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This magazine is an informant about world religions  that are the major five. There are two non religious  advertisements in this magazine. Anything  inappropriately perceived cannot be caused by this  magazine. Only the person that got that sort of idea  would think about it so it would be their fault.

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What are some facts we know about Islam? So far we know that it is the youngest of three monotheistic religions. We also know that it was revealed in Arabic over 1400 years ago in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was founded by a man named Muhammad. We know that followers are known as Muslims. Also the name of their god is Allah. Allah is the one and only god. Islam has a hand written text know as the Qur’an. Mecca is a city in the country of Saudi Arabia. It is found in the Middle East. Mecca is known as the holy city to some people. To others it is a terrorist area. This is because of it is located near Iran and Iraq. Mecca is 910 feet above sea level. Originally all Muslims were living in Mecca. And now Muslims are everywhere. There are 1.5 billion Muslims all around the world. Islam was founded by Muhammad. It was revealed to him in Arabic 1400 years ago. The religious leader is known as a hafiz. Their role is to teach the Qur’an orally. The story behind Islam is when Muhammad was forty the angel Gabriel visited him with a revelation. After teaching it to others he had other revelations. Later after his death his words were written into the Qur’an. There are no copies to buy. The beliefs of Islam are that there is only one god. The one true god is known as Allah. Prayer is done throughout the day five times a day. This is done at the home or at a mosque. The role of Allah is just to be the one true god. The role of a Muslim is to follow the five pillars. The relationship between Muslims and god are that they speak to each other through the lessons taught by Muhammad. This is as much as we know today. Practices and holidays of Islam include Ramadan. Ramadan is a holiday of fasting, meaning during daylight Muslims will not eat and at night they will eat with their families. This goes on for a month. Meditation is not involved in this religion for no particular reason. The roles of religious leaders are simple. They are supposed to speak with god. They tell other Muslims how to live their lives. These are some of their jobs as religious leaders. What are the things we have learned about Islam? We learned that Judaism is its root of monotheism. We learned something about the Islamic text. We know that to get a copy we would have to write it ourselves. We also know that religious leaders are supposed to communicate with god for us. Islam is the third and final monotheistic religion. Also Muhammad is the final prophet. So there are no more prophets or monotheistic religions.


Judaism What is Judaism? Judaism is the first monotheistic religion. It was the  first religion that believed in one god. Judaism is the root of all other  monotheistic religions. An example would be Christianity. Judaism has several  sects that have a special role in the community. The geography of the religion’s  origin is in the Middle East. Judaism originated in the Middle East. It was founded by Abraham.  Judaism was founded over 4000 years ago. Judaism is a covenant relationship  between god and the Hebrew people. Judaism is a celebration and sanctification  of life. There are 14 million followers of Judaism. Originally they lived in the  Middle East. Now they live all around the world in other countries. Abraham founded Judaism from his belief that there is one god. He  destroyed his father’s business of selling idols to people. When people were  enslaved in Egypt and freed by Moses 3300 years ago, they were delivered to the  “promised land.” This was more of a Hebrew monarchy. This means that what  was part of the religion was followed. Judaism is now a 4000 year old religion.  Religious leaders or Rabbi are supposed to lead followers through their worship  with the reading of the torah. This is part of service. 2

Judaism continued The worship in Judaism begins with reading of the torah. The torah is made  of the first five books of the Old Testament. The rabbi, as previously stated is supposed  to lead followers through starting with the reading of the torah. The role of individuals  depends on what type of sect they are in. Sects are meant to be similar to “jobs” in a  way. Everyone in the adult community has a role. Some are mystical roles some are  not. Then children are brought into adulthood and find a sect to join. Children go through a big ceremony at the age of thirteen. This is known as a  bar/bat mitzvah. This coming of age celebration, that is also a really big party is  important for people and required of everyone. The next celebration is at birth. It is  specifically for males and known as a Bris. All this is a ritual circumcision that involves  cutting off the foreskin of the penis. This is a sign of the covenant. That is all there is to  it. So what did we learn about Judaism? Aside from learning that cutting the  foreskin off the penis at birth we learned about the Bar/bat mitzvah. Also we learned  that there are several sects in the religion. We know that the torah is the law for Jewish  belief. Also we know that all food must be prepared a certain way. We know that this is  called kosher. Also we learned about how worship is carried out. Last, we know that  3 this religion is an important way of life in the Jewish faith.

