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Experiencing a book “A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhaughsted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” –William Styron In my opinion, my day is never complete until I get at least 30 minutes to read. I would continue for much longer if alowed. Known for my capability to read no matter the distractions, some even think of my obsession as addiction. Figures that they are the ones who hardly read. What I find so apealing in a book is the experiences you live through throughout the book. A great book should take you along in the jouney, filling you with aldrenaline when the characters come across challenges. Provoking your anger when betrayl occurs. Unleashing your venom towards enemies. A great book offers joy and unforseen knowledge.

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Linked Reading and writing are greatly interconnected previously, only reading caught my interest. I’ve no love for writing. Learning and following all the grammar rules? Memorizing all that spelling? (I’m a horrible speller.) Spending hours putting letters on a page trying to manipulate them into a worthy tale… what a nightmare. Nevertheless all earnest readers would come to enjoy writing. Eventually. The first step to this new world isn’t school, it’s the library. But oh, what book to choose? Of the thousands out there, you can only start your journey

with one. It’s very likely that you don’t like your first book. So here’s some advice. Clearly your instinct would be to go for the book with the most appealing cover (why do you think book covers are so colourful?) Suggestion? Don’t. Why? It greatly limits your readings. Keep in mind, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” meaning, beauty is different to everyone. Obviously, the author of a book will find their cover very attractive while you may look pass it without a second glance. Also be aware of the conflict of the book. Make sure it’s appropriate for your age, and make sure it catches your attention.

Time to select your book. During the first five chapters of your reading, you will (without a doubt) come across shocking, in evadible, incredibly important, meaningful information. Do you…or do you not…like this book? If you do, great! If you don’t, just take another trip to another aisle, remember to be open minded! Repeat as necessary. How do you know you’ve found a good book? You can’t stop reading it. With a beloved book in their hands, all readers would (as discovered in a recent finding) eventually attempt writing. In fact all famous writers once started out as readers. Time to find your writing style. Writing styles add flavour to your piece and

makes it more enjoyable to the reader. You’ll gain this knowledge from experience, school and/or in this magazine. Also be certain that your conflict is complicated and interesting. Keep in mind that audience you’re aiming to entertain. Adults wouldn’t enjoy mystery books that end in; turns out, the diamond ring was under the bed all along! Kids on the other hand wouldn’t be reading mystery novels 300 pages long. Adding on to that, readers prefer (as I’ve noticed) books with main characters that are closest to their age group. After pushing though a book featuring a 19–year-old for five chapters…well…there goes my interest. Mainly, the reason for this is that if the central character doses something, the reader will find it hard to sympathize if they’ve never experience it. Narrowing into that,

most readers will also have personal preferences in types of books. Types include, romance (making love, finding partners), science fiction (putting a “what if” on reality, recent or futuristic problems), fantasy (virtually about anything at all, a world of your imagination with strange or interesting conflicts), horror (fiction, involves death and frightens readers), thriller (commonly featuring crime and action packed with suspense), mystery (main characters are frequently detectives trying to solve murder), western (cowboys, cowgirls, ranches, horses, you know the drill), history (setting in the past, conflict; wars, discrimination or white/black) and many more. My own favourite types include fantasy, science fiction, thrillers and sometimes mystery. Best keep these things in mind when you write Clearly enough, reading and writing are fundamentally in common. The path way to becoming a decent writer is certain, “think before you speak, read before you think”. You are prepared. Just one last world-changing and expected skill that you already have but don’t always remember to put in use, creativity, this is not something I can teach you so let your imagination run wild and set your creativity free. There is no wrong answer in this. Inside this magazine, you will find everything you’ll need to become an exceptional reader. But if you are a tremendous reader already, then it’s time to start your writing career.

“Who needs wings to fly?”-Anonymous

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Just about the most well-known tale ever to set foot in the history of literature. In fact, it’s so popular that commenters that praise other books have tendency to use the “Harry Potter” phrases such as, “Harry Potter had better watch his back”, or “Step aside, Harry Potter” or “This is the next Harry Potter”. It is clear what’s really being said is; good job! You are almost/good as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series! Therefore, it points out that the Harry Potter series can never be surpassed. It all started when a boy named Harry Potter was born, son to Lily and James Potter, both talented witch and wizards. They, as it were, living happily as a family until a sinful and evil wizard whom terrorizes the all any one and thing magical by the name of Voldemort. He’s known for reasonless killings, his remorselessness and hatred towards Muggles (non-magical people like us). In fact, he is so feared among wizards that he is never called by his name, only he-who-must-not-be-named. For unknown reasons, He-who-must-not-be-named specifically visited Harry’s home and attempted to murder the baby. Harry’s parents perished.

Strangely, Harry Potter lived with no more than a scar on his forehead. In the world of wizards, little Harry was instantly famous. Dumbledore later dropped Harry off at his aunt’s house, though she never has any love towards him. Upon reaching the age of ten, Harry found his true identity and sent to Hogwarts for magical schooling. Amusingly, the only kinds of people whom never liked the Harry Potter series are ones whom never read it. Three cheers to J.K. Rowling and her masterful tale.

