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Jewish Religion The Jewish Religion has many different interesting facts. The Jewish Religion was founded during the Bronze Age. The  Bronze Age is the period in the society when there was advance metalworking. In total there are 13.2 million Jews in the world.  37% of Jews live in Israel the top country that has the highest population is the US. The roles of the individual are to seek and  bring dollies in every aspect of their life. Jews worship in a temple called a synagogue. A synagogue is a house of assembly. A  religion in the Bronze Age is now 132 million strong. They pray in a synagogue to improve roles of the individual.  The Middle East is where Judaism was started. Abraham was the prophet and began to belief of monotheistic. A  prophet is someone that can see in the future and talk to god and carried out his beliefs. Another interesting fact is that it takes  place in a sunny day place. In Israel there are churches that and big and made of stone. The country is a historic place where  Judaism began. The role of god in Judaism was important in the Torah. Jew believed God appointed the Jews to be the chosen  people. Torah is the holiest book of the Jews that has rules and rituals. Consequently, the Jewish religion is based around the  belief of one god by a sunny place.  The Middle East is where Judaism was created and started. One good example is Abraham. He was a prophet and  began the belief of monotheism. A prophet is someone that can see in the future and talk to God and carries his beliefs out.  Another important fact is the Jewish religion was founded during the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age is the period when there was  metal working. Lastly, the formation of the religion started with mosses, he was a prophet who the Jews from Egypt to the holy  land. He created the 10 commandants for their religion. The Jews believed he parted the Red Sea with God’s power. Come a  long way, from Abraham with his idea of one God, the liberation of Moses in Egypt. The Jews have lived long and will always live  long.   The people live in a desert like area. First of all the geography is sunny and takes place in Israel. There are big buildings where Jews worship. The country is in a historic place where Judaism began. Secondly, the total population is 13.2 million Jews  in the world. 37% of Jews live in Israel the top country that has the highest point of population in the US. Next, the Middle East  is a hot desert where it is sunny. The Middle East is where the religion was created. Therefore the people lived in a desert like  area. They worshipped at synagogues that were built. The Jews crossed the Red Sea.   The role of God in Judaism was important in the torah. The first fact is Jews believed that god appointed Abraham was  the prophet. A prophet is where god speaks through the individuals and delivered in a way like the Torah. Torah is like the Holy  Bible of Judaism Lastly, the Jews have a covenant relationship with god and invoice version. They seek holiness in various  aspects of life by helping God’s law. The Jewish believed that there is one god and they followed god’s law to the highest of all  possibilities. Judaism is just like every religion and that their believers believed in one god and to live as high as Morales life as  possible.    Jewish people worship in a synagogue. Jewish people pray in a synagogue by bowing down and pray. Jewish people  read from a transcript to practice their religion. Second of all religious leaders preach to the people. The religious leaders  usually do this in a synagogue. Adding to those, Jewish people wear hats to show they are humble to god. Jewish people  celebrate Passover. Passover is when death kills the first child born. But goat’s blood on the door would pass death. Thus  concludes Jews worship many ways. Jews worship Passover mainly. The Jewish people read from a transcript. The Jewish  religion has lasted a long time period. First of all, the religion was based on Moses and Abraham, the period Judaism started  during the Bronze Age. Jews came from the desert in Egypt. Secondly, the Jewish people to the promise land that was a desert.  They lived in houses that looked like carved stone. There were 13.2 million Jews around the world they lived before Jews where  in Egypt. Egypt has slaves to the pharaoh they now live around the world. And finally the role of God is important to the Jews,  God choose them to be his religious example. The Jewish role is to have a barmitzva in order to become a man. The relationship  they have with god is a covenant. A synagogue is a place of worship, mediation, and prays. Holidays are Hanukkah, Passover and Purim. Thus concludes this religion is a rich culture and a historic past.      

