break, Community Outreach and Habitat Rebuild, Gulfport Mississippi, March 2011 Relay for Life Participant 2009 Member of Girl Scouts of America further study: Pacific Northwest Field Study of Contemporary Landscape Architecture, August 2011

Meg Robie 404.514.5352. UGA College of Environment & Design

Meg Robie Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

A compilation of undergraduate work at UGA.

Meg Robie Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

A compilation of undergraduate work at UGA.