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March 2014

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Buy, Fix & Flip The question most often asked lately is; is it time to Buy, Fix and FLIP???? My response; it is always time to buy fix and sell. Yes, Flip is a negative word these days, so I use sell instead. So, yes, as long as the numbers work and you have a clear exit strategy. There are some variables to this, like are you a seasoned investor? How many buy Fix and sells have you done? How are you funding it etc? But, in general yes it is time to Buy Fix and sell. How do I know this you're asking, OK, OK, you've twisted my arm enough I will tell you the secret. I have been watching a little TV Sydney Chase, Sr. Mr. No Bull lately, listening to the radio, and I think every, so called real estate GURU in the nation, is out there in every city or soon to be in yours and selling you a free 2 hour seminar on the latest 2 step plan to buy, fix and flip. Wait two step that's three steps (OK, that's a red flag), your way to being a millionaire. Yes, that's right I said sell you something they are pitching for free till the end of the seminar. GOTCHA!! So how do you really know its time? I listen to the investors in the local groups that do nothing but this type of investments. Are they doing more, what are their margins, are they lease optioning or selling? Find out how busy the rehabbers are? Are the builder's properties selling in a timely matter? Are normal inventory selling in a timely matter? Our Prices starting to raise in the area you are buying in? What I'm trying to say here is don't get caught up in the sales pitch and spend thousands or in most case's tens of thousands for their Two step plan. Last time I check which was just last two months when we flip three properties it's a 9 step process. Listen my friends, you can do this yourself. If you are not ready to tackle it on your own or don't have the time Contact us at someone will be happy to go through the steps with you. Have a great Day!

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Buying Your Overseas Vacation Home! If you have ever been thinking of buying that ski place in Sweden or that villa in Italy or even a great little beach house in Spain, now could be the time. With all three of those countries and many more now experiencing what we did over the last 8 years, getting that dream overseas vacation home for a steal is knocking on your door. Julie and I have flown to Sweden twice to look at buying. Both times are dollar was worth about 6 times theirs. We have been to the UK and Australia looking. Australia's home market has not declined much at all, and the flight was way too long, though the country is very beautiful. There are a lot of things you will need to research and know before your purchase. I would definitely say go over and stay there at different times of the year. There are a few other things to consider while looking aboard for your vacation home or maybe it's going to be your retirement home. I just thought of that. Are you willing to rent it out when you're not there to bring in extra income? If so, you will need a property manager and agent to list it for you. Look for an independent lawyer, who specializes in foreigners buying properties. It's the lawyer's job to protect you, so just pay him and let him protect you. Make sure you know your budget and stick with it. Last thing you want is to lose it. Getting a mortgage outside the U.S. can be tricky and most likely; your bank won't do it for you. Actually, they may laugh you right out the front doors but Ahh, there are various HSBC Bank USA, N.A. affiliates overseas that will. Just do a little homework, or maybe you can ask friends that have taken this path before. You will also want to watch the exchange rate. The rates do not need to move much at all to affect the value of your purchase. When you start looking for a property, it's in the 100,000 euro range; the dollar drops 10% against the euro, and you have already signed the contracts OCH! Speak to specialists in this area and secure your rate of exchange early. The rate fluctuations will also affect the costs of mortgages (if you raise the mortgage overseas and earn your income at home). Again, speak to foreign exchange specialists to highlight the risks and to take appropriate action. Ok, the big thing, make sure you work with professionals in that country: Lawyers, Insurance agents, Bankers, developers, etc. This should make the process much smoother. If you are interested in any of the following countries: Crete, Greece, Spain, to name a few, we have affiliate office's there. As always, have a great day!

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Syd MR. NO BULL If you have any question, please call us (315) 398-3322.

RLC Funding Group, LLC RLC Funding Group, LLC was founded by Sydney L. Chase Sr. and was formed to bring our clients a return on investment through acquisition of undervalued Real Estate assets directly from bank asset & capital mangers, public auctions and other means. We then restructure the asset to maximize the most profitable return for our investors. * Residential * Commercial * Multi Use * Development * Business Acquisition * Condo's * Land This fund was designed for investors to invest in Real Estate and not have to deal with the day to day business that is associated with Real Estate Investing. You simply invest in the fund and the fund returns 90% of the net cash flow to its investors on a quarterly basis. Our goal is to purchase the investments that the small investors cannot afford and the institutions are not interested in.These would consist of small developments, condotels, and hotels. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at 315-398-3322 or email Below please sign up for our FREE Webinar! The Webinar will cover the offering and you can ask any questions you may have regarding the fund.

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