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“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible� - T. E. Lawrence

Products & Services

“People will forget w will forget what you never forget how yo

t what you say, they ou do, but they will you make them feel.� - Maya Angelou

Dedicated to excellence... Every detail is important.

MorganAndersen is an international consulting, training and development company, dedicated to helping organizations improve bottom-line results. Recognising that every company is unique and that every individual learns in a different way, MorganAndersen customises each training workshop to meet the specific needs of each customer. Founded in 2009, MorganAndersen’s specific purpose is providing quality sales,

Combining experience and commitment, MorganAndersen has developed a series

leadership and customer service training as well as organisational development, people

of hands on training workshops that increase sales, improve employee productivity,

engagement and workplace wellbeing consulting. Since its inception, MorganAndersen

motivate managers and instil confidence and enthusiasm in our customer’s entire

has developed a diverse client base, serving customers in the hospitality industry,

organisation. Our Mission is to see your organisation flourish through engaging and

recycling sector, financial and debt management, ecommerce organisations, retailers

unlocking potential in your people.

and community associations among others. We are known for our fresh approach to training. We treat our customer’s business as Dedicated to excellence, MorganAndersen has trained and motivated thousands of sales

if it were our own and spend time getting to know people, understanding what needs

professionals, customer service agents, managers and executives. We are a member

to change, delivering the change and then supporting our customers to make sure the

of the British Institute for Learning & Development and many of our team are CIPD

change is implemented long term, giving a lasting impact.

accredited in Leadership, HR, Training and Management. We have also been recognised by the prestigious UK National Training Awards and have also helped other organisations gain this national recognition.

03 Introduction

Accredited by:

Winning Results We are the architects of repeatable and sustainable business processes and practices that guide our clients to reach their goals. Our contribution has led to many award winning successes including:

We have also had other successes: Created various bespoke global Sales, Customer Service & Leadership programs, training thousands of staff in time critical time scales Nationally recognised for excellence in training and development of others, NW National Training Award winner 2010

DRL Limited (Appliances Online) moving onto The Times Best 100 Companies to Work

Development, implementation and on-going support for teams based across multiple

for 2011 in 63rd place and up to 5th place in 2012

sites in the UK

Barclays Corporate Bank (London, England) was awarded the #1 Call Centre (all

Pioneering design of Call Centre training, motivational leadership coaching and

industries) for Customer Service Excellence in Europe multiple times. They have now

executive management training

won 17 National & International Service Excellence Awards‌ and counting.

Successful creation, restructure and innovative development of group HR functions

National Training Award NW, UK winner 2010 for a major customer service and culture

resulting in streamlined processes and prosperous business resource in a dynamic

change program

business environment

National Training Award 2011 for a company we have been working with for a number

Specific focus on culture creation and the building of a strong, dynamic working

of years

ethos – impacting sales and customer service teams, leading to increase in group profitability and industry leading staff satisfaction levels Creation of bespoke Sales and Customer Service development resulting in dramatic increase in sales conversion (36% to 57% average) and over 50% decrease in compensation claims and complaints within 6 months generating over £450k in additional revenue

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Personal Impact - page 28

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“An organisation’s abi

Ima translate that learning

is the ultimate compet

bility to learn, and

mage. ng into action rapidly,

etitive advantage.� - Jack Welch

Why It Works After participating in a MorganAndersen training workshop, employees and managers will be able to integrate their knowledge immediately, bringing our clients greater success. We go into the company, work with the employees, make sales calls with the agents, watch, observe and understand what our clients’ needs really are. Each training program takes on a totally different look, feel and direction specifically focused on the needs of the individual customer. In addition to the above, we facilitate a lively workshop. Our trainers are fully trained to help solve problems right in the workshop and have industry insights that can provoke strong discussion and promote new ideas

“Our trainer genuinely de has changed my attitu towards my job...”

l a c i t c a r p e v a h “I ow n k I t a h t s l l i sk how to apply”

and solutions to emerge.

Training 08

“Our facilitator knew more about our industry than some of us did!” ining session... a tr l a ic p ty a ’t n s “This wa ow what I n k o ls a t u b , d te a I feel motiv at to do to h w & y tl n re e iff d need to do be better”

Designed For Measured Results MorganAndersen has a design prerequisite that each of our training workshops is measurable. The MorganAndersen approach is experiential and designed to align

“The workshop not only fulfille d our expectations f rom a business perspective but it delivere d much more t han we could have hoped fo r... Our culture is changing for the better thanks to you.”

with Business Objectives for the organization set by Senior Management, Application Objectives that will help fulfil the Business Objectives established by Middle Management and Learning Objectives based on the needs of the Target Population to fulfil the objectives of Senior Management.