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What is Buddhism? Buddhism is the story of one man’s path to enlightenment. It shows as a way of life. There is no god in this religion. This religion was founded in Nepal. It tells the life story of Siddhartha Gautama, who was born in 500BCE. Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha and is now a 2,500 year old religion. This religion is not centered on a relationship between god and humanity. Nothing is fixed or permanent change is inevitable. The path to enlightenment is through the development of morality, meditation, and wisdom. Karma means all action and thought will positivelynegatively affect you in the future. Ways that Buddhists worship are different from many religions. For example they can worship at home or at temple. The worship will include chanting, mantra, music and meditation. Meditation is like a temporary escape from the world. Meditation is open to anyone and everyone. No one is required to become Buddhist because Buddhism is more of a way of life than a religion. Buddhists do not judge or tell people how to live their life. Nepal has very mountainous sections of hills and it is south of china and north of India. Buddhism has 376 followers all around the world. During the formation of the religion, the followers had lived in Nepal. Nepal has 14 different zones which are Mahakali, Seti, Karnali, Bheri, Rapti, Dhawalagiri, Lumbini, Gandaki, Narayani, Bagmati, Janakpur, Sagarmatha, Kosi, and Mechi. The townspeople live in huts. The flag has the sun and the moon on it. The people live on mountains because mountains cover the whole state. They have a lot of festivals, so it looks kind of fun there. Buddhism was founded over two-thousand and five hundred years ago. It is based off the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. Also, it tells his life story of his path to enlightenment. His teachings include the eightfold path to enlightenment. They include the right of view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Then there are the four noble truths. These include the truth to about suffering and how to end it. Buddhism is the story of one man’s path to enlightenment. It shows as a way of life. This religion is not centered on a relationship between god and humanity. Nothing is fixed or permanent change is inevitable. Ways that Buddhists worship are different from many religions. For example, they can worship at home or at temple. Nepal has very mountainous sections of hills and it is south of china and north of India. 5 Buddhism has 376 followers all around the world.

Hinduism Many people started to believe in multiple gods, so there is no founder of Hinduism. The leaders are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma’s role is  creating the universe. Vishnu’s role is preserving the universe. Shiva’s role is destroying the universe. Hinduism was founded in 3000 BCE. In 1000 BCE, Aryans  migrated into India. It is also mixed with native peoples. Indus valley only has 5 cities. It is not mountainous at all. The 6 cities are Taxila, Rupar, Lothal, Kalibangan, Harappa, and Mohenjo‐Daro. Most of Indus  valley has a lot of vegetation. The part that has no vegetation looks like a Mayan ruin. There are 1.1 million Hindus in the u.s, but there are 837 million  followers around the world. The followers lived in Indus valley during the creation of the religion. The live and around the world now. The Hindus believe in more than one god. The gods that they believe in are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma’s role is creating the universe.  Vishnu’s role is preserving the universe. Shiva’s role is destroying the universe. There are 4 different kinds of yoga that the believers do. They are called Yoga, 

Jnana, Raja, and Bhakti. Karma Yoga is the path of work, Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge, Raja Yoga is the path of physical & mental  discipline, and Bhakti Yoga is the path of love. The place of worship is the Akshardham Temple in Delhi. The 4 ranks of this religion are the priests (Brahmins), the warriors, nobles (the  Kshatriyas), the merchants, artisans (Vaisya), and Unskilled workers, peasants (Sudra). The Hindus use yoga for meditation. There are no holy  days in the Hinduism religion.


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