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Spelling Challenge Helps Build Library in Vietnam by Mr Phil Doyle At the end of last term the children took part in a Sponsored Spell to raise money for an organisation called Room to Read. Room to Read build libraries and schools, fund girls to finish their secondary education and train teachers and librarians in the poorest parts arts of Asia and Africa. The children raised an incredible NT$162,000 - this money was sent to Room to Read and we have received a thank you video from the founder, John Wood. In the message (which you can see on the Facebook page) he states that the moneyy will be used to resource a library in Vietnam. As a further thank you, John also sent us 2 books and personally signed them with a message for us all at TES. You can see the books in the photos here and we will be finding a suitable position in the library libr to display them so that all the children at TES can see how their efforts can make a difference to the lives of others. We hope that this will be the start of a positive relationship with Room to Read and we thank you for your support of the Sponsored Spell!


by Mr Duncan Millward

There was a rousing start to this year’s British Primary Parent Teacher Association. New chair Jenny Chien, shared her approach to a large audience of new and existing parents in the infant cookery room. Thi This year is sure to be a fun one, and great to see both mums and dads looking to support the school through the many services and events that the PTA runs. There will be a PTA meeting once a month and this will also include a coffee morning across at Lutetia’s, Lutetia just over the road from school. The executive team of the PTA is:

Ines Yeh Jenny Chen (Vice-Chair ) Julissa Itzel (Chair) Camille Mack-Mumford (Secretary) (Treasurer Treasurer)

BPPTA Contact: If you would like any further information information, please feel free to contact Jenny enny Chen, Chair of BPPTA at jenny.jjc@gmail.com

Thank you to all of the other parents who stepped up to take on a role to help support the PTA team. There will be many of other opportunities throughout the year, inc including a chance to volunteer as class rep for your child’s classroom. As Jenny said, just 30 minutes of your time volunteering is a big help, and the more the merrier!

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BPS Newsletter - Issue 1  

BPS Newsletter - Issue 1