Guaranteed Results MorganAndersen guarantees the results of our training workshops. If clients are not

we will re-train the workshop at no charge.

09 Training

“The principles we worked through as a senior team have changed our organisation...”

convinced that our training was on target and met the objectives agreed for the training,

Five Foundation Elements

Training 10

MorganAndersen has a constantly updated training curriculum to ensure our training is in line with the current business, market and economic trends professionals deal with today. Everything we do at MorganAndersen supports our core belief in the Five Foundation Elements:



Ser Trust Satisfaction

/ r e m o t s u /C t n e m e g a g n E Employee atisfaction and Loyalty Guest S tivates the employee,

Understand what mo


tomer’s service satisfa

information to the cus and loyalty drivers

Selection p-le hiring the right peo

e long term

essful hire in th

es a succ Know what mak

ion stage

re this at select

& how to measu

tie this

Training Certification

Continuous Coaching –

Train staff on the skills necessary to certify

they can meet the organisation’s service and

The Vision, Mission and Ser

sales objectives

vice Standards

must be consistently suppor and interaction with staff

ted by actions


You Passed! A specific process must be established that enhances each of the foundation process elements for the long-term strategy to work. The expected outcome of integrating a caring service culture of excellence is focused on both the customer and the employee.

Understanding of the Customer Service Excellence culture Teamwork Dealing with expectation levels and perceptions effectively How behaviour and communication affects internal and external customers How to keep complacency from setting in The need to break out of individual attitudes and mind-sets Quality/Attention to detail - must be of the utmost importance Pro-Active Empowerment

Proper orientation to your organisation, including service culture

possible measure is in place and the foundations within the customers’ organisation are ready to integrate new learning’s successfully.

11 Training

Orientation –

MorganAndersen offers consulting as an option prior to any training, to ensure every

Consulting As a global training and development organisation, the team of professionals at MorganAndersen has helped many organisations improve their overall performance and increase their revenues. Our diverse consulting assignments give us valuable insight and perspective keeping us continually engaged with the current trends, best practices and changing dynamics in the marketplace. We provide the following Consulting Services: Creating & Driving Service Excellence Award Winning Customer Service process integration Strategic Business Process Integration New Hire Orientation & Induction Leadership Performance Assessment Competitive Marketing analysis and benchmarking Sales & Marketing reviews Sales team goals, segmentation, focus and structure development Sales & Marketing plan and program development Leadership alignment & strategic cohesion

Training 12


Workplace Wellbeing Employee Engagement Strategy & Implementation

Mystery Shopping & Coaching For MorganAndersen, clients that are interested in benchmarking live sales performance and interaction for inquiry calls, we offer Mystery Shopping. We identify the specific areas of improvement as well as the key things they are doing well, for each individual. We also offer special shopping services for response time, open for business and custom options. A written summary of the interaction is provided that illustrates the areas the sales professional did well and more importantly where they can improve Calls are recorded and immediately accessible for review Shops can be conducted by individual Sales Professionals or by property/store/location On the spot coaching and feedback can be given at the end of a call or given directly to the sales leader

MorganAndersen also conducts mystery shopping services in person, on location which is particularly beneficial for customers who have multiple locations and need a visual benchmark to be conducted. The same principles are applied to on location mystery shops and a full breakdown of image, first impressions, conduct etc. are also all recorded and made available immediately after the mystery shop has taken place.

13 Training


Internal Customer Service Development The Internal Customer Service Development series of workshops includes a range of key ingredients in making successful teams and departments function excellently with increased productivity and team morale. This series of development sessions covers: Building and strengthening your internal brand

This course is designed for every member of staff regardless of seniority. During the

Successful communication between departments

series of workshops, learners will be personally challenged to utilise their potential, be

Dealing with personal conflict

proactive and deal with others in the workplace effectively to maximise success.

Utilising relationships at work Creating a personal brand

Course Duration: This series of workshops are designed to be delivered every 2

How to say ‘no’ to get a ‘yes’

weeks to allow each learner to fully utilise and practice the desired behaviours before the

Respect, trust and honesty – essential tools for long term success

next session. Clear objectives are set for each learner between sessions with evidence

Developing a ‘can do’ attitude

required to show successful implementation of knowledge. The number of workshops

Doing your best despite resistance

in this series can be tailored to you exact requirements as an organisation, to meet your

Training 14

desired outcome

This course can be held at your company premises or alternative venue depending on the number of delegates attending.

