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 DanceLife is the only comprehensive specialist directory and social network for dancers and performers in Australia. List your business or search for businesses in our comprehensive directory, read up on the latest industry news, stay up to date with the hottest auditions and jobs and create a profile that promotes you.

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 DanceLife Unite is a new generation dance competition that offers a platform for dance studios and their students from across New South Wales to showcase their high quality work in front of respected and experienced industry experts.

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 DanceLife InSchools is the newest offering from ‘Australia’s Home of Dance’, DanceLife. Recognising a gap in the market for an educational, active and enjoyable injection into dance programs for primary and high school aged children, DanceLife has created a variety of programs to make dance sessions at school something to remember!

"I’m so happy that DanceLife was created. Finally a way for our dance community to catch up, get informed, plug in and be inspired. It's about time our industry was nurtured by a website like DanceLife". KELLEY ABBEY (Choreographer & Performer)

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 2. About DanceLife  4. Tip 5 Tips for Full Time Auditions 5. First Time Parents of Full Timers 6. From Good To Great 8. Nutritional Guide To Full Time 10. What Is The Right Course For Me 11. So You Want An Agent? What To Look Out For 12. Connecting The Bits – Networking Your Future  16. Canberra Dance Development Centre  18. Brent Street 20. Ecole Mango Dance 22. ED5INTERNATIONAL 24. Ev & Bow 26. Mango Dance Studio 28. Urban Dance Centre  30. Ikin Dance  32. ADPI 34. Conroy Performing Arts College 36. DLDC 38. Queensland Ballet 40. Queensland Dance School of Excellence  42. Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance 44. Russian Choreographic Academy 46. Spectrum Dance 48. The Space  50. Principal Academy of Dance 52. WACCB


    If you’re considering auditioning for a full time course GO FOR IT, and GO HARD! If you would also love to GO SUCCESSFULLY , then read on my friends, because talent is only part of what you need.


Audition for as many courses as your schedule and budget will permit. Increase your chances and your options, and make your decisions after the offers are in.


Appreciate your chinks. Perfection is not a deal breaking criterion. Directors of full time courses thrive on the discovery of raw talent that they can polish into exquisitely cut gems. Savour your rawness. It won’t last forever.


Be Openistic. Ok, I made that word up… but open your mind to what it could mean. Start noticing now how and where your unconscious dance habits show up, from face to feet. Loosen the grip on your current knowledge, because it is about to be challenged. Be flexible…not just in the legs. Be willing to try THEIR way of thinking and doing.


Shine Your Light. Confidently radiating your charisma can lead to massive success. If however you’re someone who is more comfortable cheering on others, and who helps illuminate them by dimming your own light, go ahead and congratulate yourself anyway, for being so sweet. You’ve managed to avoid casting shadows on your friends. Woo hoo! Now smack your wrist for limiting them. Some peeps need a blazed path to follow so they’ll know how to reach a new level of radiant success. Give yourself an access all areas pass to incandescence now… I mean with whatever you do… Even a visit to the post office could be a spectacular experience! Believe me there is enough luminosity to ignite all your dreams and experiences, AND your friends’ dreams!


Be Fun. Some folks unintentionally blank their personality in auditions because they are so focussed on getting things right. “Once I know they can do the job, I want to know if this person will be fun to work with for the next two years.” says Wicked Resident Director Kris Stewart. Be focussed on hard work and keep your sense of humour beautifully woven into the tapestry of your talent. TIA’S BONUS TIP: Dance It Forward. Your teacher has obviously done a mass of good endowing you with passion for your craft. Make time to go home to your founding dance teacher and teach for them. Help them promote their school, and help mentor their upcoming students. Consider volunteering somewhere occasionally to help share the joy of dance with your greater communities.

   Send me your questions to and I’ll answer them in my blogs on

   At 17 years old, I left my sleepy small town for the big city and a studio that held all my childhood dreams. Dance School! The previous September I had auditioned with my heart in my throat, wearing a cobalt blue unitard and waisted scarf (it was a different era back then!), and the world at my feet. Fortunately the panel also thought I could handle the world at my feet and I was accepted into full time dance. In another city. Away from my family life. Away from 17 years of upbringing, of shared rooms, sisters, the neighbourhood, my dance community, and Mum and Dad. It can be terrifying for both child and parent. So I thought I would write to all the Mum’s and Dad’s out there who are excited about the dreams of their treasured ones, and at the same time terrified because it’s the great unknown and suddenly ‘go live your dreams’ is no longer your favourite motivational phrase. Here is what I have learnt over time from my experiences and from the various phone calls I have received from concerned ‘first time parents of full timers’. • • •

It’s time......they are ready and you have to believe they have learnt all the right stuff from you to get by (i.e. how to make toast, load the washer, pay rent on time, handle defeat and get a good sleep) If your child is auditioning for multiple full time schools and is offered more than one, talk with your dancing child about what their priorities are. Is it musical theatre? Is it commercial dance? Is it contemporary? Is it to fulfill the dance dream and move on? (i.e. do they also harbour dreams of being a physio, lawyer....) Is it for the location? The school’s exposure? A friend is going? Most full time schools appear to have good websites with FAQs - and if you require more, call the school. Now, in my experience this point is one of the least explored. Pick up the phone and talk to the people who know the most. If you like the person you are talking to, it’s a good sign as you’ll be talking to that person a lot throughout the need a good relationship with them as they handle the metamorphoses of your child. And this one’s worth a shot: Ring the school your child is keen on and see if you can visit for a half day. This will give you the chance to see the facilities, meet the staff, see the students in action. Take note of the little things too, these end up being BIG things: Are the studio’s air conditioned? Are the sound systems too loud? (it’s never loud enough for us dancers, but the health of ears is far more important to us as professional dancers!) Are the faculty and admin staff approachable, interested and prepared to give you the time. (You are prepared to give them the money - a lot of it - so time is something they should be investing in you, minimum!) What are the eating facilities - in and around the studio? What are accommodation possibilities - does the studio help facilitate interstate students find flatmates from within the course? Once your dancing darling is into the course, be prepared for some hard yards. It will be all roses upon acceptance, then the first two weeks will be filled with great muscular pains and ego damage followed by a surge in enthusiasm is things get underway. Now the hard part. As the course progresses so do injuries. Please heed some well intentioned advice here - please ensure your child has the funds to seek treatment, has regular massages (once every 2-3 weeks if possible), understands the difference between a cold and the flu (one they can continue working through, one they should go straight to bed). And finally, as the course settles and your child looks around and understands where he/she is ranked in the class you will notice the determination either flourish or flounder. Finally - support and love no matter what. Offering solutions are less required in this hugely formative year. Dancers in training need to know if they are made of the right stuff to survive this industry past the first 16 months. If they struggle through dance school it may not be the best sign for their future. Offering a loving ear to listen to the drama’s but not enhance them is key.