Islam Religion  The Islam religion was founded by Muhammad. To begin with the religion was founded more or lies in 627 AD. This religion was created in the city of Mecca, Arabia. Secondly, Saudi, Arabia is surrounded by hills and is very dusty. The city of Mecca is where thousands of Muslims come to pray to a big sacred stone. Thirdly, god is their almighty. People in Arabia pray to god. They pray to their god at a temple called a mosque. This is what this religion is based on. The founder of this religion was Abraham. First and foremost this religion began Mecca, Arabia. The religion began more or less 627 AD. Furthermore, the founder Abraham was a father to Arabia. However, the founder was either Abraham or Ishim. Finally, the religion was formed because Muhammad was considered a god. One of them two formed this religion. The creator of this religion was Muhammad. The practices of the Muslims are an interesting thing to study. One example that suggests this is the temple where Muslims worship is called a Mosque. A Mosque is a big temple with no furniture, only mats for worshipping. Furthermore, there are four titles a person can earn in the Muslim religion. One is caliph leader of the Ummah, Ayatollah is the high title that means sign of God, Mullah is someone who has study the Qurian, and last sauib and Islamic leader who is held with high regards. Most importantly, pray is used as worship for their God there are many holy days but the main ones are Al-Hijra, Ashara, and Romandan. Al-Hijra is the muslims news years day. Ashuara is a celebration of the historical of Meh Musa (Moses), Ramadan is a month event, a person will only drink water in the morning, at night they have a feast. Truly, Muslims are very interesting. The landscape is hot and sandy where Islam was created. There are millions of believers in the Islamic religion. During when the religion was created the believers lived in India. The believers live all over the world. The religion was made in a hot dusty desert and now days the believers live all over the world. The prophet was Muhammad. He played a role of god in this religion. The role of the individual was to worship and pray at the temple. Only mats serve as furniture at this temple. The relationship between god and the individual is worshipping. God is the one who controls of the events that would happen. So it is clear to see that this religion is complex. There are many uncommon words in this religion. The founder of this religion was more or less 627 AD. The landscape is hot and dusty. The practices are different. The role of god is mighty. This is what Islam is based on.

Buddhism Religion  Buddhism is structured like many other religions. One of the facts is that the Buddhist believe in no superior beings. Every other religions either a monothean belief in one god or poly theism belief in many gods. The geography of this region is a desert like area. People live in pueblo like houses. The religion started with a rich old man. This man who later named Buddha traveled 7 years looking for inner peace. He didn’t find inner peace so he sat under a tree looking for enlighten. These are all key facts of Buddhism. Buddhism has a rich history. One example that proves this is the city of Lumbini, Nepal. A man named Siddhartha Gautama was born. Siddhartha is the founder of the religion. His title is common knowledge Buddha. Also the religion Buddhism was founded in 500 BCE in Nepal. This was around 2,500 years ago. A final example is the history on how it started. Siddhartha was locked in a house because his father was scared. After he saw all the harsh things of life such as sick, death, etc. He left his family for a long time to find the meaning of life. He didn’t find it so he meditated under a tree. He finally obtained Enlightenment. This religion was founded in Nepal 2,500 years by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) who traveled a long time to find Enlightenment. The geography in Nepal is great. The physical layout of Nepal has mountains that are big. Nepal also has villages and temples. There are 346 million people that are Buddhist. The popular place for Buddhist is Nepal. People live before and after the religion were founded. Nepal is a dangerous place because of the mountains. The Buddhists believe there is no superior being. One interesting fact is that the Buddhist believes in Karma. Karma is like one good or bad thing you do in your life. A good deed or a bad deed will come back towards you again in some way you cannot control. The role of the individual is to have everything right. They live long and called eightfold path of Enlightenment. They believe there is no god. Eightfold is the path of Enlightenment. Buddhist worship at a temple. Buddhist actually meditates in the temple. People meditate for a long time. The founder of this religion was Buddha. There is no god. When people are in the temples, they meditate and real ease all of the bad feelings. Meditating is releasing to Buddha. The Buddhists are quite meditating people. Buddhism is based on Karma. The formation of this religion was brought by Siddhartha. Siddhartha went on a journey for Enlightenment. There are many mountains and high elevation of land. The religion was in Nepal. The people believe in no god. Buddhist meditates instead. The Buddhist meditates in temples. In the end karma and meditation is was this religion is based on.