Call Centre Sales Development This in depth sales course is for all new to role and existing sales staff. During the sales development course, each learner will find their own sales type, be taught successful sales techniques and will discover ways to capture the sale and win repeat business. This tried and tested course will increase conversion rates and give essential sales tools for long term growth. Each learner will receive one-to-one coaching and mentoring from one of the MorganAndersen professional sales coaches to ensure every part of the course is successfully embedded. This course focuses on:

The hallmarks of successful sales executives

Winning repeat business

Prospecting Turning a cold call into a warm lead

This sales development course is targeted at any sales professional who interacts with

Multiple sales techniques

customers via telephone, although this can be tailored to face to face selling to suit your

Pitching v selling

business needs.

Signposting Probing and information growth

This course can be held at your company premises or alternative venue depending on the

Handling objections

number of delegates attending.

The five types of seller and buyer

Course duration: 15 days – this course is designed to be delivered over a period of time,

Closing the sale

to allow each learner time to practice and have knowledge embedded through experience.


15 Training

How to sell the benefits

Retail Sales Development This in depth retail sales course is for all new to role and existing sales staff looking to further sharpen their sales skills. During the sales development course, each learner will find their own sales type, be taught successful sales techniques when interacting face to face with customers and will discover ways to capture the sale and win repeat business. This tried and tested course will increase sales and give essential sales tools for long term growth coupled with the delivery of outstanding customer service. Each learner will receive one-to-one coaching

Probing and information growth Handling objections How to sell the benefits The five types of seller and buyer Closing the sale Winning repeat business Use of body language and personal image to win a sale

and mentoring from one of the MorganAndersen professional sales coaches to ensure

This sales development course is targeted at any sales professional who interacts with

every part of the course is successfully embedded. This course focuses on:

customers within a face to face retail environment.

The hallmarks of successful sales executives

This course can be held at your company premises or alternative venue depending on the

Creating a lasting impression of excellence

number of delegates attending.

Training 16

Capturing the buyer Multiple sales techniques

Course Duration: 15 days – this course is designed to be delivered over a period of time,

Pitching v selling

to allow each learner time to practice and have knowledge embedded through experience.

Creating a lasting ‘wow’ factor

Human & Business Communication End




Memorabtles Momen


ary m m u S t n e i c i f f E

Needs n o i t a s r e v n o C f o Flow

It Has To Be Practical


Behavioural Types Analytical?

We teach and equip people with tools and it as a competitive advantage in their roles.




knowledge and then show them how to use

Training Manager/ Team Development This one-on-one development from MorganAndersen is for all Training Managers looking to continue their own personal development and be stretched to fully utilise their potential. This is a unique and bespoke service offered by MorganAndersen and has the sole purpose of creating stronger, passionate leaders of training within business. With years of experience in learning and development in a vast array of industries, we are ideally placed to help your Training Manager continue to be personally successful in leading their team and creating a

Training 18

major impact in your organisation in the short, medium and long term.

“To keep giving keep putting in.. so much from w from until it has

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ courses are for new, existing and experienced trainers and facilitators. Depending on experience, we offer three levels of training, beginner, intermediate and advanced to develop excellence in individuals responsible for training and the facilitation of learning in your organisation. Our training team have decades of experience and have won multiple awards, including coveted National Training Awards, for their work and regularly speak to a diverse range of professionals about creating exceptional training and development for others.

19 Training

ng out, you must n... There is only which to draw as to be replaced�

Train The Trainer

Confidence & Assertiveness


Having internal confidence in today’s workplace is vital to ensure personal and organisational success. Sadly many individuals lack self-confidence and do not assert themselves in a productive manner, resulting is poor morale, lack of progression and reduction in performance. This course is designed for any individual who has to present themselves as strong,


confident and competent individuals at work. Designed to inspire self-belief, this course will address key issues in a controlled environment that will allow learners to discover strength zones, build their confidence and learn how to assert themselves with even the

Training 20

most challenging individuals.