I can’t tell you the number of times I got on the bus to head back up to the big city after a weekend at home, bawling because I missed my family so much. Then after the first day of the week was ticked off at dance school I was underway again. Hearing my mum’s voice on the phone was a special gift in any day. She believed I could dream up this reality and then see it through. If it were not for her continued love and support I would have chosen so very differently. I must remember to tell her that.

Written By Dale Pope


Over the years I have watched dancers who had been less talented than me have long and successful careers in the industry. It took me a long time to realise that their success was indicative of the fact that they believed in themselves enough to achieve their goals. They were prepared – mentally, emotionally and physically – to accept and endure whatever challenges were required of them in order to reach their desired outcome. They saw their objective and they went for it.    Embrace dance. Allow yourself to experience the joy and liberation of dance, and at the same time be prepared for the challenges it will inevitably bring. There will be times when you will love dancing, and there will be times when you hate it. Both are indicators of your relationship with dance and with yourself. Learn from this relationship. Set goals that are challenging but realistic; remember that small successes spur you on to greater successes. Resist the urge to berate yourself; no-one responds as well to chastising as they do to encouragement. Believe in yourself, challenge yourself, expect the best you are capable of, cherish your abilities and your body, and acknowledge your achievements. You are choosing to train full time to better yourself as a performer. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do everything you can in order to attain the results you desire. You are in control of your own dance journey; it is up to you to make the transition from good to great. Yours in Dance Kate x © Copyright Kate Histon 2010 on behalf of DanceLife Australia. To copy or distribute any part of this article you must first seek permission from the author Kate Histon - International Performance Consultant, Author, Certified Royal Acadeteacher and Dance School owner.

   “Be Teddy!” the three year old girl demanded of her audience. She wanted everyone in the room – all members of her family – to be quiet like a teddy bear and watch her dance. She waited. She wouldn’t begin until she had everyone’s attention. Then she would stride, clap her hands, turn and wiggle her little body to the beat of the music. Finally, as she curtsied to their approving applause, she would watch her audience for feedback. I was this little girl and would often command my patient mum, dad, and siblings to watch me perform. Eventually, after much pleading on my part, my mum enrolled me into formal dance classes when I was four years old. That is how my journey into dance began. Like many of you, it was an early entry into the magical world of dance. By six years old I was performing solos in eisteddfods and participating in Royal Academy of Dance exams. By ten years old I had eight solo routines and felt like a star. By fifteen years old I made the big decision to train full time. Full time training was a huge and exciting transition, but one that took me completely by surprise. I really had no idea just how physically, emotionally and mentally challenging it would be. It was as fantastic an experience as it was demanding, and I discovered that as a dancer my biggest weakness was not my ability, but rather my mindset and the way I handled what I perceived as competitive environments. I trained full time for two years. I learned and grew and made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves (including performing with the Australian Ballet Company), but in the end my height became a very real concern. I was very tall for my age and medical procedures designed to predict my ultimate height only pointed to me getting taller. Essentially, my classical ballet options were limited. Not that my height ruled out dance altogether – far from it. But I was afraid of venturing onto a path that had not already been signposted for me for years. My training (my past, present and future) had been classical ballet, and I was afraid that after all of my years of training I would become what I feared most – a failure. I decided at that point that it would be easier to quit dance, rather than not be ‘good enough’. Dance for me, like many of you, was my first true love. It gave me pleasure and joy, as well as pain and heartache. I gave up on my dream of having a professional career as a classical ballerina, but my dance journey did not end there. My focus shifted from dance performance to dance teaching. I started my own dance school and tried my hardest to pass on the things I had learned to my students. I studied human psychology and behaviour as a way of better understanding myself and my dance, and I used the knowledge I gathered to inspire my teaching. I began to lecture on human behaviour and to write for Dance Life. And I had a family. Throughout it all, dance has remained central to my life; an anchor and an integral part of who I am. As for my fear of failure? It never went away. And you know what? After all these years and everything I have learned, I realise that I don’t want it to! Every time I push myself to reach a new objective I’m forced to face my fears – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only difference now is that I understand the mechanics and process of achievement. With the benefit of hindsight I realise that when I was a full time student I placed too much emphasis on the opinions of others. I relied on external validation, on compliments and rewards, to motivate me. And, as a result, I lost touch with my own deep inner source of inspiration and confidence.


By Mia Ballenden

Welcome to the most stimulating and challenging year (or two) of your life. You’re about to push your body’s limits both physically and mentally. By the end of your course you want to be technically and physically prepared, feeling confident that you have done everything you could to get you that amazing agent or performance of your dreams. Nutrition will play a vital role in the coming years. It can be the “make it or break it factor” that can see you shoot to stardom. As elite athletes we need to eat a little differently to the average person. •

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Full time dancers need extra calories throughout the day, if you think about it you will be moving for most of the time burning more energy. Make sure that you “spend” those extra calories on foods that will help obtain your nutrients for the day like fruit, vegetables, dairy and wholegrains and avoid fast food, soft drinks and high sugar junk. Eat 5-6 small meals that contain some carbohydrates and protein at each snack or meal. This is very important as each nutrient works together to help with energy and muscle development. This means no leaving out carbohydrates – they are your primary energy food. Stay clear of “fad diets” and include a variety of each of the food groups in a balanced amount (boring I know, but true). Always include lots of fruit and vegetables into your day. This will ensure that you aren’t deficient in nutrients making it easier to fight the winter flu and work harder in each dance class. Make sure you include a small amount of good fats like nuts, avocado and oily fish like salmon to help lubricate your joints and give you a long career free from joint problems. Include some iron containing foods. Lean meat is the best source of iron so try consume at least two serves a week. Steer clear of high saturated fat foods like chips, chocolate, fried foods and most fast foods. If you remove them from you diet for long enough you won’t crave them anymore. Try consume low glycemic index (GI) foods like oats, wholegrains and legumes that will help prolong your energy and maintain your weight. Avoid high GI foods like potatoes, jasmine rice, watermelon and lollies. Don’t cut out any food groups –each plays an important role in our body proving us with different and important vitamins and minerals.    Fatigue – less energy for classes Reduced immune function – missing classes Excess weight gain – may affect confidence Excess weight loss– may affect confidence Reduction in muscle mass - may affect strength Sluggish muscle development –hindering technique development    Improve technique through healthy muscle growth Have lots of energy – to push your limits in every class Increase muscle mass or development – to help technique and males with lifts Maintain a lean physique – may help with confidence Fight the seasonal sniffles – to avoid missing classes

