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They said to one another

"Come let us lay bricks"

AS they walked across the land they came to a plain in the land and settled there 2

Now the whole earth spoke one language and the smae words. 4

AS they had brick from stone and bitumen from Mortar.


And they said to one another let us build a great city with a tower in the heavens

And they said to each other

L et us give ourselves names or we will be scattered acros



Loo k at what they have built, this is only the begginig of what they can The lord Then came down to see what the mortals have built and said 7

C ome let us go down and confuse there language so that they will not be able to understan d ech

So the lord moved them accross the world and the people left of and built cities.



Therefore the city was called babel because the lord had confused them.


These are the Descendants of Shem


When Shem was 100 years old he became the father of Arpachsad two years after the flood. After Arpachsads birth, he lived for 500 years.



When Arpachsad was 35 years old he became the father of Shelah and after Shelah's birth he lived for 403 years.

When Shelah was 30 years old he became the father of Eber and lived 403 years after Ebers birth



When Eber was 34 years old he became the father of Peleg and lived for 430 years after Peleg's birth

When Peleg was 30 years old, he became the father of Reu and lived for 209 years after Reu's birth



When Reu was 32 he became the father of Serug and aafter Serug's birth he lived for 207 years.

When Serug was 30 years old he became the father of Nahor and lived for 200 years after his birth.



When NAhor was 29 years old he became the father of Terah and after terah's birth he lived for 119 years after his birth.

When Terah was 70 years old he became the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran


These are the descendants of Terah


Terah was the Father of Abram, NAhor and Haron who was the father of lot. 23

Abram and nahor took there wives Sarai and Milcah.

22 HAron died before his father at the place of his birth Ur of Chaldeans.


Milcath was the daughter of HAron and SSarai was a baren and had not children.



Terah took his son, grandson and his daughter in law to the land of Cannan.

But when they reached HAran they settled there


Terah was 205 years and died in HAran


I eoll mske of you a great nation and ma

Now the Lord said to Abram

Take your family and your fathers house to the land that i will show you.


I will treat those in the way they treat you and in you every family w




So Abram went as the lord told amd lot went with him and Abram was 75 years old when he left Haran


Abram took his wife Syria as well as his brothers son lot and all the family possetions they had gathered.

And they set forth for the land of canaan


When they reached Canaan, Abram passed through to the place of shechem to the oak of Moreh.


The lord siad to8 abra To your children, i will give this

Canaanites where in the land at the time


So he built there an altar for the lord who appeared to him.



Then he moved to the hill in tuountry Bethel, and pitched his tent.

With Ai on his east and Bethel on his west he there built another altar for the Lord called the LORD and journeyed on by stages to Negeb.


And now there was FAmine on the Land. 13

SO Abram went down to egypt to stay there as an alien.


AS they enter egypt Abram said to his wife

Sa y you are my sister or they will kill me because you are a beutiful women

AS they entered egypt the egyptions saw she was beutiful and when the officials off the pharoh saw her, they praised her to the pharoh.


So she was taken into the pharohs house and for her sake dealt well with abram 17


So the pharoh called abram to him and asked him What have you done to me? Wh y didn't you tell me she was

Abram had sheep, oxen, donkeys, slaves and camels 18

Wha t did you say, She was So that i would take her as my wife N o here is your wife, take her and be

But the lord afflicted the pharoh and his house with a great plaugues becuse of Sarai, Abrams wife.


Now the pharoh gave his guards concern about abram.


And Abram left with his wife and all that he had


And they said to one another let us build a great city with a tower in the heavens AS they walked across the land they came to a plain in th...