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Hammurabi’s law code Hammurabi law code is the code for people to obey. All these help control the people in the city. The law was written in cuneiform also displayed on huge pillars near the temple. He sent people to collect the rules. The women and children had rights to. Punishment is different from each social class. By, Julian McKeon

Inventions Wheel The wheel was the Sumerians most favorite invention. The wheel was mostly made of solid wood. This invention helped farmers get their crops to the store quickly so their crops would be fresher. To this very day the wheel is still being used today. This invention is probably one of the most important inventions because it is used for everything.

Plow The plow was the first tool to help farmers grow crops better. The plow is made up of many sharp digging tools with handles. The plow was mostly pushed or pulled by animals. The plow helped farmers by braking up the hard soil for good growth of crops. This tool is also still used to day. Although, it is not pushed or pulled by animals, instead it is motorized. This invention is probably another one of the most important inventions because it helps have good growth of crops.

Irrigation Irrigation was a good invention for Sumerians. Irrigation was a good invention for the Sumerians because it helped get the water to their crops faster. This process of water transportation helped farmers get their work done faster because they didn’t have to go to the rivers and bring the buckets of water to the crops many times. Instead they could just grow ditches. It also helped farmers and the workers because they could take on more jobs than one. Irrigation is still used today. This invention is probably another important invention because it has help farmers get water to their crops in an easier process.

Across 2. sharpened reed 3. people who specialized in writing 5. wedge shaped writing 6. education,wheel Down 1. fair treatment of people 2. people who do your manual labor 4. helped to control the empire

Cuneiform sign up

For a fee of 49.99$ you could learn cuneiform with your very own stylus. The forms will be in a building north of the Ziggurat on the first floor. Classes are second floor. Fulfill your dream of being a scribe today. Just don’t talk very loud there are professional scribes on the third floor.

Want to go on a field trip to the Ziggurat

Yes I said Ziggurat. The king has given us special permission to take 15 lucky students to the Ziggurat. All you have to do is submit a form that you should find in mail with your basic information on it and you might be picked.

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