For a dancer maintaining their weight, aiming to improve their technique and push their body’s limits a day could look like: (Based around a 60kg female) Breakfast: 45g of a low GI cereal with milk and a banana Morning Tea: 1 x apple and a handful of nuts Lunch: A chicken or tuna, salad sandwich and a yoghurt Afternoon tea: 4 x crackers with tuna and tomato Dinner: ½ cup of basmati rice, 100g of steak and half a plate FULL of seasonal steamed vegetables Supper: Yoghurt or a scoop of low fat ice cream (for those with a sweet tooth)

Remember as athletes you need to treat your body with great respect. It is your instrument and if it is running in peak condition your performance will improve. Fill it with great fuel, limit the junk and dance your heart out. Good luck!

Mia Ballenden is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, (APD) who runs her own successful nutritional practice, Body Fusion in Sydney, Australia ( Mia works and lectures with a variety of professional dance schools and individuals throughout Sydney. Mia has a passion to work closely with dancers to reach their nutritional, performance and body composition goals.

   It seems there are more and more fulltime courses around these days for or young dancers wanting to get that final year of intense training to prepare them for the world of the asking the question, ‘What is the right course entertainment industry. I hear a lot of dancers dan for me?’ you want An important part of making this decision is working out which part of the industry ind to head into. Do you want to be a commercial dancer? Do you want to be in a ballet/contemporary company? Or do you want to be in musical theatre? The next step is to look at the faculty that is teaching at the studios providing fulltime training. training. Most courses are some offer a selection of teachers that cover all realms of dance and performing. There T that are more focused on particular areas. Look at what is going to work for you and help you reach your full potential to get you to where you want to go! Some dancers aren’t sure what area they want to concentrate on at this stage, so picking a course that covers all bases is a good choice in this instance so you can be trained in all aspects and figure out your direction as you go. Some dancers dancers want to keep their options open and be versatile enough to work in more than one area, such as commercial work and musical theatre. So in this instance, picking a course that covers singing, acting and strong dance technique is essential! Being a dancer that still works professionally and also teaches at various fulltime courses, I see many dancers everyday that aren’t particularly focused on what it takes to get them to reach their full potential at the end of their fulltime year and in turn be ready to start auditioning and working the following year. Being present in class everyday and working to your full potential consistently IS A MUST. A year flies by so quickly and it’s it so important to take as much knowledge with th you from every class. There is no time to be lazy, absent or letting minor muscular aches get in the way of working hard! A dancer’s body will always be sore and tired, and fulltime training is a perfect way to adjust to this and learn how to work through it all. Another important thing to remember is to always present yourself in a tidy and well groomed fashion. Choreographers are always popping into studios for rehearsals for jobs, so always be ready and looking good! Remember your teachers are in some cases choreographers – i.e. YOUR FUTURE FUTURE EMPLOYERS! So always look employable and be on time and reliable! cho sing to eat, not being beneficial to I’m seeing too often, thee food that dancers are choosing helping their bodies work and look their best. Remember, YOUR BODY IS YOUR JOB and always looking ng your best and fittest is your responsibility in order to be employable. Eat responsibly to maintain good health and look the best you can! Remember to enjoy your year of fulltime training. It’s a wonderful opportunity for dancers’ dancers to train everyday under nder the supervision of some great teachers and choreographers and do what you love every day – DANCE!

Written By Choreographer and Performer Carly O’Connor

 



Full time study is an exciting thing to throw yourself into, you’re building the foundations for a career and gaining a greater understanding of the entertainment industry for starters. You will work hard (like you've never worked before) and make some fantastic friends along the way, it is important to grasp every opportunity and soak up as much knowledge from your teachers and learn, learn, learn as you go, every day be inspired and always develop your creativity to grow as a performer. When you walk away from a full time course it can be a bewildering thing, you never quite know where to start but you're fueled with bucket loads of enthusiasm and you're ready to take on the world in fighting fashion. Finding an agent is just one of the many tasks you will be faced with, it is never too soon to start your research and learn about the agents out there who may one day represent you. Study up and learn as much as you can - well before you arrange meetings. Having an idea of who these people are and whether they’re suited to your needs will help you to make an informed decision down the line rather than rushing to sign with the first person who shows an interest in you. If we start with the basics it’s important to be aware of the difference between agent and manager. An agent is defined as someone who negotiates fees and arranges auditions, typically you pay them no more than 10% for these basic services. A manager on the other hand expects higher rates of commission because they demonstrate services above and beyond that of an agent i.e. a more tailored and personal service with specific direction for your career. Due to the industry being quite small in Australia the role of agent and manager is usually a joint offering when you sign with a agency, check this out though. Your representation are the people you will work with most closely and ask advice of so don’t be shy in getting to know the services they offer. Here are just a few simple things for you to consider when finding an agency that fits with your needs: • Find out their strengths and weaknesses and look at their existing talent to see what work they do best and talk to as many people for personal references as possible. • Always ask plenty of questions if you’re unsure of anything, there are no stupid questions. • Look for someone who best suits your needs - if your focus is on musical theatre then don’t go to an acting agent. • If you become unhappy with your representation then let them know how you are feeling and try to resolve things, also remember there could be someone else out there who you works better with you so don’t be afraid to look around. • Always read the contract and question things you are unsure of – this may be important further down the road. • Recognise that your representation works for you and YOU are the talent, never be shy to let them know if you’re unhappy on a job or are considering a change in direction to hone your other performance skills, they are there to help you. The team you decide to sign with may be someone who represents you for a short time or for your entire career so be sure to find the person you feel comfortable communicating with and taking advice from. When you find supportive representation remember this is someone who will be putting you up for work that is better suited to your talents, someone to offer suggestions of audition material, suggestions of avenues you can explore that would better promote your work - basically a 'friend' who believes in you and will encourage your strengths and give honest criticism when you really need it. With the perfect combination of management and client you’ll have a winning team for sure!

