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26 October 2018


International Day by Mr Phil Doyle As many of you will know, on Tuesday, the British, French and German Primary ary Sections celebrated International Day. This was a day for children to dress up in the traditional clothes from the country they identify the most with and to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures that are represented at TES. The day began with a Gathering thering of Nations where over 50 nations were celebrated with cheers and waving flags! The Gathering finished with a lively dance led by Jill and Sabrina and the TES student dancers. The British Section continued with a day of International Day activities activitie which consisted of children exploring the foods from many different countries in the Food Festival. Many thanks to the parent volunteers who contributed so many tasty dishes and the parents who joined us at school to celebrate their culture. In the classrooms ssrooms the children prepared creative cultural activities to be shared with their school friends from other year groups. In the afternoon, children enjoyed a sing-a-long long in the amphitheatre, amph and some traditional dancing in their year groups. The children n enjoyed a positive experience sharing their culture, food and language with their friends and teachers.


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(Tue) 30 Oct

- Year 2 Trip to Bopiliao Historical Street (B2.2/2.3) -BPS Parent-School School Partnership Meeting

(Wed) 31 Oct

up day) - EPC Halloween (dress-up - Year 2 Trip to Bopiliao Historical Street (B2.1/2.4) - Year 4 Show, 1:50pm-2:50pm, 2:50pm, Amphitheatre

(Thu) 1 Nov

- Year 1 Trip to Taiwan Toy Museum - Year 4 Trip to Supermarkets (B4.1/ B4.2)

1-2 Nov

- Year 4 Camp Taiwan (B4.3/ B4.4)

5-6 Nov

- Year 4 Camp Taiwan (B4.1/ B4.2)

(Tue) 6 Nov

- Year 4 Trip to Supermarkets (B4.3/B4.4)

(Wed) 7 Nov

- Year 3 Trip to Toucheng Leisure Farm (B3.1/ B3.4) -EPC Eco-School Global bal Action Day

(Thu) 8 Nov

- Year 3 Trip to Toucheng Leisure Farm (B3.2/ B3.3)

(Fri) 9 Nov

- Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

For more details of the school online calendar, calendar please click the link below: https://taipeieuropeanschool.com/index.php?id=277&L=2%252525 2525252527A%2525252525253D0 The following is the link for the printable calendar: Academic Calendar 2018-2019: http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018http://gg.gg/AcademicCalendar2018 2019








EPC Library Welcomes Rakugo Performer by Ms Emma Crofts

On Monday 22nd October students were treated to an incredible performance by Mr. Tatekawa Shinoharu, a Rakugo storyteller from Japan. The library served as the venue ven for his performances with over 190 students in attendance for each session. Students and teachers were left with smiles all round as they heard four traditional stories including ‘The Zoo’ and ‘Tenshiki’. The library was rocked with laughter from start to finish. Rakugo is a 400 year old comedic verbal artform; literally meaning a story with a punchline. Mr. Tatekawa began by talking about what Rakugo akugo is, how the stories are told, what props are used, and a little bit of the history behind it. Our students stud had never heard Rakugo stories before so there were lots of questions asked in the Q&A portion of the event. We were very privileged to have Mr. Tatekawa visit, and we look forward to hosting him again in the future.

Supporting Young Children’s Learning and Development Developme by Mrs Clare Doyle We have been fortunate to work with Jan Dubiel, the International Director of Early Excellence, over the past three days. Teachers from Nursery and Reception, as well as the Curriculum Leaders from Year 1 and 2, have been working with wit Jan on ‘Developing the Learning Environment in Early Years’ and ‘Developing and Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Early Years’. This afternoon, parents were invited to a session focusing on ‘Supporting Young Children’s Learning and Development’. The Th session introduced parents to the concept of ‘The Otherness of Early Childhood Education’ and what research tells us is important in the Early Years for long term development and later success in life.

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BPS Newsletter Issue 10  

BPS Newsletter Issue 10