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October 13,2010 7th grade religion

   Maddie and Vanessa 

Friendship with Jesus The local 7th grade class at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School learned about true friendship. We learned that true friendship is not leading each other to be unkind, dishonest, and disobedient. A true friend is always respectful, nice, and always there for each other. True friends are supportive and help each other over come temptation and bad habits of sin. You can always count on Jesusto be your friend. He is a true friend to everyone because he is always there for you. 7th grade has many

opportunities to be a true friend! -VanessaMora

7th Grade Skits! The 7th graders did skits, to learn about two great gospel stories. Luke 10:38-42 was one story we read. This was a story about Mary and Martha, which was a great story to imitate. This story was about a girl named Mary who sat and listened to Jesuspreach, while her sister Martha did the cooking and cleaning. Martha went to Jesus and asked, ”Why wont you tell my

sister to help me.” Jesusanswered, “ You sister Mary has chosen the better part, and will not be taken from her.” Doing skits was so much fun because,we had props to help us on our tests. -Maddy Wolf

Interviews from the 7th grade! 1. What is a true friend to you? Bella- SomeoneI can trust and tell my secrets to! A true friend to me will help me through tough times and wont 2. How is Jesusa true friend to you? Brendan- He leads me to the …            right direction. He is always there for me and I know I can trust him. 3. Do you think you are a true friend? Why or why not? Janelle- Yes becauseI am always there for my friends. I can be trusted and I am respectful to people. For me  

friends are like my family. 4. Do you think being friends with Jesusis easier than being friends with a person? Anna- yes becauseyou can talk to Jesusany time you want to. You can also open up to him.

Maddy and Vanessa religion