Written By Cimone Grayson from Grayson Management

 –     To succeed in life takes more than talent and dedication, more than opportunity or “luck”. People who make it to the top combine all this with the desire to mix with people they can learn from and be inspired by, and can connect them with other like-minded individuals. Remember the old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” – it’s not entirely true, but being in the right places and in the right circles creates opportunity. What you do with those opportunities is your decision. How can networking connect you to your future? Simple really …

Firstly, you have to be ready. • • •

Next, create a positive image so others can see who you are. • • •

Get to know the people you share your days with – and not just your peers. Look for ways to gain the attention and respect of others. Don’t take rejection personally. Be constructive in your criticism.

Following on, you need to actively market yourself. You don’t know who you are about to meet, or what opportunities may present themselves. • •

Always behave in a professional manner – your good name and reputation are everything. Always complete what you start. Regularly attend internal (your personal group) and external (exhibitions, shows etc) events.

Then, you need to build the trust of others you associate with – ie those you connect with. • • • •

Allocate some career planning time – find a quiet place where you can relax and evaluate where you want to go – visualise what, where, when, how – committing to paper as a diagram, words or story picture. Ensure your career forms part of your overall life plan. Complete a personal skills audit.  Identify skill shortages that may prevent you from securing your goals.  Create an action plan to attain those skills. Upgrade your audit regularly.

See your career as a personal investment, so make the commitment to spend an appropriate amount of time and effort working on it. Be seen, get known and move ahead.

Finally, truly successful people appreciate and celebrate the success of others. Giving creates receiving; teaching others what you know allows you to learn from them as well. • • •

Strive to be a committed sphere of influence. Develop a network of connectors. Celebrate success along the way.

Networking involves the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. Build your reputation as a person worth being connected with and establish rapport with other like-minded people. You never know where this approach will take you, or to whom it may lead you. One thing is certain though. To do nothing is to achieve nothing. To look and listen with eyes and ears closed is to live in false hope. However, to take control and “put yourself out there” creates opportunity – that all you seek may be yours to have. So, why wait for the “big time” to come to you – your future starts now, and the sooner you take control of it, the better.

Written By Jeff Withers from Red River Journey

 Est 1985, Director Jackie Hallahan

 Full and Part Time Vocational Course   Annually in October/November

 CDDC’s vocational dance course for year 7 – 12 students allows young dancers to participate in a graduated training course from part to full time daily dance tuition alongside the students’ academic studies in public or private high schools and colleges in the ACT. Students are able to specialise in classical ballet, contemporary dance or musical theatre/commercial dance. This program is fully accredited with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies.  Classical ballet, pas de deux, repertoire, youth ballet, strength and stretch, contemporary, contemporary lab, urban contemporary, street jam, tap, jazz funk, hip hop, drama, singing, fencing, performance groups and young dancers intensive. Practical dance classes per week. Full Time Course – 25 classes per week. Part Time Course – 20 classes per week. * Plus one on one sessions.  Jackie Hallahan, Renee Hallahan, Steve Barker, Cathy Chapman, Tara Chapman, Adelina Larsson, Petra Lindsay, Joanne James, Laura Mulherin and Amy Trong.   See website for current fee structure.  Canberra Dance Development Centre Mount Rogers Community Centre, Crofts Crescent Spence ACT 2615 Phone +612 6259 1550 Email Website 'Jackie has given me the right passage to a professional career in dance, with her careful guidance, correct nurturing and generous mentoring, my career path was launched from a very early age. ' 'It is a family at CDDC a home away from home a place that provides an environment for learning, developing, socializing and most importantly fun.' Paul Knobloch, former CDDC student Now Leading Artist of the Bejart Ballet Lausanne


Established 1985 Director Jackie Hallahan Full & Part Time Dance Training Course, accredited with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies ACT Opportunity to join CDDC Performance Groups and Youth Ballet Company and perform locally, nationally and internationally Auditions annually October/ November Overseas students welcome to apply Regular guest teachers, master classes and school holiday programs Over 60 recreational classes offered weekly +61 2 6259 1550

 

Certificate IV in Performing Arts 


September and October 2010 

This nationally accredited course offers a year of intense training for the all round performer seeking career in performing arts. 

Cameron Mitchell, Darren Disney, Darren Spowart, Delia Harrington, Alvin de Castro, Lucas Newland, Darren Mapes and Renee Richie. 


Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss these with you. 

Phone 1300 013 708 Website

CertifiCate iV full time Course

n o o s g n i y a d audition o t t i k n o i t i d u a Get your

Passionate about performing? Want a professional career in the entertainment industry? Give yourself the best chance of success with the Brent Street Full Time Course. For the past 23 years, Brent Street has nurtured the talents of many aspiring performers. With a long list of successful students who have gone on to perform in dance troupes, on television, in musical theatre and movies, the Brent Street Full Time Course will refine your skills as a performer and get the edge in a highly competitive industry. Want to know more?

request an audition kit today.

Call 1300 013 708 or visit Box 261, The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW 1363 ABN: 31 123 481 596

  Vocational Course 

 Sunday 17th October 11.30 am or by DVD (please apply for audition and DVD criteria). Private audition available in exceptional circumstances.  A carefully balanced and holistic approach is taken, ensuring that the emotional and physical health of each student is guarded, whilst the technique and knowledge necessary for ballet is thoroughly nurtured. The faculty of internationally recognized dance professionals works as a close team, bringing wide-ranging experience to the benefit of all students. Ecole teachers are dedicated to assist students experience the joy and fulfillment of dance. Ecole Dance Theatre offers the students frequent performing opportunities and the training educates the students in various aspects of stagecraft. Normal hours: 9.00-3.30 Mon-Fri  Ballet: Open and RAD all major levels; Contemporary dance; Musical Theatre; Pointe; Bournonville technique; Pas de deux; Introductory courses (eg music, dance notation, contextual studies; nutrition); National (character) dance; Pilates; Repertoire; Private coaching. (Supervised school work facility available).  Ashley Killar MCI (Dance); Jane Allyn RTS ARAD, Kit Lethby ARAD PDTC (Dip.) Vocational Graded Examiner, RAD; Crystal Wong RAD RTS, LRAD, ARAD, BA (Hons), Grad. Dip Choreography (VCA), Certified Pilates Instructor (DMA; Olivia Ansell; Jason Winters; Robyn Ross; Katia Ruiz plus varied guest teachers eg Matt Trent, Adrian Burnett, Shane Carroll and leading health consultants.   Average $2300. Part scholarships may be available.


