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MARILENA SYNODINOU p o r t f o l i o o f a r e c e n t p r o j e c t / EA 70






Selected Project EA 70 exterior


polykatoikia/ entry living outdoors

ap A&B loo ap A daughter’s room ap A master bedroom ap B master bedroom ap A&B expanded kitchen details




ap A living room

drawing on site

4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22 23 3

Residential comprehensive presentation/

Fa m i l y p o l y ka t o i k i a * This is a building that was designed for three different affiliated families. I was called to provide a more refined Interior design than the standard that was being provided by the contractor. I had the possibility of enriching and making some changes in the initial plans, design and supervise details, masonry, gypsumboard, steel and marble constructions, lighting design, exterior space, custom made furniture, choose colors and upholstery. The project was managed by the initial contractor, while I worked closely with the clients, handed in drawings, visited the site and supervised. On some occasions I brought in special makers.

* p o l y ka t o i k i a

B l o c k o f f l a t s . Ve r y o f t e n d e s i g n e d to house an expanded family and p r o v i d e f l a t s fo r t h e c h i l d r e n . 4

Ground level 5

L i v i n g o u t d o o rs

plan, garden design, lighting design

Ground level provided exterior space for each of all tenants. An entry with shaded seating benches, a main outdoor living room, a pathway and disability access where designed to serve all. In addition three more private spaces were alocated to the apartments of the ground floor plus a small herb garden. 6

Ground level 7

First and second floor apartments had small differences, the living room space being the main one. apartment A was a bit larger and with a more minimal approach. This is a room to relax and to listen to music. Bespoke furniture were designed to store music equipment, speakers were build-in the sound-insulated wall. I had to find solutions for making central A/C units areas appear better, manipulate different levels of ceilings and pay attention from building details to interior details like fireplace, fixtures and accessories, doors, handles, railings, lighting, upholstery.

Apartment A living room 8

Level I 9


Apartments A&B restroom

This is a custom made wc, designed for luxury and style. An excesive research on available marble stock led to the choice of the marble block that would be used for each of the two identical restrooms. In apartment A Carrara marble was used while in apartment B Rosa Portogallo. Detailed drawings were provided and the realising was done with a close supervising of the marble installers on site.

Level I 11

Apartment A older daughter’s room

A wooden house in a room: the upper part is a cosy sleeping area with just a matress, a small box for personal things and books and a curtain to provide privacy. The part downstairs is for studying, while also providing storage space for toys and school materials in the inner side and shoes on the outer. A unique intaglio print was produced to provide a design for the curtains, though finally it was not used.


Level I 13

The master bedroom is designed for a calm environment and maximum storage space. Storing is available in various sizes: from a dressing room to smaller personal storage spaces, even under the bed. The bed was custom designed, making an effort to be both beautiful and ergonomic, from an orthopaedic point of view. Wardrobes where thoroughly discussed and designed according to the clients’ needs.

Apartment A master bedroom 14

Level I 15

Bed and side furniture

Apartment B master bedroom 16

tv and storage space, cupboards aside and master bathroom behind

vanity and cupboards

Level I 17

Apartments A& B expanded Kitchen

Expanded Kitchen is the place where family gathers, eats, shares time, watches films. TV set was placed here, so as to provide a peaceful master living room, without TV interference. The preparation of the food does not keep the cook isolated in a separate room. The kitchen was the outcome of careful decision and choice from prefabricated units. All other furntiture was made bespoke and a lighting system was designed .

preparation and eating area 18

Level II

sofa emergency storage space! custom made lighting system

Level II 19

D ra w i n g

from plan down to fixtures




Drawings were produced after thorough 3D implementation. Apart from free hand sketching, software was used as a model making tool.


㧰㨐㧰㦠㧰ÿ㥐㨀㥐㧐㥀㩐㨰㥰 !"$&







Upon agreement with the client, drawings became two dimensional, then gradually enriched in technical detail, discussed with the contractors and subcontrators in order to define solutions.





㤐㧐㤐㦠㦰㦐㧐㧰㧀㥐㧐㧰ÿ㨀㧰㨐㩀㤐㦠㦐 㤰㦐㧐㥐㩀㤐㦐ÿ㦠㧰㧀㧰㥀㦐㧐㧰

㩰㧰㩐㩠㩀㤐 㤐㨀㧰㨰㨀㪐㧀㥐㧐㧰ÿ㨰㩐㨐㩀㤐㨐㦐 㧀㥐ÿ㨐㧰㥀㤐㦠㦐㤐

!"!& !"(!



㥐㨰㪐㩀㥐㨐㦐㦠㥰ÿ㧰㪀㥰ÿ#A$ 20





!")( !"!& !"$% !"$% !"$% !"$% !"$% !"'(








On site


here selection of marble plates 㨀㦰㤐㦠㤐 /01021345

Materials were carefully chosen after market research and checking of quality specifications. Whether it was about marble, wood finishes or even upholstery. Very often visits were held in subcontractors workshops (regarding bespoke furniture and objects, cutting of marble pieces) or on site during installation and assembly. ()*%





㨀㥐㨐㤐㨰㦐㤐 㧀㥐ÿ㦠㧰㦰㪐㧐㤐 㦠㧰㧐㩀㨐㤐ÿ㨀㦰㤐㦠㥐 㦀㤐㦰㤐㨰㨰㥰㨰




㦠㧰㦰㪐㧐㤐ÿ㥀㦐㥐㦰㥐㩐㨰㥰㨰 㤐㨀㧰㩰㥐㩀㥐㩐㨰㥰㨰 㦠㦰㦐㧀㤐㩀㦐㨰㧀㧰㩐








㦠㨐㥐㧀㤐㨰㩀㥰 㦰㥐㦠㤐㧐㥰 㤰㦠㨐㦐ÿ㧀㤐㨐㧀㤐㨐㧰 㨀㦐㧐㥀㧰㩐ÿB㤐㦰㤠㤐㧐㦐㦠㧰D EFGHFIÿ㩀㥐㩰㧐㦐㦠㤐 㩰㤐㨐㤐㦠㩀㥰㨐㦐㨰㩀㦐㦠㤐







㧰㪀㥰ÿ$ÿ㦰㧰㩐㩀㨐㧰㩐ÿ㤐9ÿ㧰㨐㧰㩠㧰㩐 21





EA 70  

Architecture/ Interiors Project

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