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y p a r e h T t h Lig For Sk i n

• What is light therapy? Light therapy is use to treat seasonal affective disorder, skin rejuvenation and acne elimination usually in the fall or winter. Light therapy also help in other problems like depression and sleep disorder. Its also known as bright light therapy or phototherapy.

ye B d o o g Say to r e d r o s i d skin

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Light therapy Benefits eliminate symptoms of seasonable affective disorder Remove fine line and Wrinkles Enhance cell renewal Increase skin collagen Reduce brown spots Increases circulation and moisture

Why different colored led lights for skin therapy? • The LED Red Light skin therapy used for Skin Rejuvenation like cell renewal and minimize wrinkles. • The LED Yellow Light skin therapy used in the cosmetic treatment of burns to reduce the appearance of redness, swelling. • The LED Blue Light is used to treat kill acne.

LED lamps Benefits

LED lamp size is small and low weight. It is easily fits on a desk, table, or countertop it has an adjustable tilting stand that provides for perfect positioning and UV shield, on/off switch, Very low power consumption, no voltage adapter needed.

From where you can get LED lamp Caribbean sun is best place to buy LED lamp. Its lamp are very light weight and well constructed .They use latest LED lighting technology and give guarantee to work and money back on products.

Contact for LED product 681 Academy Drive, Northbrook, Illinois 60062 E

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Light Therapy for skin  

Light therapy is use to treat seasonal affective disorder, minimize Wrinkle and acne elimination.

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