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Ecological Succession Flipbook From bareness to fullness.

By Austin Davis Science 10 November 25, 2013

Bare Rock

Bialowieza Forest, Poland Bare rock is formed by the big tsunami hitting the coast of poland wiping out all plant life in site over 1200km.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- none -species diversity- none -trophic levels- none -niches- none -nutrient recycling- little to none

Primary Succession Stage 1: Pioneer Species

Its invaded Fungi along with abiotic factors like wind and water start to intrude into the Bare rock. Environment starts to normalize.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- some -species diversity- only Fungi -trophic levels- 1 producer -niches- very simple -nutrient cycling- little

Primary Succession Stage 2: Early Colonizers

Little guys on there way! All sorts of insects and small organisms make a new home in the newly created home for all before more competition comes.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- alittle -species diversity- partial -trophic levels- few levels -niches- some -Nutrient Rec.- some

Primary Succession Stage 3: Opportunists

Secondary Consumers. The more the better More organisms have come to join the party. Small organisms have become more scarce due to more predators coming for fun. More birds and small animals have came East.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- increasing -species diversity- medium -trophic levels- around 3 -niches- complex -nutrient recycling- quite a bit

Primary Succession

Stage 4: Mature Forest/Climax Community


Secondary Con. Predators Invade!

As the Community becomes more adapted more predators and organisms travel east to the new community. Tall trees are growing high towering about all.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- lots -species diversity- high -trophic levels- many -niches- complex -nutrient recycling- lots


Tsunami Bialowieza

Tsunami Bialowieza This tsunami hit the coast of Bialowieza and wiped out all living organisms/animals living in the community. Soil remains but is nurished by the Tsunami, but torn up in some places.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- still rich with nutrients -species diversity- none -trophic levels- 1 -niches- simple -nutrient recycling- none

Secondary Succession

Afterwards‌ It took about a year and a half to replenish the Community to its regular climax as all the animals that did live there head back. Everything heads back to normal as secondary succession finishes what primary Succession has before.

Additional info to include about this stage: -soil- rich -species diversity- tons -trophic levels- many -niches- many -nutrient recycling- lots

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