Email Website I was a fulltime student of Ecole and would highly recommend it to any prospective students. I loved Ecole so much for lots of reasons and mostly because of the wonderful memories it gave me.  The teachers at Ecole gave me all the tools I needed and prepared me for a career in dance. They taught me about the importance of correct technique and also that ballet is an art and you need to be able to perform as an artist on stage and dance with your heart as well as your body. Miss Allyn and Mr Lethby thoroughly prepared me for all my RAD exams and also for the many eisteddfods I participated in. Ecole always felt like a second home to me, not only because of the lovely friends I made and the fun we had but also because the teachers were so caring and gave everyone the individual attention they needed. The support I received at Ecole was invaluable, I would not be a professional today without it!!!! “ 

  Government Accredited Certificate IV in Performing Arts (Dance & Vocal Major)   Brisbane: Saturday 18th September - Thomas Dixon Centre, Brisbane Sydney: Sunday 19th & 26th September - ED5INTERNATIONAL Studios

 ED5INTERNATIONAL runs a fully accredited Certificate IV course in Performing Arts which gives a complete and fulfilling education in all disciplines of the performing arts – Dance, Vocal and Acting. Our course aim is to create true working professionals who are able to work in every field having developed a strong base as an all round performer. In addition to a high level of course content ED5INTERNATIONAL gives students the opportunity to work with the most professional faculty who not only teach the core disciplines and impart their wealth of knowledge (both as performers and teachers) but also coach in discipline, professional attitude, punctuality and everything that is needed to not just work within the industry but to create a long lasting career.  Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Singing, Drama, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Acting for TV/Film, History of Musical Theatre, Nutrition, Anatomy, Performance Coaching, Repertoire, Pas de Duex, Pilates, Yoga.  William A Forsythe, Jane Beckett, Leslie Bell, Kaylie Yee, Kim Traynor, Sheena Crouch, Scott Archer, Ryan Mortimer, Aaron Farley, Saskia Smith, Cale Bain, Phillip Filo, Deb Whitelock, Mia Ballenden, Chris Horsey, Mitchell Hicks. 

 $10,000/year which includes all classes, costumes and a half hour private singing lesson each week.

 Email Phone 02 9746 0848 Website “During the 12 months of study & training I was taught by an exceptional staff and was prepared thoroughly in order to enter the Entertainment Industry” - Bobby Fox (Jersey Boys, Spamalot, We Will Rock You, Mamma Mia) “Ed5 gave me the platform to begin my career as a professional performer in the industry. The training is intense and rewarding which changed me as a person and as a performer. To be able to benefit from the talented and inspiring William Forsythe, is a reason to attend on its own! When it came to auditioning I felt prepared and truly credit them as the reason I landed my first gig at Universal Studio's Japan. Without the guidance I received there, I wouldn't be where I am today.” – Chloe Zuel (Hairspray, Universal Studios Japan)

&    

Ev & Bow Full Time Dance Training Centre Classical/Contemporary or Performing Arts 


18th September 2010 

One year full time intensive.


Ballet, Contemporary, Pas de Deaux, Repertoire, Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Singing, Drama, Choreography, Personal Training & Body Strength Techniques. 

Industry professionals, Lisa Bowmer, Sarah Boulter, Carly O’Connor, Christine Keith, Kim Traynor, Karina Hernandez, Katie Cesaro and many more. 


Please refer to our prospectus available from our website 

Email Phone +61 2 9542 1260 Website

“A professional training environment.” “All students finish the course feeling well prepared for the professional industry.” “A variety of quality teachers who enhance our training in all styles of dance.”

  Certificate IV in Performing Arts (Dance) – NTIS 69798 

 st




Mango Dance provides the highest level of tuition, training and performance for dancers to prepare for a career in the exciting Dance Industry using Sydney's Leading Choreographers. Our Certificate IV in Performing Arts (Dance) course focuses on: 1.

Developing and improving your technique which will enable you to apply these skills to any dance style.


Providing well rounded technique and dance skills to pursue a career in the Dance Industry in Films, TV, Musicals, Corporate and Stage shows


Developing your skills in Choreography and encouraging you to create your own works.


Providing a theoretical and practical Foundation in dance.

5. Give you a foundation in Dance Teaching and Safe Dance Practise in order to pursue teaching opportunities. Our Certificate IV incorporates units in Dance Teaching, Safe Dance Practice and Legal implications of teaching -written by the Australian Dance Council (AUSDANCE). Providing you with recognised qualifications as a Dance Instructor.


With classes in Commercial Jazz, Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Lyrical, Musical theatre, Hip hop, Jazz Funk Hip hop, Pilates, Acrobatics, Singing, Acting, Theory, Dance Teaching, Safe Dance, Choreography and performance.

 Nacho Pop (SYTYCD), James Taylor (The Royal Ballet London, Sydney Dance Company, National Ballet of Portugal, National Ballet of Canada, Paris Opera, Bondi Ballet), Farah Shah (SYTYCD, MTV Awards, Dancing with the Stars), Paul Bennett (BA (Hons) Dance – Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts), Damien Grima (Australian Ballet School), Simonne Smiles (Australian Ballet, Diploma Performing Arts), Paul Cordeiro (Diploma Dance WAAPA, Lion King, Sydney 2000 Olympics), Zac Jaffar (Bachelor of Arts New York, Lion King), Pania Taku (SYTYCD – Top 20 Season 2), Simonne Smiles (Australian Ballet) , Lex Marinos (B.Arts Degree), Guest Teachers: Sisco (SYTYCD), Eman (SYTYCD – Top 20 Season 2)

 $8500 + GST (includes Mango T-shirt or Hoodie) * Fees can be paid in 8 instalments ( 2 instalments / term ) or 1 x Upfront payment for the year ( with a 10% discount).


