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Green Flag digital lookbook

Changes are afoot in the digital landscape As the digital revolution gathers pace, technology enables customers to go about their lives in new ways. As a brand, we have a unique opportunity to make things easier for the individual and help them keep their day on track. To inspire the next steps of the Green Flag digital journey, we have curated some examples that will act as stimulus for a great discussion. This is just the beginning, with the intent to set standards and and inspiration for the level of excellence we are aiming for. Enjoy.

Elegant design, simplicity = easy to use

- Smart navigation and clear path through site - Strong communication of brand look and feel

- Site feels like an immersion in the NYU experience


Personalised rich content, born to share

Multi-award winning formats. Leading the way with fast, visual and clearly sign-posted navigation. Baked-in personalisation and social


Simple grid and clear areas of content

- Explains the service offered by Pagoda in pictures and minimal words - Design maximises screen resolution and performance on every device

- Quirky imagery makes dry subject matter engaging

And hidden down the bottom when you scroll‌

Sticky button for live chat


Face to face customer service of the future

- Immediate, one-to-one Customer Service online - A new level of service, humanising a mainstream brand


Simple and clean delights and smooths path to purchase

- Straight-forward and clean design allows fast navigation -Customer friendly language, strong integration with social and active blog - Breaking category norms, not a single promotional offer in sight

- Clear signalling of how to navigate and how quick process will be


Single touch solutions to customer needs

-Service starts with insight into people's needs and connectivity with immediate family and friends network - Helps people stay connected and safe in a few clicks

- Harnessing location and mega data

App design inspiration

Turn boring into beautifully engaging

- Smart infographics make information about your local area immediately and enjoyably understood

- Simple, fun to use and share - Subtle brand / cause engagement

App design inspiration

Customer utility built on crowdsourcing

- Builds on local experts' knowledge to get people simply from A to B - Communityand regular usage built into concept of app

App design inspiration

Beautiful design and interface motivates users to keep using it

Elegant design entirely supporting the brand mission Smart, customer oriented navigation showing a deep understanding of customer need states and attitudes

itunes/nike-training club

Progress: users get personal rewards from using the app Built in gamification and social / community sharing

App design inspiration

Socialising the journey

- Works with existing user behaviour where people communicate on the go, make plans, change plans and organise things together

- Good use of google API - Allows people to easily create own communities

App design inspiration

Cut-through with gamification

Highly successful campaign to promote the brand positioning and usage of Swedish Post. An App + competition + social integration to make delivering mail fun

Gamification inspiration

Entertainment can be as important as your main site content

-A campaign by one of the leading insurers in the US to engage with a younger demographic on social media

- Campaign created huge awareness whilst communicating the benefits of State Farm insurance

Gamification inspiration

Make it about them

IT Manager Duels was created with real insight into the world of IT managers. In this new world, they’re the heroes IT Manager Duel is a platform for talking about challenges IT managers face and how Intel can play a role in the solution

This highly successful campaign created engagement in a notoriously low engagement category.

Gamification inspiration

Green Flag Look Book  

A start on the journey

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