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5 main religions

The Worlds 5 Religion

In this magazine we will be talking about the different religions and what all happened in the religions. The religions will be talking about Israel, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity

By: Logan Gillings, Mark Gilyard, Tim Cudworth


1 Israel 2.Islam 3.Buddhism 4.Hinduism 5.Christianity

The history of the Jew goes back almost 200 years ago in the 586BCE. The landscape is very from other counties. They have very strong beliefs and they love their God. They spend hours practicing their religion and what they believe in. This is one of the oldest religions with 14 million believers. The holy land of the Jews. The founder and/or leaders and their roles within the religion. The founder is Abraham and he was the first to preach the religion. The Time period the religion was founded. The oldest text of the religion is dated back to 586 BCE. The story of the formation of the religion. Abraham talk about gads will and what god wants to. In summary the holy land of the Jews. The founder was Abraham. Abraham talk about god will and wanted god wants. The landscape of Israel. Physical layout of the region. After the World War 2 they inherited Israel a dry area the barley had trees, but they turned it into a Jewish paradise. The numbers of believers. There are 14 million believers in Israel. Where do live now and during the formation of the religion? Back then the religion started from Israel, seyia, Jordan, Lebanon. Now they mostly practice Judaism in Israel. In short Israel is a very reliThis picture is of the star of David and gious place, which is a desert. the Menorah. The Jews beliefs. The role of god in Judaism. To know everything and to help his believers through rough times. The people Roles. They are Rabbis, Rebbes, poschs and Hazzans and they are on holy people. The relationship between the believers and god. Jews are real close to their god and pray to him at least once a day. To repeat the Jews are strong believers of their god. How the Jews practice their beliefs? They place where the Jews worship. The Jews to the synagogue, Mirvoh, or sukkan to pray. The Jewish titles and roles of the religious leaders. Rabbis and Rabbes preach Gods will and his beliefs for the people. The use of prayer and the holy days. On Hanukkah and Tu B’ shout they would use pray like shema, Aden, olam, and anidah. To sum things up the Jews practice their faith ever day. The religion started in 586BCE by Abraham. Israel is a desert that the Jews have improve with hard to make it the holy land. The religion is Judaism and they beliefs in the Religion is really strong they pray every day the religion. They the Religion on every Saturday.

Allah the god of Islam is the one who knows all. The Founder of or leader of Islam their roles within the religion is Muhammad. The angel from Heaven named Gabriel that told Muhammad the will of god. The Time Period was Islam was founded. Islam was founded in 627A.D. The formation of Islam. When Muhammad was 40 when he talks to Gabriel, He was on top of a hill then the angel Gabriel came down and gives him the teaching of Allah. The landscape of Mecca, Their holy city is mostly desert and over populated. Physical layout of the Mecca is Mecca is mostly desert with no trees. Numbers of believers in Mecca. With 1.8 billion believers, Islam is the second largest religion. What did the believers live during the formation of the religion, where do they live now. When the started the believers lived in the Middle East. Now the believers worldwide. How Muslins believe in Islam. Role of god in the Islam religion. To know all and help its believers when they live in hard times. Role of the in Individual Islam. To believe in Allah and pray to Allah many times a day. The relationship between the believers and God. Allah believers have a strong relationship with Allah. The place where people practice their religion in Islam. The place where the people worship Islam. The place were they worship is called a Mosque. The Mosque is the Main place of worship for all Muslims. The titles and roles of the Islam leaders they have don’t have role. They just pray to Allah. The use of Prayer and meditation and holy days. They mostly pray a lot every day. Their holy days are Al-Hijra a Muslim new year, Ashura marks two historical. Eid ul  Adha Is festival of sacrifice remembers the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.Eid ul is a festival comes at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Muslims thank Allah for the strength he gave them to help them practice self-control. Allah is the god of Islam that knows all. The landscape of Mecca, their holy city in there it’s a dry land. They have many believers. Muslims believe all of the believers worship in certain place. Islam is a very religious religion.

This picture of a Rituals of the Hajj (pilgrimage) include walking seven times around the Kaaba in Mecca.