Location 121 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Phone +612 9922 1100 Email Website

  Certificate IV in Performing Arts (69818)

 th

5 September 2010 Brisbane th 12 September 2010 Melbourne th 19 September 2010 Sydney

 The Certificate IV course offers a structured and wide range of subjects with the best opportunity to achieve the highest level of competency in all areas. Successful candidates will receive the student handbook which outlines the full course and offers additional information on all aspects of living and training in Sydney. Urban Dance Centre provides an excellent training ground for Australian and international dancers, offering expertise in all areas of performing arts. Being aligned with the world’s most respected industry specialists means UDC always stays connected with the current entertainment market. At all times UDC is committed to safe dance practice, the promotion of the healthy dancer and the longevity of the dance career. UDC boasts its own on site physiotherapist who is available to treat students and monitor any injuries. The Directors continually liaise with industry professionals to ensure that the course remains relevant and current at all times. Students also benefit through Q&A sessions with all visiting national and international industry professionals and celebrities. 

 Jazz (including theatre and lyrical), hip-hop, JFH, ballet, contemporary, tap, acrobatics, break, popping, performance, singing, acting, nutrition.

 Juliette “JET” Verne (lyrical, JFH), Tiana Joubert (hip-hop), Paul Saliba and Jason Winters (contemporary), Nacho Pop (popping), Julie Williamson (Pilates, ballet), Veronica Beattie (jazz, tap), Rosa Agius and Sisqo (hip hop), Kid Taz (break dance), Tibor Horvath (ballet), Rachel Schmalz (tap), Kym Parrish (singing), Myles Pollard (acting), Sally Harrison (physio)

 $10,000 A Year

 Website Email Phone +61 2 9571 7099 “Urban Dance Centre full time course is a great way to experience the performing arts industry in all its glory. To have the opportunity the learn various styles of dance and be taught by amazing choreographers and artists. Not only training in dance but, the dramatic arts and singing really does allow you to get your foot in the door, which little bit extra. Now after finishing full time and working in the industry, i have realized the finer points of professionalism that only UDC can offer. Full time is the hardest, and the best year, but I believe is a MUST to unlocking the secrets of the performing arts. Urban Dance Centre does not just produce great dancers but amazing entertainers.” Hannah Rannaste Fulltime 2009

  Ikin Dance Full Time 

 Private auditions all year round.  A 1 Year Intensive Dance And Fitness Course. Graduate with a Certificate IV in Dance & Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Former ‘So You Can Think You Can Dance’ contestant Anthony Ikin has created a gem in the Australian dance industry with a full time dance course on the Gold Coast, offering students the opportunity to fulfil their dancing dreams. While many students contemplate what university they will be attending next year, twenty Gold Coast dance students are currently taking part in Anthony’s intense full time program and will graduate from their one-year course in a few weeks. Students involved attend the Ikin Dance Studio five days a week, learning different dance styles from lyrical, vocal to acrobatics.  Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Ballroom Singing, Pilates, Bootcamp, Acrobatics. Students involved attend the Ikin Dance Studio five days a week, learning different dance styles from lyrical, vocal to acrobatics. As part of the unique program, the dancers take part in over five workshops a day with the appearance of guest teachers such as famous contemporary dancer Paul White and choreographer Ame Delves.  Just To Name A Few, Anthony Ikin, Ame Delves, Ben Veitch, Joel Rasmussen, Paul White, Kylie Goldner And Many More.   $14595 A Year for all 3 qualifications.

 Call Daniella 0405327559 Email Full time dance student Liam Masters, 22, has recently received first place at national level for break dancing and believes he would not have achieved this without the Ikin Dance program. “If anyone’s thinking of doing a full time course, do what you have to do [to be able to do it],” he said. The training you get in one week, you couldn’t even get that in a month if you didn’t do it full time.”

 

Advanced Diploma of Art (Classical & Contemporary Dance) 30822Qld Advanced Diploma of Art (Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance) 30822Qld Diploma of Art (Classical & Contemporary Dance) 30821Qld Diploma of Art (Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance) 30821Qld Certificate III in Performing Arts 30879Qld

 Auditioning from August 2010


The Advanced Diploma is a 2 year, full-time, intensive training in either Classical & Contemporary Dance or Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance. The Diploma is a 1 year, full-time, intensive training in either Classical & Contemporary Dance or Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance. The Certificate III is one day a week over a year credited to Qld Certificate of Education. Students study under some of the world’s top professional teachers.

 Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Composition, Jazz, Performance, Health Science (Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Diet & Nutrition), History of Dance, Communication & Personal Development, Personal Career Management, Music Appreciation, Singing, Acting, Tap, Musical Theatre Practicum and Performance.

 Acting: Gareth Harris Dance: Danica Beckett, Harold Collins MBE, Louise Deleur, Michael Edge, Barbara Eversen ARAD, Ashleigh Hatchman, Anthony Lee, Bill Pengelly & Leigh-Anne Vizer Music & Singing: Christie Dawkins, Greg Moore & Paul Sabey Allied Studies: Ashleigh Hatchman & Royce Simms

  Classical & Contemporary Dance: $10,200.00 each year Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance: $10,900.00 each year Certificate III: $3,200.00

 Telephone (07) 3262 2277 Email Website

  CPAC Full Time 

 Audition is by appointment only starting August 2010. Contact  Conroy Performing Arts College provides the leading finishing course for students looking to work in Musical Theatre or Commercial dance. Acceptance into the course is based on students’ potential for a future professional career, with the majority of students now working professionally. The course fine-tunes students dance, singing and acting skills to the highest possible level. Whilst not only providing the best possible Queensland-based teachers, CPAC flies Australia’s leading interstate teachers up to Brisbane on a weekly basis. Evening classes are also provided to complete exams in C.S.T.D and RAD Syllabi, finalizing in teaching Diplomas.  Jazz, Singing, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Acting, Contemporary, Performance.  Lucas Newland, Andrew Bevis, Lisa Callingham, Lucy Chambers, Janette Mulligan, Kylie Alexandra, Kylie Goeldner, Lindy Sciasci. 

 $2450 per Term (Full Time + unlimited afternoon and weekend classes at the Conroy Dance Centre).  Email Website Phone (07) 32057717 Address 34 Kremzow Rd, Brendale QLD 4500 ‘Conroy Performing Arts College gave me the training needed to make it in the industry. It truly gives you the finishing needed to be a Triple Threat’ – Sam Marks (‘Cats’, ‘Wicked’ & ‘Tap Dogs’)

  

Queensland Ballet Professional Year Program 2011  

Sunday, September 12, 2010 

The students selected for this course are trained intensively with the specific goal of a future career in a classical ballet company. The class size is small, which permits very personal teaching for each student. Participants are expected to show the commitment to their work that a professional dance career requires. 

