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01 February 2019



Cover Story: ~ Happy Year of Piggy

Happy Year of Piggy by Mr Duncan Millward

Page 2: ~ More about Chinese Celebration

We wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year. Please have an enjoyable enjoyab break, take time with your families and enjoy lots of opportunities to celebrate. Our students definitely deserve the break to spend time with family as they have had a very busy few weeks back at school. Our celebrations as a school have been a real joy j to participate in. On Wednesday the Chinese Language and Culture teachers created a CNY marketplace in the atrium and all of the classes had an opportunity to participate in games and eat and drink some snacks. Ms Li-Chin Chin Chang, our Learning Assistant iin Year 3 also ran a calligraphy station, highlighting that our staff are a very talented group. Today was the culmination of the week with some fantastic performances from our students from Year 2 to Year 6. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate th the success of our CLC programme, that promotes not just language ability but the opportunities for the children to learn about the culture. It is during performances such as these that make us proud of our school, but also proud of the attitude, perseverance and dedication of our students.


Xīnnián Kuàilè Please scan QR code for the CNY Market video.

Page 3: ~ Upcoming Events ~ Gruffalo Illustrator Comes to TES ~ Workshop for Parents Page 4: ~ Let’s go to CNY Market ~ Tribe Fitness Challenge Page 5: ~ FOBISIA Maths 2019 ~ Eco Matters Page 6: ~ Award-winning Award Taiwanese Author Wang We Wen Hua Visited EPC ~ Fairy Tale ~ Year 6 Mystery Trip – The Adventures of Jiantanshan

Thank you BPPTA for organising the Chinese New Year Bake Sale!






02-10 Feb

- Chinese New Year Holiday

11-15 Feb

- No ECAs

(Tue) 12 Feb

- Year 6 Transition – students meet Headteacher of BSHS, 2:30-3pm 3pm

(Thu) 21 Feb

- Year 6 Trip to Tamsui Fort and Tamkang Maritime Museum - Workshop for Parents – Helping Your Children in Maths, 1:45-2:45pm, 2:45pm, EPC Amphitheatre

(Thu) 28 Feb

- Peace Memorial Day (Public Holiday- no school)

(Fri) 01 Mar

- EPC Carnivale (KS1) in the morning

For more details of the school online calendar, calendar please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%2525252525253D0 ndex.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%2525252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-2019 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018 Academic Calendar 2019-2020: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2019-2020 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2019

Gruffalo Illustrator Comes to TES by Ms Emma Crofts On Friday 15th February, award winning illustrator Axel Scheffler will be visiting the EPC. We are excited to be able to offer Year 2 students the opportunity to meet him. From 11.30-12.00 there will be a book signing in the library. Due to what we anticipate will be a very busy session, please only bring one book per child for signing. We would like to extend our thanks to the German Section who are sponsoring this event.




Let’s go to CNY Market by Ms Yun-Yeh Tsai

Chinese New Year market is a type of fair held annually a few days before Lunar New Year in Taiwan. When all streets and lanes are decorated with vibrant red lanterns and colorful lights, li the Lunar New Year is approaching. The famous one is “Di-Hua “Di Street”. The Chinese team would like to invite our students to know more Chinese culture, all the teachers arrange a stall to let students experience it. We had Chinese calligraphy, creative red envelopes, chopsticks games, traditional Chinese toys, bubble tea and winter melon tea etc. All the students enjoyed it and said they look forward to the next year! On behalf of the Chinese team, we wish you good fortune on the Chinese New Year. Hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. Please scan QR code for the CNY Market video.

TRIBE FITNESS FEBRUARY CHALLENGE CLICK HERE: http://gg.gg/FEBRUARY_CHALLENGE How to jump rope: http://gg.gg/jump_rope How to plank: http://gg.gg/how_to_plank How to burpee you may decide to stick with the beginnerversion: http://gg.gg/Burpees4beginners How to do a squat: http://gg.gg/squat





FOBISIA Maths 2019 Mr Dean Kirt This year the FOBISIA Maths competition was hosted by the International School of Brunei. The Team, consisting of Kate B6.1, Caylah B6.3, Ethan B6.3 and Louis B6.4, accompanied by Mr Kirt and Mrs Preston, left school at lunchtime on Thursday th 24 January to make their way to the airport. After arriving in Brunei the children were welcomed by the host school with a pre-competition competition celebration dinner. It was a great chance to meet their fellow teams from 28 other schools all across Asia.

