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14 September 2018


Have a go day


by Mr Duncan Millward

Today we have had a spectacular event within the British Primary Section, Have a Go Day. Next week there will be a full write-up from the organiser Mrs Alysha Adams. The day was part of the school's use of the Learner Profile. In the last two year's Mrs Adams has worked with students, parents and staff, and along with the leadership team to develop a set of key attributes and dispositions that are key ingredients to ensure we are producing life long learners that will be passionate in making a difference in their future. The characteristics convey our students as, thinkers, adventurers, communicators, global citizens, and that they are healthy in mind, body and spirit and are future focused. The TES values of respect, responsibility, perseverance, participation, and creativity are an integral part of our BPS Learner Profile. Accompanying these values, empathy and integrity are also emphasised as key characteristics of our learners. Please enjoy the photos that adorn the front page this week, and get ready for a full article next week!

On Tuesday 18th the Parent Well-being sessions start and you are invited to bring a coffee and share your strategies, experiences and/or queries with other parentsparents there’ll be a warm welcome waiting for you from Karen Rowe, Chia-Chi Chia Chow and the group : -) If you have any question, please email Ms Rowe:


Parent Meeting Feedback


by Mr Aidan Stallwood

As I wrote last week, amidst all the parent meetings we managed to get the chance to take feedback through our parent survey. It is i always exciting to put together a survey, give it out, and eagerly look through the responses. Although there were only a few que questions, it's particularly inspiring when you look at the data and see we have collected high-quality, high insightful information. In this case, we managed to gather a total of 174 families’ opinions - offering a true reflection of our parent body. Great news! It appears as parents you recognise the dedication and general enthusiasm of the teachers at the start of this year. When asked how satisfied you were with the meetings a total of 83% of our parents gave it the top ratings of 1 and 2 on a scale to 10.

Whilst the parents felt very satisfied with the communication in the lead up to this event - with a total of 80% responding with a rating of 1 or 2 on the scale with 10 being unsatisfied.

It did also help to highlight areas for further development, from things like more chairs outside the classroom for sitting o on; to more notable issues with the appointment booking system - something we will review. From just walking around the school there was never any doubt in my mind that it has been a successful start to the year. Whi Which just leaves us to say thank you to all the parents that contributed, you have confirmed confirmed we really have a winning team at the school that should be celebrated as we continue to strive to offer a premium service for each child and their family.





Year 4 Trip by Mr Paul Jenkins Our intrepid Year 4 children visited the zoo this week as part of our deadly 60 topic. Our purpose was to explore the different environments around the world and understand the animals that are native to them. The children visited a variety of different habitats: bitats: the Asian tropical rainforests; the African animal area; the amphibian mphibian area; and the desert area. The visit will also enable us to prepare for our Year 4 show which will be taking place at the end of October. ren to get excited about their School trips are a great way for children learning. It allows children to develop their knowledge and understanding in innovative and engaging ways beyond the confines of the classroom. We look forward to showing off all our "deadly" knowledge in our upcoming Year 4 show!

International Peace Day Friday 21st September Theme: Pinwheels for Peace Children to wear something





Tribe Council Meeting I would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to those children that were elected to be on the Tribe Council this year. I know that we are going to work together er as a team to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. It is the Tribe Council's job to make sure that the whole school is involved in making decisions that will ensure that our school is a healthy, safe and fun learning environment. We had our first meeting on Tuesday morning and we were delighted to have both Mr. Millward and Mr. Gatley present at our meeting. Mr. Gatley and Mr. Millward extended a warm welcome to the children and explained to them how the Tribe Council represented the t whole school and that it is an important job. I am thrilled about working with the Tribe Council this year and I know that they are going to do fantastic work!

by Mr Corné Coetzee

The Tribe Councilors are: Year 2: Harvey Lee, Kylie Wang, Laura Olesen & Mia Dzhagalov Year 3: Miffy Kuo, Miya Watanabe, Faye Liu & Perlita Chen Year 4: Amber Chen, Nathalie Sutton, Hong Kai & Jae Chia Year 5: Wilson Li, Annabel Yang, Emma Knoop & Felix Asplund Year 6: Faith Chiu, Jude Ou, Vera Wu & Josh Chi

Year 4 Camp Taiwan Info Session by Mr Craig Gamble

On Tuesday afternoon Mr Mike Brennand, the director of Camp Taiwan, came into school to talk to our Y4 parent's about life at camp and outlined the activities that the children will take part in. He also provided the parents with an overview of Camp Taiwan's history and it's core aim, which is to provide children with an outdoor experience experie in Camp Taiwan's beautiful sub tropical rain forest whilst challenging themselves to try something new. BPS and Camp Taiwan have had a long relationship and Mike is very used to hosting TES students and staff at Camp Taiwan. Camp is an experience that children retain memories of forever and Mike certainly made that evident in his presentation on Tuesday to around 30 of our Year 4 parents. Click the link below for the Info Session Presentation Slides:

BPPTA - Reusable Straw Sale by Ms Jenny Chen

Plastic straws are small and used everyday with a drink, they seem small and are so regularly used that most people do not see how harmful it can be. But little straws are large contributors to plastic pollution. A National Geographic study estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. It not only pollutes beaches, the straws are harmful and dangerous to many species in the ocean. Starbucks plans to phase out plastic straws by 2020. McDonald’s recently announced it will ban plastic straws at its U.K. and Ireland restaurants. So, what are you waiting for!? Let’s join the better world movement to cut down one time use plastic straws! At the autumn festival, British Primary PTA will be selling colourful silicon reusable straws. They are light and easy to carry in your bag, unlike the stainless and glass straws, it’s soft and does not break easily. So, please come buy some reusable straws, bring your own picnic mat, and let’s have fun and enjoy the evening ng together in Autumn Festival 9/21 Friday. Say no to single-use-plastic plastic and say yes to the environment!!!!






(Tue) 18Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 3, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200 - Year 1 Trip to Erziping Walk

(Wed) 19 Sep

- Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.2/3.4)

(Thu) 20 Sep

- Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.1/3.3)

(Fri) 21 Sep

Peace Day - EPC International Peac - TES Autumn Festival, 17:30-21:00, 17:30 EPC Campus

(Mon) 24 Sep

- Mid -Autumn Autumn Festival (no school)

(Wed) 26 Sep - Special Technology Workshop for Parents, 08:00@ EPC Library (Tue) 02 Oct

- Year 5 Trip to Taiwan Traditional Theatre Ce Centre

(Wed) 03 Oct

- Go Green Day for Dyslexia

04-05 Oct

- Staff Inset Days (no school)

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BPS Newsletter Issue 5  
BPS Newsletter Issue 5