Buddhism is a peaceful religion that believes in no god. Buddhism doesn’t pray they meditate. In Buddhism they believe meditating. In Buddhism they believe meditating make people be in the present. Buddhism was one of first religion that didn’t believe in a god. Buddhist doesn’t believe in god because there is no evidence. Buddhism don’t really have role. They only have monks. Buddhism is really easy religion to understand. Buddhism came to be during a spiritual experience by Siddhartha, better known as Buddha. The founder and/ or leader and their role within the religion. The Siddhartha Gautama better known as Buddha was meditating under a sacred fig tree and after many days of meditating he reach the god. The Time period the religion was founded; Around 490 BCE Buddhism came to be religion. The story of the formation of the religion, Buddha wanted to find peace so he wants days without eating and he set under a scored tree and after many days he found peace. Buddhism is old religion and the first religion with no god. Nepal is the land of many different climates. Physical layout of Nepal, Nepal has 3 main regions that are a hilly, part a mountain part, and a plain part. The numbers of believers in Nepal, More than 53% of Buddhism lives in Nepal. Where did the believers live during the formation of the religion? Where do they live none? They mostly lived in Asia when this region was formed, now they still live Asia. Nepal is a really religious place for Buddhist. The believers believe strong in Buddhism. Buddhist Role of god. Buddhism doesn’t have a god and don’t believe in god. Bud- Here is a temple where monks would live dhism Role at the individual. The role of the individual for Buddhism is the monks. The relationship between the believers in Buddhism. They usually just meditate. The Buddhist is really strong believer in Buddhism. The place where Buddhists practice their religion. The Place of worship, the Buddhist doesn’t worship. They mostly meditate in the Monastery temples. The tiles and roles of the religious leaders. The Buddhist has Monks. The use of prayer and Meditation and holy days. They meditate. The Buddhist new year, Vesak, Magna puja Day, They don’t worship God they mostly meditate.

The Canterbury Cathedral is probably among the most famous church edifices in the world, partly because of its famous archbishops including St. Augustine, Thomas Cranmer, and Thomas Becket, the last of which was murdered in it in 1170 AD. The Canterbury Cathedral is a Roman church when it was given to St. Augustine by the local King Ethelbert about 600 AD.

Hinduism is the oldest religion. How did it all start and survive all these years? We really don’t know. Why do people continue to practice this religion? In order to understand Hinduism is to go into the history, geography, beliefs and practices. The history of the oldest religion is Hinduism. The founder and/or leaders of Hinduism and what their role within the religion. There is no original founder for this religion. Time period Hinduism was founded. Hinduism dates back to 5500-2600 BCE. The story of the formation of Hinduism. The story of the formation of Hinduism. One knows how this religion came to be but said it started in Pakistan. The religion is the oldest and it to understand it origin you have to the Hindu’s book in their religion. What Hindus consider their holy land, it is India. Physical layout of India. When entering India it’s mostly plateaus, but when you go in the center of the country then it turns to desert. The numbers of believers in India. For the world third longest religion with 18% of the world population believing it, in India there are 827,578,868 believers. Where did the believers live in during the formation of the religion and where do the live? When the religion first started most of its believers lived in the south Asia. Now around 800 million of the religion believers live in the south Asia right now. Hinduism has a lot of believers around the world. How the Hindus believe in the heir religion? The Role of god. Hinduism believes in many gods. Hinduism god is their universal god named Brahman is every god the Hindus religion. The role of the individual. Their no person who preaches the religion, they all pray many times a day. The relationship between the believers and god. They pray and worship everything since everything has a god. They believe in tons of gods. They believe is the god everything. They Here is a picture of have a great relationship with every god they have. one of the Hindu How the Hindus practice their religion? Place Hinduisms place of worship is of home by a shrine, called a puja. Titles and roles of the religions. There are many titles and the roles of the religions leaders in Hinduism. The use of prayer and meditation. Holy days/celebration of Hinduism. Hindu’s use of prayer is big part of their religion. The four days of Hinduism are bonja cloth, Dhom tyras, Delpaual Minot, and depovoil mojor. The Hindus have a really strong belief on this religion.

Christianity, how it came to be the world’s biggest religion? It started because Jesus Christ preached about his thoughts and what he believed in. people continue to practice this religion because it is a very popular religion. Christianity is popular because many believe that it is the truth and the idea of everlasting happiness brings comfort love. In order to understand Christianity is to go into the history, biography, beliefs and practices. Who founded this religion and when it started? The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Christianity was founded in 20 A.D after the crucifixion of Jesus. The story of how this religion started is the Jesus kept preaching about his thoughts and the Jews didn’t like that so they arrested him, he got convicted, and then they crucified him. Then he died and two days after he died he rose from the dead and told his followers not to get angry. Jerusalem, the holy land of the most knew religion, Christianity. The physical layout of Jerusalem is mostly desert are with a huge plateau to the south. As the world’s largest religion, there are 2.1 billion believers. The believers mostly lived in Europe and the middle east when the formation of this religion. There are a strong number of believers that still in them countries and around 1 billion live in America. How Christians believe in their God. The role of God is to know all and to love everyone equally. Christianity role of individual is to believe in God and pray to him and to love him. The Christians relationship with god is very strong. How do Christians practice their religion? The Christians place of worship is called a church. Some of the religious leaders are called priest and nuns. For Christianity they have many different types of prayers the use witch all come from the Bible. That how christianly started. Jerusalem, Christian’s holy city is mostly desert. They beliefs are that there are 1 God that knows all and the pray to him whenever they want. The religion Here is a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. strong believers live by it teaching and love their God.


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