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ProbleMs of correction agency Correction agency facing a problem like: – Maintain


• Maintain data • Regular reports

• Safety problem

corrections ManageMent software This software help to manage all problem related to correction agency. It gives a solution how to manage correction agency. It performs many of its functions to maintain the process of jail or justice system.

Maintain Jail

Corrections Management Software give a jail management solution. It's manage all jail activities.  Alarm System  Tracks medications  Doctor appointment

Maintain data This system help to maintain correction agency data.  Visitor data  Uniform data entry  Court dates  Prisoners transfer data  Daily reports

To maintain correction agency in proper manner Syscon Justice management is best company to manage correction agency. It is provide a software and expertise to manage jail data. Offender Management Software Solutions from Syscon Justice Systems are used by more jails. Syscon provide a solution to each level of correction.

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