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The BPS-PSP is up and running for this new academic year. There’s a new meeting room (C-200) 200) and, alongside Karen Rowe (BPS Parent Liaison), there’s a friendly new face for group sessions #2 &#3: BPS Counsellor, Ms Chia-Chi Chi Chow.


Bringing over 35 years international experience between us, we offer a friendly ear, time to chat and our advice & guidance if an and when you need it.

BPS-PSP, PSP, we’re here for you! ☺

Meeting Date: Group #1: 4th September • We discuss whatever you would like Group #2: 11th September • Child development focus: Hel Helping your child settle (new to country/ new to BPS) Group #3: 18th September • Parent well-being being focus: Taking care of you!

If you have any question about the BPS-PSP, BPS please feel free to contact Ms Karen Rowe at karen.rowe@tes.tp.edu.tw

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BPS Newsletter - Issue 1  

BPS Newsletter - Issue 1