The curriculum enables students to take daily class with the Company. In addition, they undertake further pointe work and pas de deux classes, and develop their solo repertoire. Further classes include physical theatre and improvisation, contemporary and other dance forms, drama, and percussion. Furthermore the students gain professional performance experience through rehearsing and performing in some Queensland Ballet productions. 

François Klaus and Robyn White along with Queensland Ballet’s artistic staff, senior dancers and specialist teachers.  

$6,700 plus GST payable January 2011. Alternatively split payments can be made: $3,600 plus GST payable January 2011 $3,600 plus GST payable July 2011 

For more details and to download the registration form, please visit or phone (07) 3013 6666. Thomas Dixon Centre, West End, QLD "The Professional Year has helped me to understand the complexity of a professional dance company’s inner-workings, and also prepared me for the road ahead, for whatever I do in the future." Rickey Watts “Definitely do it! The course is in a league of its own, focusing on performance, artistry, technique and professionalism.” Dara Cust "For me, the best thing about the Professional Year is being able to do something I love (dance) in an environment that’s so supportive and fun." Efrem O'Brien

 

Diploma of Dance

 Yr 11/12 – October 31, 2010 Yr 8 – 10 – November 7, 2010 Yr 3 – 7 – Contact QDSE

 QDSE, established in 1982, operates in partnership with Queensland Ballet and Kelvin Grove State College. The school provides talented dance students with the opportunity to pursue full-time dance training without forgoing face-to-face senior schooling. QDSE students enjoy the many benefits of training at the home of Queensland’s state ballet company such as watching and even participating in classes and attending performances. QDSE’s two-year Diploma of Dance (Yr 11/12) provides students with broad outcomes and options for their futures. In addition, QDSE provides supplementary training experiences to students from Year 3 to 10 through Kelvin Grove State College.


Year 11/12 - Ballet is the main dance study at QDSE, with the addition of Repertoire, Pointe, Boys technique, Contemporary and Jazz. Many performance opportunities arise throughout the course, including the Annual Graduation Performance and events utilising QDSE’s Performance Group. All students of QDSE are enrolled as full-time members of Kelvin Grove State College. Students select five academic subjects, with QDSE as the sixth Queensland Studies Authority approved subject. This ensures QDSE students’ eligibility to receive the Queensland Certificate of Education and an OP Score (tertiary entrance ranking) at the completion of Year 12.

 Co-ordinator & Senior Dance Instructor – Angus Lugsdin (former dancer with Australian Ballet & Frankfurt Ballet). In addition to staff provided by Queensland Ballet, the dance faculty of QDSE consists of respected members of the dance community who possess a diverse range of professional industry experience and formal qualifications. QDSE’s staff members are recognised locally, nationally and internationally.

 All QDSE courses attract tuition fees. Contact QDSE for details.

 PO Box 3791 South Brisbane Q 4101 Phone 07 3217 2662 Email Website Looking for a full time course to further my dance tuition was not an easy task, as there are so many options. There are many reasons why I chose to audition for the Queensland Dance School of Excellence. An important reason was that I could finish my schooling and attain a Diploma of Dance simultaneously. The partnership between QDSE and Queensland Ballet is very beneficial for the full-time students and even dancing in the same building as the Company provided a professional environment that helped me gain an understanding of how a ballet company works. - Joseph Stewart

  Full Time Performance and Development Course 

 Wednesday 4th August & Sunday 12th September  Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance offers a 2 year course with a one year option in special cases. We encourage all students to study for 2 years to maximize their potential and opportunities. The aim of our full time course is to provide excellence in training in a supportive and nurturing environment. Term 1 focuses heavily on technique. Students are supported through a grueling term of body conditioning, core strength training and focused genre studies. Term 2 has a similar focus to Term 1, but introduces a greater focus on performance development. Term 3 is the Choreographic Term. This term enables students to work with leading choreographers and learn new, challenging and groundbreaking works. Term 4 is the final term to polish and prepare students for the transition into professional careers or their second year of study. Students will attend technique classes and an intense rehearsal period at this stage preparing for their end-of-year showcase performance. Practical dance classes per week: Minimum of 24 classes per week for full-time students. Prerequisites/entry requirements: All prospective students must audition for the Full Time Course and successful applicants are selected for their talent, potential and determination in their field of expertise. Scholarships or subsidies: Each year, Ministry of Dance awards one Female Scholarship of Excellence and one Male Scholarship of Excellence. Scholarships are based on talent and are not means tested. Second year students are able to apply for further scholarships that support students learning in other areas, including teaching and administration work. This unique opportunity provides students with mentoring, hands-on industry experience and placements.  Jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, street tap, musical theatre, contemporary, Broadway, performance and choreography, acrobatics, singing, vocal and acting.  Jason Coleman, Jackie Sherren Scott (Director), Troy Phillips, Dana Jolly, Paul Malek, Sue Ellen Shook, Yvette Lee, Etienne Khoo, Deon Nuku, Phil Haddad and Adrian Dimitrievitch and many more...   Contact The Institution

 Laura Brougham Full Time Course Administrator Phone (03) 9329 6770 Email Website

 


Professional Classical Ballet Dancer (Russian System) 


Prospective students can audition at any time during the period from August to December. 

Gifted students have the opportunity to study at the only Australia ballet school which trains in the complete Russian System of Excellence. This system has trained the world’s greatest classical dancers. All classical teachers have trained at either the Bolshoi (Moscow) or the Vaganova (St. Petersburg) and have teaching qualifications from these institutions. 

Classical ballet technique (Russian Training System) Pointe, Partnering, Boys training with male teacher, Repertoire (Corps de ballet & solo) Conditioning & Flexibility, Character, Historic, Contemporary, Jazz, Pilates. 

Yulia Vasilyeva, Maxim Vasilyev, both Master teachers graduated from the Bolshoi Academy, Moscow and brought to Australia under contract to RCA. Kalman Warhaft (Contemporary former Sydney Dance Co.),Sakis Michaelis,(Pilates) former Australian Ballet Co.) Barbara Warren-Smith(Jazz) plus Guest teachers (Ai-gul Gaisina) and Elena Smoltsova (Bolshoi graduate dancer & Teacher).  

Dependant on Level. Contact the institute. 


