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"Here They Come!"!

The Concept: The game is based in a post apocalypse setting, the players on then island are survivors of a plague that wiped out the entire human population of the world in less then four hours, the plague causes all of the humans to be striped of all intelligence and create a gigantic population of zombie creatures. The players job is simple, survive at all costs. The player is forced to create their own shelter and ally with other players to gain security in the unstable world that is Engore Island.


Game Mechanics: The game is entirely multiplayer with all other players being real people, it starts with 4-6 players falling from planes, washing up on boats, and other realistic means of escape from the plague. Each player must either find their own safe house, or team up with other player(s). The economic aspect is not actively regulated to ensure that one player does not get all the supplies to keep realism, and players are allowed to freely pillage other players whenever they please. The game is kept in check by the player to zombie ratio (which is currently 1:8) which essentially means that players will often be too busy trying to defend their base location to actively raid another player. After a yet to be determined time the world goes from night to day, during the day players can take the opportunity to reinforce their safe house or raid other players. Weapons such as guns and melee are available to the player to better protect their safe zone, however ammo is often hard to find. Limited (realistic) carrying capabilities ensure that players always have something to lose by leaving their safe house and makes moving locations a hazardous task, encouraging players to get the decent shelter first. Shelter can be stolen by other players if the player who is currently inhabiting the area has not logged on in the past two (2) days or if the player is online. Players can trade items but have no protection from the other players sniping them out and taking both their items. Vehicles can be used if gasoline is found, vehicles can easily be stolen and are best kept in a safe area protected by mines or other anti-player defenses. Doors can be locked or barricaded to prevent user entry, however doors can still be blown up." " Server Setup: The servers will be available 24/7.. When all players are offline the

game state is saved and stored away until one of the players logs in again. Which means that sever resources are allocated to run current games and not offline games. Games automatically get deleted if in 3 months no one from the server has logged in. Currently we're debating over user-run servers or Dugleyrun servers.

Copyright Michael Latman and Noah Todd. All rights reserved

Engore Games: Game Concept 1  

The first game from Engore Games

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