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Mr Tomas Newman (B5.1 Class Teacher) Mr Aidan Stallwood (Deputy Head of BPS) Mrs Jessica Gosling (B1.4 Class Teacher) Mr Keith Gosling (B3.4 Class Teacher)

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Ms Chia Chi Chow (Counsellor) M Erin McAdams Miss (EAL Teacher) Miss Emily Edwards (Supply Learning Assistant)

2018-2019 New staffs

Can you spot the differences? differences by Mr Duncan Millward During the summer break we have been hard at work. For those returning families you will have seen a few changes around the campus. The first is an upgrade in the classroom environment from Year 3 to Year 5. Purposefully designed furniture for today’s modern learning environments has been placed now in all classrooms from Year 3 to Year 6. Ergonomically designed for the primary aged child, allowing greater flexibility ity and different seating positions will make a huge impact in the wellbeing and learning of children this year. This was a continuation from the hugely successful trial in Year 6. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit one of these classrooms and an even to have a go on the whiteboard tables! Some new spaces have popped up too, with a new teaching space for British Primary Campus (BPS) to use on the ground floor atrium area. This is a fully equipped classroom and will be used for many different lessons sons and sessions throughout the year. Ms Karen Rowe has taken on a new role this year, not only teaching in Foundation Stage but also running the Parent-School School Partnership. She is now located by the main office, in a newly created office space, sharing with wi the new German Primary Head. In the outside areas more has been happening in the Eco Areas. In infants, the outdoor library has appeared on the walls as huge clouds, along with some beautiful artwork that Ms Ann Liufalani and her Extra Curricular Activities vities (ECA) group have created. In both the junior and infant areas new bird boxes hang from the trees and hopefully this year we will see a few more birds around the campus. I know the students

involved in the Green Team last year will be excited to see much of their hard work come to fruition. Ms Ann Liufalani, class teacher in Year 3, started a role as Legacy Coordinator a couple of years ago for our 25th Anniversary. This role has continued, dedicated to improve the aesthetics of our school grounds. Responsible for the beautiful tiled walls in the central playground, last year’s projects were unveiled when we started back. The river of stones around the totem poles as well as the value words written under the bridge to the junior building add vibrancy and colour to the school. Months of hard work has made a huge difference to the grounds. Finally there have been some additions to the playgrounds. In the infant area, these are just being completed and should be open in the next week or so, but the climbing mbing wall that is now open has been a real hit for the children. We will keep you informed of the other additions when they are complete. In the junior area, the central playground decking has been replaced and new seating around the trees providing moree shade for the students - has been added, along with some modifications to the playground equipment. Our campus really is looking good and providing some excellent facilities for our children!

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BPS Newsletter - Issue 1  

BPS Newsletter - Issue 1