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The Hunger Games A real work of art, one where none can doubt the skill, The Hunger Games series tears at your heart and demands your attention. One cannot read this series and remain not to care. Suzan Collins places teenagers in the shoes of an adult and projects their hardships within the book, while managing not to sound cheesy is true feat and entertaining one at that. In this futuristic book of America, Katniss Everdeen’s, a young 16-year-old girl from district 12, poorest of the districts, little sister was chosen for the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a yearly “celebration” where kids from the age of 12 to 18 were sent into a deadly area to kill one another where they must stay until only one remain alive. With two from every district, boy and girl, the chances to survive were slim and made even slimmer when the kids from districts one and two trained for killing their whole lives.

However, Katniss has a few tricks up her sleeves. For the past four years, Katniss feed her family on her own through hunting in the woods with her friend Gale. During that time, Katniss developed an exceptional talent with the bow and arrow and recognizes the vast variety of edible forest plants. With these skills and a bit of luck, Katniss might just win …. If not for Peta, the other nice contender from district 12, who aroused her feelings. Currently the most popular teen series, The Hunger Games deserves the spotlight. Looking for a good gift for friends? Order

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Divergent This modern novel captured the hearts of millions with no apparent effort. Original and generates curiosity, it brings readers to the edge of their seats. Veronica Roth gives her characters life with a mixture of desire, discovery of self and love. In a new world, everyone is divided into five groups. Amity, which values peace and grows the nation’s food, Abnegation, the selflessness and runs the government, Condor, the honest and takes care of the nation’s crime, Erudite, the clever and grows to be teachers and scientists, lastly, Dauntless the brave and guards the fractions from things outside the city. Other, less desirable, options are available, to be fractionless, without a home, food, shelter and family. Beatrice Prior, a girl reaching 16 from the Abnegation fraction and when you reach the age of 16, you are to make a life changing decision, you are to choose your fraction. Before that though, everyone gets to take a simulated test that will tell you the best fraction you are suited for. Unfortunate or fortunately, Beatrice turned out to have equal qualities for Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegation. Her tester told her that these kinds of

people are called divergent and that they’re very rare and that she must keep it a secret. During the choosing ceremony, Beatrice chose Dauntless, the brave. Upon arrival, Beatrice changes her name to Tris and embarks on a test to prove her worthiness in Dauntless. Though when the stage came to simulation, Tris mistakenly shows her true colours as being divergent and thing are about to get a whole lot tougher. Looking for a dramatic novel featuring a mysterious futuristic world? Roth’s extraordinarily written book is for you.

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the three musketeers in finding the queen’s missing diamond studs. Don’t feel like reading it? No worries, recreated major motion pictures are everywhere.

The Three Musketeers A famous novel of which inspired over 30 films no less, Alexandre Dumas was already producing motion pictures when he wrote the Three Musketeers. Not usually my style of reading, though this tale cannot be ignored. This flavourful story has been retold in times beyond counting. In 1625 France, our young hero, d'Artagnan seeks to join the three musketeers, when direct contact failed he managed to offend all three of the musketeers (mistakenly). They each demand a duel. So that very afternoon, the duel took place. To d’Artagnan’s relief, as he was preparing for the first of three duels, the Cardinal Richelieu's guards choose that moment to appear, about to arrest them for illegal dueling. Despite being greatly outnumbered, d’Artagnan fought side by side with the three musketeers and they won. Hearing this, the king des Essart's company of guards and gives him forty pistoles (currency). After recovering his injuries from the battle, he was asked to service

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Finding your style Be it writing or fashion, everyone has a style. If they don’t, their writing will be plain, flat, toneless and factual. Kind of like a robot. Styles are hard to come by. You may know what effect you’re aiming for but not how to create it. Styles bring flavour and interest to your cloths, or written piece. In this world, to find your style, you have one option. Experience. And practice. The secret to achieving almost anything. When you write, you are a expressing yourself, just as you will when you talk. Suppose I write hi, my name is…you get the idea that I’m being casual. But if I reword it into, ‘lo the name is…you can see that I have a large ego. I can also say, greetings call me…it’s obvious that I’m a formal person. You see, the way you write something is like the tone you use in talking. Finding your own style won’t be easy and only time will tell what it will be. Below, this paragraph there’s a quiz that may help you along in discovering your own style.

“Find your own colour and make it shine.”Anonymous

Personality test 4. What do you want to be

1. What do you do when you’re bored? a. Create something (picture, arts and crafts, building blocks so on) b. Something active (run around, sports, games, explore) c. Sink into the couch (for a book, TV, or food) d. Find someone to play with, chat

2. What’s your favourite food? a. Something you made yourself, you’re a good cook! b. Cauliflower, their good for you! (or something else healthy) c. Anything, you don’t have a favourite! d. Your mom’s cooking

3. Care about cloths? a. b. c. d.

Something special… Nothing floppy, their annoying Huh? Oh yeah, you’re always out shopping

when you grow up? a. b. c. d.

Awesome A professional athlete You’ll know later Actor/actress

MOSTLY A’S You are creative and open to possibilities, you need no help in coming up with a style.

MOSTLY B’S Your personality consists mainly of fun, cheery, and lifestyle. Write to your heart’s content and work on putting your feelings into your words.

MOSTLY C’S You are the average person. Nothing wrong with that, but it would be best for you to spice up your life and writing. Unless you are a reader, something tells me you are the kind of person to have trouble with writing.

MOSTLY D’S You are the ultimate socializer. Incorporate your joy and style into your writing and you’ll be fine!

“Building a personality is a lot harder than changing one”-Anonymous.

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