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Cuneiform‌ In? Or Out? Let’s think. Cuneiform is a cool language

and all, but is it in this season? It was created in Western Syria from around 1300 B.C. It is a form of Ugarictic Script. The way it was written a long time ago inspired the alphabet we have today. Back then, they wrote on clay tablets with a sharpened wooden reed. They called this a stylus. At first, they used pictographs to communicate. The pictures resembled ideas, objects, and sounds. But it got very confusing to read. So they started to use Cuneiform. Over time, they created 600 different symbols. And that’s how they started education. Since cuneiform had to be taught everyone they started teaching it to everyone. One of the very first stories that was written in Cuneiform on a clay tablet was the Epic of Gilgamesh. But over the years, just like pictographs, Cuneiform got sloppy and also hard to understand. So, they stopped using it. Okay, so now that we know all about Cuneiform, do you think it’s hot or not? I personally think it really isn’t in this season. But, what do you think? Send me your replies at 549 Deloris Blvd. 14069 Bluebird, New York.

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New Inventions! Wheel

Advantages: You can use a wheel on wagons or even for making pottery!

Plow Advantages: When you get an animal to pull it the plow will help to grow crops!

Calendar Advantages: With a calendar you can know what year, month, week, and day it is!

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Contests Come up with your own written language a full alphabet, similar to cuneiform, and send it to us. You can also send us a message to decode and if we think that it’s good enough well put in the winter issue of Life in the Ages.

The Big Question What was the Hummurabi Code and who and why did they come up with it? The Hammurabi Code is the set of 282 laws that king Hammurabi came up with so that life would be less chaotic. They were supposed to provide justice for all, but not all the punishments were the same for each class. The code was written in cuneiform on clay tablets and placed huge pillars near the temple for all to see. Here are some examples of the laws: If a son strikes his father, his hands shall be cut off If a man takes out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out Send in contests to 549 Deloris Blvd. 14069 Bluebird, New York

Mesopotamia Across 2. What they used to write with, a sharpened reed 5. Their special form of writing

Down 1. Code there set of laws 3. The invention made in about 6000 BC, can be pulled by slave or animal 4. A person who is trained to write, highly respected

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Mesopotamia Magazine  

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