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Technology provides  us  with  amazing  tools  to  help  us   through  life  in  different  ways.  We  can  communicate,  do  research,   play  games,  type  documents  and  make  movies.  The  list  is  endless.   There  are  many  excellent  high  tech  companies  whose  products  help   to  do  these  things.  This  article  will  discuss  some  of  these   products,  the  usefulness  of  Mac  shortcuts,  and  talk  about  several   different  companies  that  are  the  most  successful  in  the  world  of   technology.        

There  are  many  different  technology  products  that  can  do   many  different  things  for  you.  For  example,  there  are  phones,   computers,  tablets  and  iPods.  Each  of  these  devices  plays  a   different  role.    

The role  of  the  phone  is  to  make  phone   calls  and  to  send  text  messages  to  other   people  who  have  cell   phones.  Cell  phones  allow   you  to  communicate  with   other  people  instead  of  writing  letters  or   going  to  see  them  personally,  which  takes  more   time  than  using  a  cell  phone.  There  are   different  types  of  phones.  For  example,   iPhones,  Samsungs,  Blackberrys,  Nokias,  LG   phones  and  so  many  more.      

The computer  is  one  of  the  biggest   inventions  of  technology.  This  device  plays  an   important  role  in  everyone’s  life.  Some  of  the   uses  of  the  computer  are;  sending  email,   surfing  the  web,  typing  documents  and  playing   games.  I  use  my  computer  most   frequently  for  typing  up   documents  for  school.  A  computer   is  used  in  businesses  everyday  depending  on  the   nature  of  the  work.  For  example,  if  you  are   editing  a  movie  to  show  in  theatres,  a  computer  is   always  needed  because  it  has  different  programs  to   help  edit  the  movie.  If  someone  had  not  invented   this  device,  it  would  be  very  difficult  and  time-­‐

consuming to  work  around  it.  

  Furthermore,  computers  are  not  the  only  devices  you  can  use   for  surfing  the  web,  sending  emails,  typing   documents,  playing  games  and  more,  you  could  also   use  a  tablet.  Tablets  are  similar  to  computers,  but   smaller  and  most  of  them  are  touch   screen.  Personally,  the  computer  is   better  for  me  to  work  with  because   it  is  easier  to  type  on  and  you  can   do  a  little  more  on  a  computer  than   on  a  tablet.  Tablets  are  more  portable  than   computers  because  they  are  much  smaller.  One   thing  most  tablets  can  do  that  a  computer  cannot   is  take  pictures.  For  some  people,  taking  pictures  is  a  huge   advantage,  especially  when  they  are  visiting  places  and  on   holidays.  A  tablet  is  similar  to  an  older  version  of  a  computer,   because  a  computer  does  more  than  a  tablet.    

Last  but  not  least  is  the  iPod.  The   iPod  is  a  small  device  that  allows  you  to   listen  to  music,  play  games  and  check  emails   amongst  other  functions.  There  are  different   types  of  iPods.  First  there  is  the  iPod  Nano.   iPod  Nanos  are  really  small   devices  that  just  allow  you   to  store  pictures  and  listen  to  music.  Then  there   is  the  iPod  Touch.  The  iPod  touch  can  do  way  more   than  an  iPod  Nano.  First  of  all  an  iPod  touch  can   surf  the  web,  check  emails,  send  emails,  take   pictures,  play  games  and  more.  The  iPod  touch  is   a  little  bigger  than  the  iPod  Nano  and  it  is  not  that  likely  that   you  will  lose  it,  unlike  an  iPod  Nano,  which  is  quite  small.                


acs  have  an  incredible  variety  of  shortcuts  to  do  things.   There  are  so  many  that  sometimes  you  forget  some  of  them.  All  of   these  shortcuts  allow  you  to  many  things  more  quickly  than  doing   it  the  long  way.  For  example,  if  you  want  to  copy  something  you   could  go  to  Edit  in  the  menu  bar  and  then  click  Copy,  instead  of   doing  that  you  could  just  click  command  C,  which  would  copy  what   you  want.  These  are  some  Mac  Shortcuts  that  I  think  might  help   you  in  the  future;       1. Command  C  =  Copy     2. Command  V  =  Paste     3. Command  X  =  Undo     4. Shift  +  Command  X  =  Redo   5. Command  N  =  New  Window  in  Safari     6. Command  S  =  Saves  your  work     7. Control  +  Option  +  Command  8  =  Inverts  Colors     8. Command  Tab  =  Switching  between  applications  that  are  running   9. Command  M  =  Minimizes  window  that  is  open       These  basic  shortcuts  may  help  you  save  some  time.  If  you  would   like  to  get  more  information  about  Mac  short  cuts,  you  can  visit   any  Apple  Store  around  the  world  and  ask  them.  They  will  give  you   all  the  information  you  will  need.                  

Around the  world  there  are  many  different  technology  

companies such  as  Apple,  Android  and  Blackberry.  My  favorite   company  is  Apple.  All  the  devices  I  have   are  Apple.  Before  Apple  and   Android  became  so  successful   Blackberry  was  the  best   company  out  there.  Ever  

since Apple  and  Android  came  out,  Blackberry’s  popularity  has   gone  down.  For  example,  they  lost  thousands  of  customers  who   moved  to  Apple  or  Android.    Apple  and  Android  have  been  the  top   two  companies  for  several  years  and  I  am  sure  will  continue  to  be   so.    

When you  are  trying  to  buy  a  piece  of  technology,  there  are   several  different  places  to  explore.  If  you  are  buying  an  Apple   product,  my  suggestion  is  to  buy  it  from  the  Apple  Store,  Future   Shop  or  Staples.  If  you  are  buying  a  Windows  product,  you  could   buy  it  from  any  computer  place  that  sells  Windows  products.  Any   Apple  Tablet  or  Apple  iPod  can  be  bought  at  several  different   places  such  as  the  Apple  Store,  Future  Shop  or  Staples.  When  you   are  buying  any  sort  of  technology  device  there  are  many  things  to   think  about,  for  example,  storage,  sometimes  ram,  graphics,   color,  brand  and  color.  Also,  usually  people  like  to  buy   accessories  for  the  device  that  they  have  purchased.  For   instance,  it  could  be  a  case,  headphones,  screen  protector  and   keyboard  protector  for  a  computer.  There  are  many  different   places  where  you  can  buy  any  sort  of  technology  device.  You  just   need  to  find  the  right  one  for  you.          

The world  of  technology  is  limitless.  But  new  developments   are  happening  everyday.  Who  know  what  waits  for  us  in  the  future?      

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