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07 December 2018


Christmas is doing a little for someone by Mr Duncan Millward This week we have been continuing the run-up up to the Christmas break with more festive activities. On Wednesday afternoon, Year 7 students from the Spanish programme at ESC came to sing a selection of songs in the library. Many classes from across sections came to watch, and we even had the opportunity to join in the singing and dancing. It was so lovely to see some familiar faces that left us last year returning with new learning and glad to be at EPC again! Today though has brought to life the saying "tis the season to be jolly"! At our infant and junior assemblies this morning, all classes gave their decorated boxes containing all of the red envelope donations to the tree in our annual Reverse Christmas Tree event. This is an opportunity for us all to remember those that are less fortunate than us at Christmas, and that it is a time for us to give. Mr Corne Coetzee has been working with the Student Council here at Primary to link with the ESC Tabitha project in Cambodia. Last year we were able to help three families. These were families consisting of a mum, a dad, and 3 children. That means we provided 9 children with a roof over their heads. Many people in Cambodia bodia can't even afford basic housing, and when there are floods they have nowhere to go. Funds donated by TES will go directly towards the ESC Tabitha project. The amount of money we donate will allow us to buy resources and materials for building houses for these disadvantaged families. Students who had donated had the opportunity to wear Christmas coloured clothes today, so it felt very festive. This was enhanced with the PTA Bake Sale that sold all sorts of treats today. Thanks to all of the parents th that contributed items or who spent their time today manning the stall.


Cover Story: ~ Christmas is doing a little for someone Page 2: ~ Upcoming Events Page 3: ~Year 5 Show Page 4: ~ Year 4 and the Trade of Tea in Talk ~ Making Dumplings ~ EPC and ESC Vertical Articulation Activity Page 5: ~ Bebras UK Computational Thinking Challenge Results ~ ECCT Luncheon ~ Happy birthday Saint Nicholas



(Wed) 12 Dec

-Year 4 Trip to Lu Guang Nong Yuan - tea farm

(Thu) 13 Dec

- Parent-Teacher Teacher Meeting (No school, no ECAs)

(Fri) 14 Dec

-DaAn DaAn Park Christmas Concert -Foundation Foundation Stage Christmas Show, 10:15 10:15-11:15, EPC Amphitheatre

(Mon) 17 Dec

-Year Year 6 go to Xin Chiao Fu Bowling Centre - Parent-Teacher Teacher Meeting (CLC only)

(Wed) 19 Dec

- Year 1 and 2 Christmas Singalong, 11am 11am-12noon, Infant Astroturf

20 Dec -6 Jan

- Christmas Break (no school)

(Mon) 07 Jan

- School restart

(Tue) 15 Jan

-Year Year 6 Trip to Shimen Dam

For more details of the school online calendar, calendar please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%2525252525252527A%2525252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018-2019 http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018




Write your Story, Year 5 Show by Ms Jeni Wong What a great way to wrap up the integrated topic of 'Space', than showcase some narrative writing and play scripts with a year group performance. The children worked hard in their English lessons writing the scripts from the settings- characters- plot and ending. Everything was created by the Year 5 children- especially the humour! They then had to bring their script to light using dramatic and public speaking skills. Who would've thought we could have a created the one and only original Captain French Friess in two mirror universes with so many different scenarios. Without a doubt, the children produced produce an amazing show and deserve huge applause. We would also like to thank all those who assisted with the 'behind the stage' support with costumes, prop making, singing and technology. 'High Five!' to Year 5.





Year 4 and the Trade of Tea in Talk by Mr Michael Norris Today, we were very pleased to have a guest speaker, Mr. Julian Liu in to share with children various aspects of the tea trade in Taiwan. This fits perfectly with our current topic, Fair Trade. Julian shared with us information about major tea growing areass in Taiwan and what teatea types are suited to which locations on the island. Children learned about the tea making process and the classification of tea. He then moved onto the important topic of who tea farmers in Taiwan sell their tea to and what the benefits fits and risks are for small farmers. This is relevant to the issue of how small-scale scale farmers are potentially vulnerable regarding the price they get for their product. Luckily, in Taiwan there is a strong Tea Farmers’ Association that protects farmers from fr getting an unfair price for their tea.

