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An interview with the 7th grade class of OLMC about how to be a friend to Jesus By: Bella Rey

What I did today was ask some 7th graders questions about being friends with Jesus. The reason why I did this is because I want to hear what children do to be better friends with Jesus and how people see Jesus different.

Q: How do you show your friendship with Jesus as man? A: Daniela- I pray, go to church, and read the Bible. Nicky- I pray to Jesus a lot thanking him for all he has given me. Sometimes in my spare time I read the Bible. Janelle- I go to church every Sunday, I pray every night before I go to sleep, and during Lent I read a gospel story. Q: Do you think it’s easier to be friends with Jesus or a person? Why? A: Kara- Jesus because he understands you and won’t judge you. Ben- Jesus because you can talk to him and tell him your problems. Maddy- Jesus because you can’t fight with him, keep secrets, and you can talk with him at any time. Q: In the gospel reading Luke 10: 38-42, would you say you are more like Martha or

Mary? Why? A: Vanessa- I would be Mary because I want to spend time with Jesus and learn about him. Nate Lyon- Martha because I usually take control of the situation. Claire- Martha because she worked hard and was able to spend time with Jesus. Q: Do you think it’s right to have best friends? If so would you say Jesus is your best friend? A: Susie- No, because it’s breaks up your friendship with them. Jack- Yes and no because sometimes they can mess up your relationship or have your back. Sinai- Yes, because sometimes you have friends but you can’t trust them. If you have best friends you can trust them. Yes, because he will always be there for you.