Email Phone 03-90080330 or 03-98825378 Website “I just wanted you to know how extraordinarily happy my daughter is with the programme on offer at your school. She has contacted us on a daily basis, full of enthuisiasm, passion, excitement and total satisfaction. One of her emails stated "I thought I knew what true happiness felt like, but this is a whole new altogether". So it appears the inherent risks of allowing a child so young to leave home and follow her dreams has really paid off”.

  Dance Pro 

 First Round of Auditions: 29th Aug 2010; further dates to be released.  Spectrum Dance is designed to prepare dancers and performers in Commercial, Musical Theatre and Company Dance. Our one year Dance Pro Course offers serious dancers/performers the opportunity to excel through our specialised teaching techniques and our focus on the students individual development. Dance Pro has an increased emphasis on advanced performance skills, gaining strength, flexibility and endurance, building awareness of musicality and developing their knowledge of the Entertainment Industry.  Classical Ballet, Jazz, Pas De Deux, Hip Hop/Funk, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Pilates, Singing, Drama, Stagecraft, Musical Theatre, Business Management, Fitness Training.  Trish Squire-Rogers, Katie Molan-Rappel, Andrew Hallsworth, Yvette Lee, Oleg Timursin, Dana Jolly, Tim McDowell, Rebecca Fairey, Carmel Parente, Nat O’Donell, Liz Sheddon, Shane Clark, Liam McIlwain, Simon Gleeson, Kim Adam, Trpy Phillips, Paul Malek and Brooke Lowery. 

 The current 2010 course fees range from $8800 to $9500, depending on the payment plan. Payment plans are available as well as part and full scholarships.  Phone 0433 733 187 Email Website Brooke: Since the first day of Spectrum the Directors Trish and Katie have been amazing, supportive, encouraging and nurturing to help me get closer to pursuing my dream to dance, sing and act professionally. I moved from Tasmania to do full time at Spectrum and have been so happy with my decision to spend a large part of my life with the incredible, talented and well known teachers from all around the world. Spectrum has offered me opportunities for auditions, performances and everything else that I could have hoped for. With the large range of styles that Spectrum offers it gives you the ability to change not only as a dancer but also a person. Matt: I am in my third year of Spectrum Dance, and it has opened up a whole new world of possibility for me. The Spectrum team have been so encouraging not only to me but also to all of my friends and peers. They have helped me transform from a budding artist into a cultured performer. Trish and Katie have given me so many opportunities to grow and explore who I am and who I want to be. With their help, as well as the help of the amazing teachers, no wonder Spectrum Dance has achieved so much in so little time.

a spectrum summer WORKSHOPS January 18th - 21st Industry teachers HipHop / Commercial Jazz / lyrical / Breakdance / Acro / Tap / plus more

A Full Time Scholarship Awarded CALL 0433 733 187 OR EMAIL

   

 Full Time @ The Space 

 Melbourne – 8 August & 10 October 2010 Audition Tour: 25 September – 8 October (NZ, Tas, Adel, Bris, Perth)  


Full Time @ The Space is a course of dance excellence with a strong focus on technique, choreography, performance and artistry. Our talented local and international faculty will train you to world class standard and provide great insight and opportunities in the current professional dance industry. As a student of Full Time @ The Space you will learn from the best international and local dancers, choreographers and producers and perform their work. You will create connections and networks within the commercial dance scene here and abroad. You will choreograph, devise and produce your own dance performances. You will learn the skills you need to thrive as a dancer, performer and artist.   

Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Acro, Tap, Performance, Production, Le Bop, Choreography.   

Natalya Bobenko (AD), Lisa Bolte, Paul Malek, Andy Hallsworth, Yvette Lee, Kim Adam, Mark Hill, Deb Cantoni, Stephen Agisilaou, Etienne Khoo, Shane Clarke, Sue Ellen Shook, Adrian Dimitrievitch, Lucas Jervis, Phillip Haddad, Vince Calingasan and international guest teachers including Adam Parson, Robert Hallak and Tovaris Wilson.   

$10,270 (gst incl)  


Email Call Sam at The Space on 03 9529 3949

“Full Time @ The Space is an amazing course – where I have received individual attention from the teachers and faculty in a really friendly and supportive environment. I've been exposed to a broad range of professional teachers, from every genre, and have been able to get to know the teachers well as the class size is limited and you don't get lost in the crowd. The team at The Space makes every student feel important – and encourages us individually to develop our skills and talents. During my training, I have noticed a huge improvement and growth technically, artistically and personally. I feel so fortunate to be a student of Full Time @ The Space and feel prepared and confident to launch into a long and satisfying career as a dancer and choreographer.” - Jayden Hicks 

 

Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts 


October to December 2010 

The Advance Diploma course offers intensive further training & skills development to a professional level. The course is specifically designed to produce highly skilled & diverse professional performers enabling them to succeed in this demanding industry. Applicants must possess a Diploma of Performing Arts or similar qualification/experience. 

Musical Theatre Major – Vocal Studies, Song Repertoire, Musical Theatre Techniques, Stanislavski Studies, Dialects, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Performance Studies Solo, Acrobatics, Audition Preparation. Dance Major – Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, Modern Theatre Dance, Jazz, Commercial, Contemporary, Pilates, Anatomy, Tap, Showgirl/Boy’s Work, Audition Preparation. Acting Major – Improvisation, Dialects, Stage Combat, Acting for Film & Television, Radio Skills, Stanislavski Studies, International Theatre, Audition Preparation. 

CEO/Principal: Phil Talbot AISTD Dip, LCGI. Head of Department: Andrew Mortimer CDE (ISTD) Claire Matthews IDB2,FSMT, Suzannah Fay AISTD, Carolyn Sinnett CDE (ISTD), Ian Toyne, Sue Hooton. 


On Application 

Website Phone 08 9228 8600 

 


Full-Time Programme for Classical Ballet 


Tuesday 19th October 2010 

Full-Time Course – preparing dedicated Classical Ballet students for a career. 


Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Pointe Work, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, Conditioning, Anatomy, Music, History. 

Penelope Bishop, Ben Chown, Beth James, Emma Leopardi, Lindsey Morris, Chrissie Parrot & Toni Raine. 


Full-Time - $2350 per term 

Phone 08 9361 3651 Email Website “The Conservatoire is an amazing training facility for any young dancer. The knowledge and experiences I gained from the extraordinary teachers whilst at the school, are ones that have ‘shaped me into the dancer I am now, and that I will take with me forever’.” Lucy Downing

  

 

    

            

 


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