Making Dumplings by Ms Yun-Yeh Tsai Every year we’ve designed some topics for different Chinese as Foreign Language group’s students to experience Taiwanese Culture. Last year, we did bubble tea, fried rice and tang yaun. This year we start by making dumplings! The filling is made of tofu, cabbage and green bean thread noodle. Students were very happy and they said the hardest part was wa folding the skin. Dip too much or too little ittle water and they could not fold the skin properly. erly. The filling might came out or the skin will become too sticky. Chinese dumplings can be made to look like Chinese silver ingots (which are not bars, but boat-shaped, shaped, oval, and turned up at the two ends). Legend has it that the more dumplings you eat during the New Year celebrations, the more money you can make in the New Year.

EPC & ESC Chinese Vertical Articulation Activity by Ms Yun-Yeh Tsai After our school’s Christmas Bazaar, we also have one Chinese Christmas Bazaar on 30 November to give Chinese as Foreign Language group’s students more opportunity to use Chinese in daily life. This his year, Year 6 students invited Year 7 students to come tto EPC and joined all the activities. Students can only use Chinese to explain the rules of the games and the ingredients of the food. We all had a great time! After Year 6, Year 7 did storytelling to Year 3 students. The story is “ ” (Really want to eat at the durian) which is wr written by the Taiwanese famous author, Hsu-Kuan, Kuan, Liu. Year 7 students used use the simple phrases with vivid performing to deliver the story to Year 3. Year 3 students really enjoyed the story time and could answer the questions question afterward!


Thanks everyone for supporting these activities and Merry Christmas!




BEBRAS UK Computational Thinking Challenge Results by Mr Dipak Mondal The BEBRAS challenges are made of a set of problems called BEBRAS tasks and delivered online. The tasks are fun, engaging and based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy njoy solving using logical thinking. During the second week of November 2018, all Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children participated in the UK BEBRAS Event. UK BEBRAS not only emphasises participation but also recognises top performing students. Students in each age group received Certificate of Participation, Merit, Distinction, Best in School and also earned individual 'Duke of York' BEBRAS iDEA badge. BPS Year 4 and Year 5 children average score is 87.77 against international school's 76.97% and schools in the UK 75%. BPS Year 6 children average scored 79.75 against international school's 71.85 and schools in the UK 66.84%. Year 4 and Year 5 form the category known as 'Castors' and the best st in school from this category is Henry Chien from 5.1 class who scored 100%. Year 6 is part of 'Juniors' category and Emily Li from 6.1 became the best in school with a score of 137. 20 high scorers from Y6 are invited to enter the prestigious TCS Oxford Computing Challenge starting March 2019. We wish them all the best as they prepare for the next round.

ECCT Luncheon by Ms Edith Kao On 7 Dec, our Jazz band musicians and Upper Choir singers have been invited to perform at ECCT Luncheon at Palai De Chine Hotel, Taipei. The program consists some of the most rousing and recognizable tunes in the repertoire such as "Jazzy Merry Christmas", "Do You Want to Build a Snowman", and "Hot Chocolate" from the Christmas musical "Polar Express". With "HO, HO, HO!" Santa's greetings, our young musicians enjoyed their festive feeling with Christmas cheers.

Happy Birthday Saint Nicholas Last Saturday the Dutch section celebrated the birthday of Saint Nicholas, to us known as “Sinterklaas�. It is a yearly tradition in the Netherlands and Belgium that comes with a lot of joy, presents pre and candy. The Dutch and Belgium elgium communities gathered in Tienmu Ti for a happy celebration with activities and a visit to Saint Nicholas. We were happy to see many familiar faces, and also quite a few new ones. Luckily our students had been sweet this year and they all went home with a gift. What a great day it was!

by Dutch School Taipei

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2018-19 BPS Newsletter Issue 16  

2018-19 BPS Newsletter Issue 16