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Christ our Life, chapters:2&3 Story written by: Odalis Castellanos

October 20, 2010 Today I am going to review on chapters 2 and 3 from my religion book. I’ll first start out with chapter 2. This chapter was about Jesus having many friends in his life. He loved all of them especially the ones closet to him, Peter, James, and John. This chapter also told us, that faith in Jesus is based on Scripture and Tradition. Scripture is the word of Godand the written testimony of faith. Tradition is the truths handed down by the church from generation to generation. These are 2 ways that God reveals himself. As I was reading chapter 3, these things were explained.

In this chapter, it tells us about Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, who were the 4 evengalists. These 4 men proclaimed the good news of the gospels. As you read on, I’ll tell you a little bit about the 4 of these men.

Mark lived during A.D. 63-70. He was a man of action and a man of suffering. Matthew lived during 80-100 A.D. He quotetates from Hebrew scriptres was known as a new Moses. Luke lived during 70-90 A.D. He was a Greek doctor, was gentile, and a companion of Paul. John lived during 90-100 A.D. He was poetic and reflective discourses.

I hope you enjoyed my article about CHRIST OUR LIFE, CHPS.2&3. Enjoy all the other articles!

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