The second day of the competition started with wit a set of individual challenges. After this there was much more noise and activity as the children went back into their teams to complete a practical activity that involved designing the perfect parachute from only the most limited of materials.

On a hot sunny morning the competition itself got started with an exciting 3 part jungle and d garden Maths trail. The children displayed great teamwork to finish the trail successfully, achieving good marks and in good time. The team then competed in three different team challenges over the course of the rest of the day. The day ended with fascinating inating boat trip along the inland waterways of Brunei and we were very lucky to spot the rare Proboscis Monkey during the journey. This was followed by a visit to the Eco park and some fun night time biking!

All our children had a great experience and they competed really th well in every activity. The team placed 9 overall out of 29 th teams and Ethan placed 6 in the individual ranking out of 116 children! Well done and congratulations to Kate, Caylah, Ethan and Louis on a fantastic competition.

Eco Matters by Mr Graig Gamble

The Green Team would likee to remind of you their current projects and to ask for your help. As part of the the whole school Green Flag award the BPS Green Team are looking at ways to reduce the amount of litter on the playgrounds. The children are using an app called LITTERATI to map where litter is found around the campus and are creating posters to encourage the children to put their litter in the bins. The Green Team would like your help to reduce litter by asking you to send in snacks that are wrapper free whenever possible, fresh resh fruit is a great example.

The Green Team are Dedicated to

Finally the Green Team would like to ask parents to make sure that when they are parked outside school schoo to switch off their engines rather than leaving tham idling. This has a number of benefits such as: Making the air healthier by cutting down on hazardous pollution.

Helping the environment. environment For every 10 minutes your engine is off, you'll prevent one pound nd of carbon dioxide from being released (carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming). Keep money in your wallet and save fuel. An idling car uses between 1/5 to 7/10 of a gallon of fuel an hour.

Source EDF.org

The Green Team are also continuing to collect plastic bottle tops for our Eco Mural and we would like to remind you to continue to send these into school, all sizes, shapes and colours were welcomed – as long as they have rinsed please.




Award-winning winning Taiwanese Author Wang Wen Hua visited EPC by Ms Angela Chang

On 28th of January our Year 3 to 6 Chinese learners were treated to fantastic storytelling sessions by the award-winning winning children’s literature author Mr. Wang Wen Hua! Mr. Wang Wen Hua is a very popular children’s literature author who wh has published over 200 books in Taiwan! We are fortunate enough to have Mr. Wang come all the way from Nantou to tell stories to us. No matter they are stories from his own books or classic stories like Journey to the West, Mr. Wang presented them so welll that everyone wants to read his books and left the library with satisfied smiles on their faces. In the afternoon, Mr. Wang shared his insights on raising and teaching cellphone generation kids with parents. We were very privileged to have Mr. Wang visit, isit, and we look forward to hosting him again in the future.

Fairy Tale Mr Sean Monks On Friday, the magical children of Year 1 came to school dressed as their favorite Fairy Tale character. This day was to celebrate the start of our new topic on Fairy Tales that th will culminate in the hotly anticipated Year 1 Show. The children had a wonderful time making their own swords, potions and castles whilst describing their brilliant costumes and why they had chosen to go as that character. Throughout the topic, the children ldren will be learning about different features of Fairy Tales, recognising the problems the characters face and how they overcome them. We will also be looking at the different settings that we find in these stories and using this information to write our own, descriptive and exciting fairy tales! Thank you to all the parents who helped their child to get dressed up. A great day was had by all!

Year 6 Mystery – The Adventures of Jiantanshan by Thomas (B6.3) & Elisha (B6.4) On the very last day of January the year six students took part on a hike up the well known Jiantanshan trail. All of this hiking was done for the topic of ‘Adventurous Mind and Spirit’ and the whole year group enjoyed the varieties of views, history and meanings behind every building and structure and thinking about how explorers discovered new places. Although tiring, ring, Year 6 sure had a fun time and everybody enjoyed themselves! Along the way, we would sketch out some of our favourite places such as: The Observatory, the view of the top and the steep and windy road on the way to the top. We all had quick snacks and d lunch then we continued hiking Jiantanshan. We had 4 stops to go to the first one was snack which was a religious buddhist place. The second stop was the observatory where we had another rest before hiking again. The third stop was a view where we could see Songshan airport. Last but not least the fourth stop, where we had lunch and we had an AMAZING view!! We could see so many places from the top of the mountain such as: our school, The Grand Hotel and The Judges Academy!

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BPS Newsletter 2018-19 Issue 22  

BPS Newsletter 2018-19 Issue 22