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24 August 2018


World Scholar’s Cup Celebration by Mr Michael Norris Scholar’s Cup has been up and running at the EPC since the second semester of last academic year. Participating Year 5 and 6 pupils engaged with a number of challenging subject areas, under an umbrella theme: An Entangled World. World Some of these subject areas dealt with issues as diverse as Human Relationships to the The History of Diplomacy and The Science of Memory. In teams of three, these pupils conducted collaborative research around these subjects. During a weekly ECA programme, they sharpened their debate te and writing skills, using material from these subject areas as content. In March, our teams participated in the national (Taiwan) round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Gaoxiong, for the very first time. They performed well and were invited to the Global round in Kuala Lumpur, held in the first week of the summer holidays. Our children did us proud at this round too, earning medals in a host of categories. Our Celebration assembly this morning, recognised their achievements. Huge congratulations to: Joseph eph Norman, Claris Goh, Louis Proutiere, Ryan Chang, Cyrus Chiang, Melody Hou, Caylah Yang, Andrew Lo, Rae Chia, William Fang, Jude Ou and Yi Lin.


Issue 2


Parent Information Evening by Mr Duncan Millward

Thank you to all of the parents that came last night to the Curriculum Information Evening. It is fabulous to see parents taking an interest in the curriculum and the opportunities we are creating for your children. Each year group shared the routines, curriculum and a little bit about the staff, and then the amphitheatre was an opportunity to get to know the specialists and their curriculum in a little more detail. We have such passionate staff who are keen to involve parents in the learning learni as we know the partnership between home and school is so important. Please find below a link to all of the presentations that were shared last night.

Curriculum Evening Presentation Slides

Nursery: http://gg.gg/Nursery2018-19 http://gg.gg/Nursery2018 Reception: http://gg.gg/Reception2018-19 http://gg.gg/Reception2018 Year 1: http://gg.gg/YearONE2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearONE2018 Year 2: http://gg.gg/YearTWO2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearTWO2018 Year 3: http://gg.gg/YearTHREE2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearTHREE2018 Year 4: http://gg.gg/YearFour2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearFour2018 Year 5: http://gg.gg/YearFIVE2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearFIVE2018 Year 6: http://gg.gg/YearSIX2018-19 http://gg.gg/YearSIX2018 Specialists: http://gg.gg/Specialist2018-19 http://gg.gg/Specialist2018 FOBISIA: http://gg.gg/FOBISIA2018-19 http://gg.gg/FOBISIA2018

NB: If your child is in the process of being assessed by the EAL Department to determine whether they require EAL support, you will be offered a meeting time with the EAL Teacher. You will receive a letter on Monday 3rd September to let you know whether your child requires EAL support or not for this semester. If the EAL letter on 3rd September states that your child does not require EAL support, you will be able to cancel the EAL Teacher meeting and not attend the 'Parent Information' session. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Clare Doyle Doy clare.doyle@tes.tp.edu.tw


Have a go day

Issue 2


by Ms Alysha Adams

learner profile takes centre stage on “Have a Go Day”, where all staff will run special activities based around our profile characteristics.

Being a successful learner starts with having a positive attitude! Having a positive attitude means that you are ready to welcome new experiences, absorb information as you learn and be open to new ways of thinking. In a few weeks time we have an exciting ting school event planned which will continue to encourage our students to adopt a positive mindset to all the challenges that may lie ahead in the coming year. Our BPS

Cambridge Test

by Miss Annie Bagley

Well Done testers! The Cambridge Examination certificates have arrived! Congratulations to our adventurous learners. The Cambridge examinations are an annual event and are completed outside of school time with external examiners. Our TES students are courageous learners, trying new ways to assess their English language ge levels and practice different types of examinations. They were all recognised during today’s Celebration Assembly with their peers cheering them on for a job well done! Congratulations everyone!

Children will meet their new buddy classes for the year and build relationships across our school. During the day the buddies will rotate around various activities that challenge their perseverance and sense of adventure! Already staff are collaborating to produce innovative learning experiences that allow children to explore new opportunities and test their ability to cope, adapt, strategise and show empathy towards each other. We are looking forward to sharing an exciting day filled with fun, laughter and d positivity with your children!



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by Mr Duncan Millward

In addition to supporting their children academically, parents at the school are also active in the British Primary Parent Teacher Association (BP PTA) and the Parents Support Council (PSC). These associations work to foster community spirit, organise social al events, engage in fundraising and provide support to parents and students at the school.

For all of these areas as of the PTA, volunteers are always needed. Our Class Reps play a key role in sharing information to class parents and to assist when volunteers are needed.

For 2018-2019, 2019, Mrs Jenny Chen, mother of four TES students will be the PTA Chairperson, competently supported by the following list of parents:

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact Jenny enny Chen, Chair of BPPTA at jenny.jjc@gmail.com

BPPTA Contact:

2018-2019 BP PTA Members

Chair: Jenny Chen Treasurer: Julissa Casal Secretary: Camille Mack-Mumford Mumford Transportation: Nadia Thul Book Fair: Jenny Chen & Jill Lu International Food Fair: Sarah Sutton

Vice Chair: Ines Yeh

Cafeteria Committee: Mariza Bonvicino & Vivky Huang 2nd Uniform SalesTeam: Stephanie Hua & Sherianne Chen Parent Liaison (Communication/Class Rep): Jenny Chen & Jill Lu New Parents/ Morning Coffee: Joanna Chen & Hattie Cheng Staff Appreciation: Yvonne Mounford & Marlies Wouters


(Mon) 27 Aug

Issue 2


- Semester 1 ECAs start

(Wed) 29 Aug - TES Welcome Coffee Moring Moring, 09:00, EPC Cafeteria (Tue) 4Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 1, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Thu) 6 Sep

- Parent-Teacher Teacher Meeting (No ECA)

(Tue) 11Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 2, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

(Wed) 12 Sep

- Year 4 Trip to Taipei Zoo - Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.2/3.4)

(Thu) 13 Sep

- Year 3 Trip to Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden (B3.1/3.3)

(Fri) 14 Sep

- Have a Go Day

(Tue) 18Sep

- Parent School Partnership Meeting Group 3, 08:10-09:10, 09:10, Room C200

We are settling in to Nursery

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BPS Newsletter Issue 2  

24 August 2018

BPS Newsletter Issue 2  

24 August 2018