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14 June 2019



Farewell from Mr Millward

by Mr Duncan Millward

The end of the term, and the end of the 2018-2019 2019 academic year is upon us! It has been another rewarding year full of excitement, challenges and surprises for all of us, as parents, as staff and of course for our students! On a personal note, the end of six years working in the British Primary Section draws to a close. clo It has been an honour to have led the British Primary Section this year. year Arriving as Deputy Head to both the Infant and Junior Sections, there has been a great deal of change, with many twists and turns. Through this journey, I have met some wonderful staff, whose dedication, hard work and enthusiasm have led to fantastic opportunities for our students. I could not have chosen a better school, students, community and colleagues to spend the last six years with. Having the most unique experience working in such a culturally diverse community has been a privilege. A big thank you to the parent community who have given me a great deal of support in the role, and have created a strong partnership to ensure there are strong outcomes for children in the British Primary Section and the school as a whole.

My family and I will take with us special memories of our time in Taipei and Taiwan such lovely and welcoming people, as well as deep appreciation for the opportunity to work with such inspiring colleagues, dedicated families and spirited young people.

Finally a farewell to those families and staff leaving us this summer. ummer. Good luck in your new adventures and destination, we wish you all the best, and hope, like me, you have many happy memories of BPS to take with you. Have a happy and safe summer break, and I wish everyone all the best with the 2019 2019-2020 academic year.

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(Mon) 19 Aug - First Day of Academic Year 2019 2019-2020 (Thu) 12 Sep

17:15-19:45, EPC Amphitheatre - Curriculum Information Evening, 17:15

For more details of the school online calendar, calendar please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%252 5252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-2019 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018 Academic Calendar 2019-2020: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2019-2020 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2019

FOBISIA Primary Games 2019 Congratulations again for the FOBISIA of Year 5: 10 girls+ 10 boys and Year 6: 10 girls + 10 boys They joined the competitions including swimming, athletics, tee ball and football last week in Phuket, Thailand. For more wonderful moments of our FOBISIA Team, please click the link below for the video:


Tribe volkerball Competition Result Year 3 Winners: PAIWAN Year 4 Winners: AMI Year 5 Winners: BUNAN Year 5 Winners: AMI

Overall Winners 1st Place: PAIWAN 2nd Place: AMI and BUNAN| 4th Place: RUKAI




Year 6 Celebration by Mr Duncan Millward This week has been a giant cause of celebration across all year groups as the holidays approach. For our Year 6 students in particular, at our Leavers Assembly, it was a chance to revel in the glory of the Year 6 students. This year the format allowed for all four classes cla to perform together, and to receive their certificates and medals as a whole year group. Performances were produced by our specialist teachers, a dance from Mr Milner, a song from Ms Kao, and a performance created by our CLC teachers. It really made for a wonderful event for our Year 6 students. In my final few words to the Year 6 group, I used the following words to share three things for the leavers to remember: Firstly, don’t forget about us at primary - there are lots of times that reflecting on things in the past are important, on lessons that you have learned, friends you have made and moments that define def you - and I can assure you that we will not forget about you! Secondly, I ask you to take this chance to dedicate yourself to making the next year even better. Remember that you don’t hav have to follow the crowd. Do the right thing, even if no one is looking. king. Study hard and remember that you're investing in yourself with every piece of work you do and every book you read. And finally, don't be in too big of a hurry to grow up. These are some great times in your life. Don't rush past them. There are great things coming, and just as your parents are proud, each one of you should feel proud of yourself. So congratulations to all of the leavers, congratulations to the t parents, and finally, congratulations to the teachers and everyone else who have helped our Year ear 6 students reach the end of their primary journey. A special thank you to Mr Tom Mullins, who has led the team in spectacular fashion this year, and we wish him and his wife all the best on their return to the UK.




Tribe Council by Mr Corne Coetzee th

On Monday, May 27 we had the Tribe Council’s ouncil’s farewell party. What would any party be without pizza? At least that is what the children thought? So we did just that! We ordered some pizza and celebrated a wonderful year of collaboration, sharing of ideas and school-wide wide communication. I want to thank each and every member of the Tribe Council ouncil for all their efforts and showing up for the weekly meetings this year. Especially for their assistance regarding the Reverse Christmas Tree Project. Their efforts guaranteed the success of the Tabitha Cambodia Project and with that, we helped 10 families with new houses. Well done everyone!

TABITHA Cambodia by Mr Corne Coetzee Scorching heat, humidity and afternoon showers greeted us on a daily basis in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last week. Nevertheless, it did not keep us from having an absolutely great time in Cambodia with our house building project. It was my pleasure re to join Mr Labuschagne and his group of ESC H3 students in Cambodia for this year’s Tabitha trip. We helped build 10 houses for disadvantaged families that managed to save the minimum amount of money for a home through the Tabitha savings programme. On Wednesday morning we arrived in a local village about 2 hours drive from Phnom Penh. As we drove down narrow dirt roads we could see the cows, chickens, and dogs with wagging tails! The moment we arrived the H3 students grabbed hammers and nails and got go the work. Despite the continued building after lunch and the rest of the following morning. It was an amazing team effort and a priceless feeling to watch the families moving in shortly afterward. It made all of us realize just how much we have to be thankful hankful for, in our daily lives. In closing, I want to extend my gratitude to each member of the TES community that contributed towards this year’s Reverse Christmas Tree Project. Especially the children from the British Primary Section. Without your support, ort, this project would not be possible. It is an incredible journey the H3 students go through in a week in Cambodia and the value of the trip will surely accompany them throughout their adult lives.




Washi Tape Art Designs by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie This morning the Nursery children were fortunate to learn about the wonders of 'Washi tape' . Kees and Kaat's Mum Marloes came in and shared her knowledge, and a few cool designs for the children to see. After the presentation, the children then en were able to have a go at creating their own individual designs. Thank you Marloes for your time, the children loved it!


The ECO ART Project by Mr Eamonn O'Callaghan We wanted to bring the school community together to promote the 3Rs Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. We wanted to collaborate together to create an art work. We wanted to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution. To fulfill these aims TES students have created an ECO artwork that will go on show at the Ju Ming Museum for the Biennial Children’s Art Education Exhibition this summer. As a community based initiative we started by setting up a weighing station in the atrium. Parents, students and staff could bring the plastic caps they collected from home, weigh the amount they collected and record the result. Students from the school’s Green Team sorted the caps by colour and size. Many students were involved with making the artworks but I would like to thank Neha, Kate, Mikoto, Claire, Elaine, Jacqueline and Katharine from year 6 for coming ing to the art room almost every break and lunch time to work on the project. The students created a website to help raise awareness about environmental issues. Please visit https://ecoarttes.weebly.com/ to learn more.


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2018-19 BPS Newsletter Issue 38  

2018-19 BPS Newsletter Issue 38