Hinduism Hindu has many forms of gods. Firstly there wasn’t a founder of this religion, the religion was stared in India, and it is a combination of different religion. Secondly the geography of the religion contain mountains on the edge of the border, some of the mountains are grand like the Himalayas Mountain. The country also contains small forests, and some of the citizen’s farm for a living. Last they are not just one god there is many gods, people worship in temples or Mandir. They can also worship at home with a statue; painting etc. concluding this, Hinduism is one of the oldest living religions in the world. No one has founded the religion. First of all Hinduism has no founder person or leader, our information we found never mentions anything about leaders or who founded the religion. Next, the religion was founded around 3000 BCE, BCE stands for before Common Era, also CE stands for Common Era. Thirdly, there is no story on how Hinduism was created; the religion of Hinduism was just randomly put together. Finally, it is not known how Hinduism was created, but our information says it was created in 3000 BCE. The geography in India, were Hinduism started has mountains that are in the edge of its border. Fist, the natives that live in India live in cites called pueblos; these pueblos are tall and are close to each other. Secondly, there are 900 million believers of the religion of Hinduism; also the religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. Thirdly, before the religion even started people lived in India, now there are many believers all over the world, most in India. So the geography of India is large and many people who believe in Hinduism live there, others may live all over the world. Hinduism has many gods in its religion. First, the role of their gods were Vishnu, preserver of the universe, and Shiva the on who destroys the universe, there are many gods but they are just the different forms of one god. Next, believers of the religion worship at homes and churches because that is the role of the person, believers worship most of the times. Thirdly, the relationship between the god and the indusial is close; they show their respect by prying in temples. In conclusion, this religion has one god but has many forms. Hinduism practice is unique because of its multi god believe. To begin with, Hindus pry in temples and also homes, in temples each part of the buildings have a spiritual or symbolic relationship. In addition, there are 4 paths in the religion, Karma Yoga, Jhana Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Bhakt Yoga. Karma- path of works, Jnana- path on knowledge, Rajapath of physical and mental discipline, and last Bhak- path of love. Last of all pry’s and meditation are an important part of the religion, also there are some important holidays, meditation is when they enter a deeper part of their being, some of their holidays include Diwali, Ganesh Chtarhi, and Hanumen Jeyanti. So, Hindus pry in temples or at home, there are 4 paths in the religion, last pry and meditation is important part of the religion. . Hinduism is a religion of one god many ovations, firstly, there is no founder of the religion; it’s a combination of many other things. Secondly, India has many mountains by the boarders and little vegetation, India has little water. Lastly, the religion has one god but has different variation of the god; one of these gods is Shiva the ‘destroyer’. So, Hinduism has some of the same believes of every other religion.

Christianity Jesus is the main figure of this religion. The formation of this religion is based on the life of Jesus Christ. God is Jesus’ father, God Is believed to be the creator of the universe. Jerusalem where this all took place is a hot desert during the day and cold dry place during the night. Jesus was born in Jerusalem. Christians’ believe that Jesus was God’s son they worship in places called churches. The Christians believe that Jesus was reborn after he was killed on the cross, churches are large area where they gather to worship god. Christianity is based on the beliefs of Jesus’ life. The formation of this religion is based on the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus was believed to be placed in Mary’s while she was a virgin. It is written in the bible that God placed Jesus in Mary’s womb. No one created Christianity but it was based off the life of Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger in Judist to many who was a virgin mother, later in his life he woundered the desert with twelve disciples and was then killed on the by the Jews. Christianity was formed until after Jesus died on the cross. About 50 years after his death in 80 B.C.E. Christianity was formed after Jesus’ death and no one knows who created the religion. The Geography of the religion is very important in the believes of how Christianity was founded. The layout of Jerusalem varies from desserts to mountains. Some parts are deserts like were Jesus was born, towns were people live and small hills. There are currently many believers in the Christian churches. They are 2.1 billion people in the world that makes it the largest religion. Before this religion people lived in the Roman Empire Now there are Christians all over the world. The layout in Jerusalem is desert country long ago there were no Christianity mow there are over 2.1 billion believers around the world. Beliefs in the religion are many. God is an important thing in Christianity. His roles included are to show the light also he is a figure of the afterlife. The roles of the Christian are important to them. Basically they must follow the roles of the bible and the commandments. There is a worship relationship between God and Christians. People worship him and respect him they also see him as a powerful being. God is very important to the religion, he is the creator and many worship him.

People worship at churches. The religious leaders are called priests. Priests preach at churches to the people. The religious believers pray before meals, before church starts, and before they sleep. The believers pray to give themselves confidence. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and when he was crucified. We know these drugs as Christmas and Easter. This is the basic foundation to this religion. The time telling unit of B.C. which stands for before Christ was based off this religion. The religion was formed off the story of Jesus Christ. Who Jesus Christ is the religious person of this religion Jerusalem is the grand and starting point of this religion. There are many believers around the world who believe in god and Jesus. Christians worship at churches and prey at their homes. This is the practices in which the Christian religion is based around. Christianity is the largest religion in the world the seconded largest is Hinduism.

This was made by Daniel, Kris, And Brandon.  

This was made by Daniel, Kris, And Brandon.

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