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17 August 2018


A warm welcome

by Mr Duncan Millward

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new British Primary Section families, as well as to all of our returning families. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of parents and students this week in the glass tube in the morning, out on duty in the playground and at the PTA meeting yesterday. It has been lovely hearing about all of the exciting holidays families have had, but most importantly how everyone was looking forward to coming back to school! Lots of smiles and laughs have been heard around the school, and it has been a successful and calming start to the 2018-2019 academic year. For all of our new families please know that there are plenty of people willing to help settle in to our school and to help with adjusting to life in Taiwan if you are new to the country also. On Thursday we had the first PTA meeting in our infant cookery room, and it was an opportunity for parents new and old to meet and offer their support to the school. This is an excellent opportunity for new parents to meet others and to give some support to the children. As well as new families, we welcome some new staff members to our school. Mr Aidan Stallwood is our new Deputy Head. Aidan is originally from the UK, but has spent the last 4 years teaching at the British School of Guangzhou. He is here with his wife, Sheila.

We also welcome Mr and Mrs Keith and Jessica Gosling who are both teaching in BPS. Keith is teaching in Year 3 and Jessica, Year 1. Again they are from the UK originally but have recently been teaching for the last 6 years in Ho Chih Min City, Vietnam. Keith and Jessica have a daughter, Ella who is in our Reception year group. Mr Thomas Newman is a new class teacher in Year 5, and he has arrived from working in London for the last 5 years. Thomas is here with his partner Ms Emily Edwards who is a Learning Assistant in Year 1. The British Primary Section school counsellor position has been filled by Chia Chi Chow, an experienced child and adult psychologist. Originally from Taiwan, Chia Chi has spent the last 6 years in London. In our English as an Additional Language team we welcome Erin McAdams who will be working in Year 6. Erin is originally from the United States, however has been working as class teacher for the last 2 years in Prague, Czech Republic. Finally, Lily Liwan has taken on a permanent Learning Assistant position in Reception, Lily was working as a supply last year, and we are very happy she has taken on a full time role with us. We have also welcomed back two staff members. Mrs Suzanne Lovrincevic has returned after being on maternity leave last

year. Suzanne will be in Year 4, while her husband husb Mr Adam Lovrincevic swaps places to continue looking after their beautiful daughter Annabelle. Brian Chang also returns after some time on paternity leave last year, he will be resuming his Learning Assistant role. All of our new staff arrived at least lea two weeks earlier as part of our staff orientation week, and then all staff were in school a week prior to students returning. That was a busy week preparing and organising for the start to the term. It is most certainly going to be an enjoyable first term, t with many exciting events ahead of us. As the new Curriculum Information Booklet that went home this week shows, we have a world class curriculum, complemented by world class teachers and support staff. I look forward to leading the school this year ass Head of Primary, the staff team this year is stronger than ever, and the opportunities for your children richer and more exciting. Please take the time to join our school community whether through the PTA, during parent workshops or at drop drop-off and pick-up. We welcome a strong and happy partnership with our parents.




From Left to Right: 1. 2. 3. 4.


Mr Tomas Newman (B5.1 Class Teacher) Mr Aidan Stallwood (Deputy Head of BPS) Mrs Jessica Gosling (B1.4 Class Teacher) Mr Keith Gosling (B3.4 Class Teacher)

6. 7.

Ms Chia Chi Chow (Counsellor) M Erin McAdams Miss (EAL Teacher) Miss Emily Edwards (Supply Learning Assistant)

2018-2019 New staffs

Can you spot the differences? differences by Mr Duncan Millward During the summer break we have been hard at work. For those returning families you will have seen a few changes around the campus. The first is an upgrade in the classroom environment from Year 3 to Year 5. Purposefully designed furniture for today’s modern learning environments has been placed now in all classrooms from Year 3 to Year 6. Ergonomically designed for the primary aged child, allowing greater flexibility ity and different seating positions will make a huge impact in the wellbeing and learning of children this year. This was a continuation from the hugely successful trial in Year 6. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit one of these classrooms and an even to have a go on the whiteboard tables! Some new spaces have popped up too, with a new teaching space for British Primary Campus (BPS) to use on the ground floor atrium area. This is a fully equipped classroom and will be used for many different lessons sons and sessions throughout the year. Ms Karen Rowe has taken on a new role this year, not only teaching in Foundation Stage but also running the Parent-School School Partnership. She is now located by the main office, in a newly created office space, sharing with wi the new German Primary Head. In the outside areas more has been happening in the Eco Areas. In infants, the outdoor library has appeared on the walls as huge clouds, along with some beautiful artwork that Ms Ann Liufalani and her Extra Curricular Activities vities (ECA) group have created. In both the junior and infant areas new bird boxes hang from the trees and hopefully this year we will see a few more birds around the campus. I know the students

involved in the Green Team last year will be excited to see much of their hard work come to fruition. Ms Ann Liufalani, class teacher in Year 3, started a role as Legacy Coordinator a couple of years ago for our 25th Anniversary. This role has continued, dedicated to improve the aesthetics of our school grounds. Responsible for the beautiful tiled walls in the central playground, last year’s projects were unveiled when we started back. The river of stones around the totem poles as well as the value words written under the bridge to the junior building add vibrancy and colour to the school. Months of hard work has made a huge difference to the grounds. Finally there have been some additions to the playgrounds. In the infant area, these are just being completed and should be open in the next week or so, but the climbing mbing wall that is now open has been a real hit for the children. We will keep you informed of the other additions when they are complete. In the junior area, the central playground decking has been replaced and new seating around the trees providing moree shade for the students - has been added, along with some modifications to the playground equipment. Our campus really is looking good and providing some excellent facilities for our children!




