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01 June 2018


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Transition for our Year 6 Students by Mr Duncan Millward The Year 6 students have been through a lengthy transition process as they get ready to leave the EPC campus and move up to ESC and the Key Stage 3 curriculum in August. It started back in September when Mr Imbleau, Head of Year 7, came to meet with Mrs Millward about the current Year 6 students, together they agreed on a rigorous plan to ensure the students were ready and familiar with ESC for August. In February the students met the then Head Teacher Mr Glascott and got to ask him many of their burning questions. In March the ESC science team came down and students participated in a CSI science lesson with secondary staff, students characterized this experience as ‘awesome’! Shortly after that, the Year 6 students went up to ESC for a transition day with their Year 6 teachers. They got to experience life on the ESC campus and had some language taster sessions, and from that parents and students picked their language choice ready for August, French, German or Spanish. In April, two of the Year 7 teachers, Mr Imbleau and Mrs Kennedy, came to EPC for the morning and joined students in their current classes. It allowed them to get to see the students in the comfortable environment

of Year 6 and to chat with them about any questions they might have going forward. It is wonderful for students to start building relationships with teachers in their own environment. This week the Year 6 students spent two days up at ESC. On Tuesday their Year 6 teachers joined them, then on Wednesday the students had their first day at ESC on their own. Mr Imbleau reported that he found the cohort engaged and clearly ready to move on to the next step in their learning journey. Although the Year 6 teachers find it hard to see the students leave they also accept that it is time. It is time for new independence, new opportunities and even new classes like Drama. In term one, of the next academic year, the Year 6 teachers will spend an afternoon up at ESC with their current classes and remind the students that while they have moved on, they are not forgotten. In the background lots of work goes on with the teachers as information is shared between the two campuses and of course, BSHS have provided opportunities for parents to meet with the staff and visit the campus too. I’m sure we all agree that life is a series of transitions and how we react to that is vitally

important. We are confident that our Year 6’s are ready and able for the new challenge ahead. We also trust that any fears, anxieties and worries have subsided through the transition process, and so leaving our primary school, graduates are ready to enjoy a long leisurely summer before their first day of school at ESC in August.




Year 4 CFL Reading Aloud Competition by Ms YunYeh Tsai Reading Chinese is not very easy because of tones, intonations and we need to read in phrases instead of single words. In terms of that we want to move ove children away from the idea that reading is only done on a solitary basis and it has to be boring and serious, we held a “Reading Aloud Competition” for our Year 4 CFL students to promote their reading skills. On this Friday, we did the preliminary round in two classes individually, and we had 6 students chosen to do the final round next Monday! Students are fully engaged to learn and practice how to read beautifully, read meaningfully, and read with expression.

Mini Dance Extravaganza in Nursery by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie This morning ng Nursery were fortunate to witness a final dance performance of Ms Jill's Year 4 and Year 5 jazz dance groups. The Year 4 students performed their dance called 'Creeping Cobras' and the Year 5 students performed their dance titled, ‘Wacky Spiders’. It was a joy j to watch and the Nursery children thought that the dance was 'scary' and

'good'. Afterwards all the Nursery children had the chance to dance with the big students. It was a wonderful opportunity which benefitted the older and younger children. Many thanks than to Ms Jill, and all of the performers for sharing their passion for dance with us.




World Ocean Day by Mrrs Alysha Adams

Next week all of the British Primary Section will mark the celebration of World Oceans Day on Friday 8th June. The celebration of our worldwide ocean resource is in conjunction with our Global Citizen learner profile characteristic. The event will conclude a year long environmental focus on ocean protection, through which the children have had opportunities to take responsibility for their behaviour in the world and educate those who share it with them.

colours that represent the sea! We have a collaborative art project across the whole school planned, as well as in class activities and assemblies. As a global citizen we hope our students can make considered decisions based on sustainability and environmental impact, protecting what they have for their future and for those that follow. Thank you for your support in this event!

Children across the British Primary Section ection are not required to wear uniform next Friday. In support of World Oceans Day we would like all children to wear blue, green or white clothing or a combination of these

Come and Join Us! TES Alumni Reunion 2018 by Miss Jessamine Liu A call to all of our Taipei European School alumni! The Alumni Office is delighted to invite TES alumni to a fun-filled filled Summer Reunion. This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and teachers, expand everyone’s network, and find out what’s been going on at TES.

We encourage ge you to forward this invitation to any alumni who are returning to Taiwan this June. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and finding out what everyone has been een up to since leaving the school.

TES Alumni who are back in Taiwan this summer are welcome to join jo th us! To register please return the online RSVP form by 5 June, 2018.

13 June 2018 17:00 17:00-19:00 Venue: Lutetia Café @ Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre No. 751, Wenlin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City (Located next to the TES Primary Campus) How to sign up for the event: 1. 2.


Submit online RSVP form by 5 June to guarantee your spot. Scan the QR code or click the RSVP form below: http://gg.gg/TESAlumniReunion2018 to join the event!




Messages from Library by Ms Emma Crofts In recent months we've noticed a great many books being taken from the library without being checked out. Some of them eventually get returned, but many don't. We would be very grateful if you could speak to your children about the importance of checking ng books out of the library so that we can track where they are and who has them. If they are unable to borrow because they haven't returned their other books yet, we are always happy to reserve the ones they want so they can come back for them later. Of the books that do reappear after not being checked out, the labels and barcodes more often than not have been removed. Please could you remind your children not to remove labels or barcodes as this can

damage the books and make it difficult for us to identify ident which copy it is. This morning we discovered garbage in the book drop box which has damaged a significant number of the books that were inside. There is a garbage bin right next to the book drop. Please can you be vigilant in ensuring that garbage goes in the right place. Until we are able to clean the box, it will be unavailable. Please return all items to the library directly. Do not leave library books on top of the box. Thank you for your assistance.



31 May -4 June - FOBISIA Primary Games, Phuket (Tue) 5 June

- Year 6 Trip to Leofoo Village Theme Park

(Wed) 6 June

- Year 2 Trip to Baishawan Beach

(Thu) 7 June

- Year 1 Trip to Taipei EXPO Park

(Fri) 8 June

- Year 3 Trip to Water Country Park

(Mon) 11 June

- Report & ILR out

(Wed) 13 June

- Year 6 Leavers’ Leavers Assembly

(Thu) 14 June

Leavers Assembly - Year 6 Leavers’

16-23 June

- Scholar’ss Cup Global Round Trip to KL, Malaysia

For more details of the school online calendar calendar, please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=36&L=2%27A%2525252525253D0

The following links for the printable calendars: Academic Calendar 2017-2018: 2018: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2017-18 TES Event Calendar 2017-2018: 2018: http://gg.gg/TESEventCalendar2017-18

Academic Calendar 2018-2019: 201 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-19


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