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31 August 2018


The British Primary Council by Mr Duncan Millward This year to ensure there is parent and teacher feedback in decisions made within the British Primary Section, there will be a new look British Primary Council. In order to share information and to have open channels of communication with stakeholders we will adopt a very European model for participation in defining school policy and procedures. Most matters arising are site related and hence most meetings will be site oriented. The British Sections will have a Parent Council, Teacher Council and Student Council. At full British Primary Council meetings parent representatives and teacher representatives will be present and input may be sought from the Student Council but they would not be expected to attend. As the Head, I will be the Chairperson of this meeting, and Mr Gatley, CEO will attend all meetings. On occasions we may invite other school specialists to meetings when relevant, and there will be joint meetings with the British Secondary and High School Council at key times in the year. Meetings will run once a month, and minutes from these will be posted on the school website. The first meeting was held on Thursday evening this week in the EPC large conference room. The documentation from

this meeting will be located on the website next week. The full British Primary Council will be made up of the following representatives: Parent council members: Mrs Charlotte Hsu Mr Alex Weng Mrs Emily Rogers Mr Ed Swift Teacher council members: Mr Phil Doyle: Year 3 Curriculum Leader / Class Teacher Mr Michael Norris: Year 4 Curriculum Leader / Class Teacher Mrs Jeni Wong: Year 5 Class Teacher / PSHE Coordinator Mrs Elizabeth Bottomley-Chang: Year 3 Class Teacher

Student council: In the British Primary Section each child belongs to a ‘tribe’. The tribes are Bunan, Paiwan, Ami and Rukai. Children can earn merit points for their tribe, and events such as Spo Sports Day are friendly competitions between the four tribes. Children from Year 3 upwards elect councillors to join the ‘Tribes’ Council, with children from the French and German Sections also joining us on occasion. This acts as a school council and children childre talk about ways they work together to make school a positive, enjoyable experience for all our pupils. They also talk about how we can support less fortunate members of our local and global communities. Mr Corne Coetzee organises our student council.


Issue 3


BPS Green Team by Mr Craig Gamble

The BPS Green Team held their first meeting of the new school year last week and have outlined a number of projects that they wish to embark on. The aim is to raise awareness of 'Green' issues, improve our community and help sustain our planet's anet's ecological systems. First on the list is to design and create a large scale mural that highlights an ecological issue using recycled plastic bottle tops. The Green Team members are busy preparing information to launch the initiative at an assembly and nd securing suitable storage containers to gather as many bottle tops as possible. The discussion around collecting bottle tops led to the question - "What about the bottles?" A number of ideas were debated before the team finally settled on building a Christmas ristmas Tree using discarded plastic bottles.

Finally the team are launching an initiative to gather data on the use of plastic straws in Taipei. Using an app called Mapstr the Green Team will tag food and beveragee outlets that they visit and indicate whether they are given plastic straws automatically, are asked if they want a straw or are given reusable straws. Once the data is analysed the team will then look at how they can promote the use of reusable straws to our community. If you want to be involved in the data gathering then Mapstr is a free app to download and you can use the Green Team’s Team details to log in which are:

Email: bps.green-team@tes.tp.edu.tw team@tes.tp.edu.tw Login name first name: TES Last name: Green Team Password: vanhalen

All this was agreed in a 30 minute lunch meeting which gives me hope for the future of our planet with such dedicated, passionate and committed young people taking action such as this.

NB: If your child is in the process of being assessed by the EAL Department to determine whether they require EAL support, you will be offered a meeting meet time with the EAL Teacher. You will receive a letter on Monday 3rd September to let you know whether your child requires EAL support or not for this semester. If the EAL letter on 3rd September states that your child does not require EAL support, you will be able to cancel the EAL Teacher meeting and not attend the 'Parent Information' session. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Clare Doyle clare.doyle@tes.tp.edu. clare.doyle@tes.tp.edu.tw


Deadly Year Four

Issue 3


by Mr Michael Norris

Most countries have deadly animals, but do most schools? Well, today TES was invaded by a host of deadly animals from all around the world representative of many different biomes. Actually, they were Year 4 children dressed-up up as these animals. From box jellyfish to cheetahs, it was a spectacular sight to see all these children in their home-made home costumes, parading for an Infant Section audience. Over the next few weeks, Y4 will immerse themselves in learning all about deadly predators the world over and come to realise that they all play an important role in the food chain system.



Drop Off Zone

Issue 3


by Mr Duncan Dunc Millward

Thank you to the majority of parents that followed the guidance in regards to the drop off in the morning. Mr Gatley and myself have been b out on the curbside for the majority of this week opening doors and helping to create a better traffic flow. Parents and drivers have been quick to move through the area and this has helped everyone. It is noticeable when the odd car does stay for longer, er, it does create a major impact, so we do ask that cars in the morning (and afternoon) do not use that area for parking, and not to leave the car unattended.


Respect parking rules - it is not safe for any child to walk around another car, so no double parking. It is also illegal!


Park away from school if you want to come inside - if you know your child needs someone to go into school with or you need to vvisit the student services department, park away from school and walk in.

On Monday there will be an additional traffic guard to assist with the traffic flow and Mr Gatley ey and myself will be in the glass tube welcoming children, so we do ask that all parents and drivers continue to follow the guidelines below:



Stay in your car - your child can open the door and exit the car on the correct side, next to the pavement. Once your child has exited safely it is important to move on immediately.


Drive straight away - even if drop off has occurred make sure that you drive on straight away, no waiting to call the office or send a message. Move away so the next car can come forward.

5. Please be courteous and civil to school staff and traffic guards - they are trying to make sure everyone sticks to the rules for the general safety of all children and to avoid traffic ic chaos that affects everyone.


Issue 3


(Tue) 4Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 1, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Thu) 6 Sep

- Parent-Teacher Teacher Meeting (ECAs (ECA still on)

(Tue) 11Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Me Group 2, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Wed) 12 Sep

- Year 4 Trip to Taipei Zoo - Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.2/3.4)

(Thu) 13 Sep

( - Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.1/3.3)

(Fri) 14 Sep

- Have a Go Day

(Tue) 18Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 3, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200 - Year 1 Trip to Erziping Walk

(Fri) 21 Sep

We are having fun in Reception

- EPC International Peace Day - TES Autumn Festival, 17:30 17:30-21:00, EPC Campus

For more details of the school online calendar calendar, please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A% eieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A% 2525252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-2019 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018

2018臺音講堂 臺音講堂 TMI FORUM The Pipa Family in Asia Pacific Area

BPS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/British-Primary-Section SectionTaipei-European-School-1781787432102978/ 1781787432102978/

Cross the silk road, walking through a thousand years of history, pipa has grown its root in China, spreading the seeds to Japan, Vietnam and Korea, and formed an unique Asian-pipa Asian family. The lecture will introduce the diversity of Asian-pipa pipa family, and show you different kinds of pipa, including contemporary pipa, traditional pipa, Nanguan Pipa, Vietnamese pipa(Đàn Đàn tỳ t bà), and Japanese pipa such as Satsuma biwa. a. With demonstrations and instructions, we hope to bring you a different viewpoint towards Pipa. Speaker: Miss Yun-Han Han Su

Head’s blog: http://blogs.taipeieuropeanschool.com/bpshead/


Date: 8 Sep. Sat. 14:30 Address: 2/F, Taiwan Music Institute, Institu 751 Wenlin Road Online Booking Application http://event.culture.tw/NCFTA

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BPS Newsletter Issue 3  

BPS Newsletter Issue 3