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7 September 2018


Parent Teacher Evening It was great to see so many parents in attendance at our first Parents Evening this academic year. Your attendance at these events are important as it provides time to speak with your child’s teachers and find out how they are getting on at school. It is an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and also for the teachers to explain how you can support your child. Hopefully leaving you confident that we at BPS are working hard to develop your child’s learning. At the meeting you should have received a copy of your child’s unique, self created student goals. These are completely independent and unedited, providing an insight into what your child perceives as areas to develop in their own learning and compliments the teachers perspective. This year you will have also noticed several staff around the school with Ipads. We took this opportunity to take feedback on the evening with a few questions to better inform what we do at BPS - thank you to those who took part in the questionnaire. If you were unable to attend and would still like to meet with your teacher then please do contact them directly to make an appointment. Likewise, if you have any


by Mr Aidan Stallwood

further feedback on the evening then do not hesitate to contact me at:

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register through the link below:


Roald Dahl



by Mr Phil Doyle

The Year 3 students are currently learning about Roald Dahl as he is a significant children's author. Each class is reading a Roald Dahl story in class and as part of our Guided Reading work each group will be studying a variety of stories by the author. Roald Dahl Day is on September 13th and Year 3 are planning ning a celebration of his work and we hope to have some fun too! Here are some pictures of the children enjoying their Roald Dahl Guided Reading session!

Sandwich Faces by Mrs Naomi Mullins

As part of the Reception topic ‘All About Me’ the children have been learning about the different parts of their face and body. This week the children have been busy creating sandwich faces using different vegetables to represent the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair. Through this they have had the th opportunity to explore new vocabulary words and be exposed to healthy eating.



PSC Library Donation


by Ms Emma Crofts

The library would like to thank the Parent Support Council for their generous donation of $100,000nt to the EPC library. The library has used the funds to purchase new copies ies of popular books for both our infant and junior collections. The students are thoroughly enjoying the new purchases. The continuing support of the library from PSC and the PTAs enable us to develop our collection and services to the benefits of all TES students, parents, and staff. We are very grateful. Thank you

Paper Bag Donation by Mr Duncan Millward

The library is looking to collect paper bags to help with the distribution of books later in the term. If you have any paper bags (please no plastic bags) that are strong enough to hold books please send them to the library. Some examples of the bags are shown in the picture. picture

TES AUTUMN FESTIVAL Welcome to our annual Autumn Festival. The evening will feature live music, delicious food, children’s games and activities, art and craft exhibitions and more. Bring the whole family for an enjoyable evening of music and fun. Guests of all ages are welcome. Admission to this event is free. We look forward to seeing you!


Friday September 2018

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 can wear tribe t-shirts, t P.E. shorts and trainers to participate in the activities planned for Have a Go Day. They will also need: * a hat * a water bottle * sun screen applied at home Regular lunchtime and break times will ll still operate, so please provide you child with a snack and lunch as usual.




(Tue) 11Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 2, 08:10-09:10, Room C200

(Wed) 12 Sep

- Year 4 Trip to Taipei Zoo - Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.2/3.4)

(Thu) 13 Sep

- Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.1/3.3)

(Fri) 14 Sep

- Have a Go Day

(Tue) 18Sep

- Parent rent School Partnership Meeting Group 3, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200 - Year 1 Trip to Erziping Walk

(Fri) 21 Sep

- EPC International Peace Day - TES Autumn Festival, 17:30-21:00, 17:30 EPC Campus



Music Practising ~ B4.1

For more details of the school online calendar, calendar please click the link below: 2525252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019:

2018臺音講堂 臺音講堂 TMI FORUM The Pipa Family in Asia Pacific Area

BPS Facebook Page:

Cross the silk road, walking through a thousand years of history, pipa has grown its root in China, spreading the seeds to Japan, Vietnam and Korea, and formed an unique Asian-pipa Asian family. The lecture will introduce the diversity of Asian-pipa pipa family, and show you different kinds of pipa, including contemporary pipa, traditi traditional pipa, Nanguan Pipa, Vietnamese pipa(Đàn Đàn tỳ t bà), and Japanese pipa such as Satsuma biwa. a. With demonstrations and instructions, we hope to bring you a different viewpoint towards Pipa.

Head’s blog:

Speaker: Miss Yun-Han Han Su

Date: 8 Sep. Sat. 14:30


Address: 2/F, Taiwan Music Institute, Institu 751 Wenlin Road Online Booking Application

BPS Newsletter Issue 4  
BPS Newsletter Issue 4