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MEETING MINUTES British Primary Council ​Meeting


David Gatley(DG), Duncan Millward(DM),


Charlotte Hsu(CH), Ed Swift(ES), Michael Norris(MN), , Aidan Stallwood(AS)


Phil Doyle(PD), Jeni Wong(JW), Elizabeth Bottomley-Chang(EBC), Emily Rogers(ER)



Thursday 25th April, 2019


Large Conference Room, EPC

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Previous Minutes (Matters arising) ​. ● minutes approved.

Aidan Stallwood

Actions or solution

Responsible Deadline

Discuss with Maintenance Team the maintenance plan in the future and the timing of the tree pruning


Head’s Report (DM): ​DM went through a summary of the Head’s Report: the link to this report is here:​ April 2019 Head’s Report ● ● ● 2. ●

exciting times Talked through how transition works for staffing and towards the end of the year positive feedback given on the learning profile parts at the recent Parent Teacher Consultation Discussion over cutting of the trees within school and outdoor cover reflection on the facilities committee creating maintenance plan.

Discussion items: -

Curriculum Reviews - a summary of the Art and DT reviews were shared with the council. This was a culmination of work from the SLT Page 1 of 3

Implementation of the Art and DT action plans

May 2019

and Art and DT teams involving all stakeholders. An overall action plan has now been created and this is being implemented for now and into 2019. -


Council Procedures - these were discussed at the last meeting. There are 2 vacancies with the staff and these will be filled through the voting system. All 4 parent representatives can continue on for a second year, and if they were not to stand again then a message needed to be sent to Duncan Millward.


Beginning May 2019 and into new academic year


May 2019

Staff nominations and voting procedures

CEO’s Report(DG): DG explained that there have been some difficulties with other sections and the organisation as a whole. ● GS, things will change within the parent council involvement. Agreement was signed in January. ● FS, accreditation and fees have been discussed - an agreement is due to be signed in May ● Next year - Saturday workshop working with all four sections cross section discussions. E.g. Nov discussion on staff packages. ● DG would like there to be a celebration at the end of the year celebrate what has been done well ● More connection between council and parents e.g. coffee sessions for PTC, CEO and parents ● Stephen Holmes - headlines shared ● Accreditation - Nov WASC and CIS for assessment of next phase of accreditation Page 2 of 3

5. 6.


Survey stakeholders every year

none tabled

Meeting finishes at 7:40pm

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Parent Council Minutes 25 April 2019  

Parent Council Minutes 25 April 2019