Spelling Challenge Helps Build Library in Vietnam by Mr Phil Doyle At the end of last term the children took part in a Sponsored Spell to raise money for an organisation called Room to Read. Room to Read build libraries and schools, fund girls to finish their secondary education and train teachers and librarians in the poorest parts arts of Asia and Africa. The children raised an incredible NT$162,000 - this money was sent to Room to Read and we have received a thank you video from the founder, John Wood. In the message (which you can see on the Facebook page) he states that the moneyy will be used to resource a library in Vietnam. As a further thank you, John also sent us 2 books and personally signed them with a message for us all at TES. You can see the books in the photos here and we will be finding a suitable position in the library libr to display them so that all the children at TES can see how their efforts can make a difference to the lives of others. We hope that this will be the start of a positive relationship with Room to Read and we thank you for your support of the Sponsored Spell!


by Mr Duncan Millward

There was a rousing start to this year’s British Primary Parent Teacher Association. New chair Jenny Chien, shared her approach to a large audience of new and existing parents in the infant cookery room. Thi This year is sure to be a fun one, and great to see both mums and dads looking to support the school through the many services and events that the PTA runs. There will be a PTA meeting once a month and this will also include a coffee morning across at Lutetia’s, Lutetia just over the road from school. The executive team of the PTA is:

Ines Yeh Jenny Chen (Vice-Chair ) Julissa Itzel (Chair) Camille Mack-Mumford (Secretary) (Treasurer Treasurer)

BPPTA Contact: If you would like any further information information, please feel free to contact Jenny enny Chen, Chair of BPPTA at jenny.jjc@gmail.com

Thank you to all of the other parents who stepped up to take on a role to help support the PTA team. There will be many of other opportunities throughout the year, inc including a chance to volunteer as class rep for your child’s classroom. As Jenny said, just 30 minutes of your time volunteering is a big help, and the more the merrier!



Reminder: Emergency Contact Information

4 Please remember to fill fill-in your contact details

by Mr Duncan Millward

This is a reminder to all parents to ensure that they have given their emergency ncy contact details to school and particularly our office ladies. It is important that we have contact details for parents and other emergency contacts in case we need to be in touch. It is also important for parents to ensure the front of your child’s homelink omelink diary is completed. Again there is a place for emergency contact details so that if needed this can be used to make contact with you. Thank you for making the time to ensure this is complete.

Message from the Library by Ms Emma Crofts

We are excited to welcome all our students and parents back for the 2018/19 school year. We hope you had a wonderful summer full of great adventures and lots of books! We would like to draw your attention to the library's information guide located here - https://libguides.tes.tp.edu.tw/epclibrary You will be able to find out everything you need to know about the library, our services, and staff. We have a library news page where you y can find out about what's happening in the library each week, and news about upcoming events and workshops. Links to recommended reading lists, the library catalog, and our EYFS guide can also be found here.



The BPS-PSP is up and running for this new academic year. There’s a new meeting room (C-200) 200) and, alongside Karen Rowe (BPS Parent Liaison), there’s a friendly new face for group sessions #2 &#3: BPS Counsellor, Ms Chia-Chi Chi Chow.


Bringing over 35 years international experience between us, we offer a friendly ear, time to chat and our advice & guidance if an and when you need it.

BPS-PSP, PSP, we’re here for you! ☺

Meeting Date: Group #1: 4th September • We discuss whatever you would like Group #2: 11th September • Child development focus: Hel Helping your child settle (new to country/ new to BPS) Group #3: 18th September • Parent well-being being focus: Taking care of you!

If you have any question about the BPS-PSP, BPS please feel free to contact Ms Karen Rowe at karen.rowe@tes.tp.edu.tw



(Thu) 23 Aug

- BPS PS Curriculum Information Evening, Amphitheatre (see flyer)

(Mon) 27 Aug

- Semester 1 ECAs start

(Wed) 29 Aug - TES Welcome Coffee Moring (Tue) 4Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 1, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Thu) 6 Sep

Teacher Meeting (No ECA) - Parent-Teacher

(Tue) 11Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 2, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Fri) 14 Sep

- Have a Go Day

(Tue) 18Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 3, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

For more details of the school online calendar calendar, please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%2525252525253D0 aipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%2525252525253D0 The following is the links for the printable calendars: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-2019 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018

BPS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/British https://www.facebook.com/British-Primary-Section-Taipei-European-School School-1781787432102978/

Head’s blog: blog http://blogs.taipeieuropeanschool.com/bpshead/


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BPS Newsletter - Issue 1  

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