Maximum delegates per course: 6

Course duration: 2 to 5 days – this course can be condensed or built upon depending on organisational needs

Casual Relationships & friends

Conflict Management

Circle of I n f l u e n c e Me

Close Family ( I mmediate Family)

Conflict in the workplace is increasingly common, with many not fully utilising conflicts to their advantage, asserting themselves or correctly dealing with the situation using skilled communication. This course is highly interactive and is designed to equip and strengthen individuals for future success when dealing with conflict. Because of this, the session is based on real issues and requires a high level of delegate participation in order to fully maximise participant learning. During this course, individuals will learn how to: Take control and take advantage of conflict Utilise personal strengths to diffuse aggression Skilfully utilise communication tools Be personally assertive

Build strong personal influence skills

Course duration: 2 to 5 days

Handle difficult situations with confidence

21 Training

Close Family

Negotiate through conflict

Increasing Productivity ‘Increasing Productivity’ is aimed at all professionals looking to

This course equips learners with practical tools that can be immediately implemented.

maximise working hours, be more productive and utilise their time

Each learner will leave the course with personal action points and techniques to increase

to ensure maximum effectiveness.

their own productivity and maximise time.

During the course delegates will learn:

Course duration: 1 to 3 days - The duration of this course is tailored to your company How to prioritise effectively Daily project management Utilising email Personal discipline and organisation Correct delegation Utilising personal strengths How to prioritise properly

Training 22

How to manage daily workloads and pressures

needs and specific issues you are experiencing as an organisation.

Interpersonal Skills Development The MorganAndersen ‘Interpersonal Skills Development’ series of intensive workshops are specifically designed to increase confidence, develop and strengthen personal impact and help individuals become stronger and better equipped to facilitate personal success when communicating with others. This series of short workshops are highly interactive, motivational and inspirational in their design. We understand that people looking to become better equipped in dealing with others benefit from truly personal input, therefor this series is delivered in a small group environment to allow each delegate to fully benefit from effective coaching, personal development and experience.

Course duration: 6 x 3 hour workshops, usually spaced 2 weeks apart (this series can be delivered over alternative timescales where required)

23 Training

Public Speaking & Communication If you are looking to develop your skills in public speaking and communication, our personal and confidential service will not only give you practical skills to integrate but will fully develop your style and message, preparing you for the stage. The MorganAndersen team speak regularly to audiences of all sizes and have years of experience in communicating with others on a large scale. Whether it is a presentation, public address or keynote, we will help you to refine your content as well as help you master the style needed for the audience to receive the maximum impact.

This is a completely bespoke service offered by MorganAndersen and as such will tailor

Training 24

every aspect of development to the needs of the individual. We are able to develop individuals with their speech, personal impact, style, confidence and content and will ensure the individual is ready for their assignment with all of the essential tools in place.

Developing Leadership

p i Loyali t y h s r e d a e L f o Levels Results Recognition

‘Developing Leadership’ is for those with little or no formal training in leading well. At MorganAndersen, we are passionate


about strong leadership and equipping people to lead others with excellence and skill. Our team have all held senior leadership positions within a wide breadth of organisations,


from SME’s to large blue chip and FTSE 100 companies and have acquired a highly tuned set of skills in leading people. Because of this, we are a well-placed business partner to help develop up and coming leaders and those with no training in this area.

We tailor every ‘Developing Leadership’ course to completely fit with your company aspirations and work with your senior team to ensure developing leaders are supported and empowered to make required changes within their own working styles and practices.

so by utilising years of successful experience from the MorganAndersen team.

25 Training

If you are looking to develop your up and coming leaders, this is the ideal way of doing

What level am I on?

Leadership For Leaders

Show Me

Creating diversity

teams because of incorrect management practices or styles.

Recruiting followers & leaders

that develop the full skillset required to be a successful leader that people want to follow. Topics covered are: Levels of leadership Why not to lead from the front 360 degree leadership Managing conflict ‘I’ before ‘we’ Personal leadership Becoming greater than me Creating unity

Can You? Prove It

s le y t S p i h s r e d a e L

90% of leaders do not fully utilise their potential or that of their

‘Leadership for Leaders’ is a highly interactive series of courses

Training 26

Do It”

‘Followship’ to leadership Appraising others Dealing with failure

Due to the nature of leadership development, a full assessment of your needs will be undertaken before development is started. We want to add value to your leadership teams and so will spend time understanding your leaders to determine what aspects of development are most beneficial. This will also enable us to provide specific feedback on individuals to help you reach higher goals and levels in your journey.

Conducting Appraisals & 121’s Many managers do not properly appraise their people and fail to spot signs of weakness and potential disloyalty in individuals. Equally many fail to fully utilise strengths within their teams, leading to frustration and increased attrition and loss of talent. This specialised workshop is for all individuals with the responsibility of appraising others. Each delegate will learn:

How to set the scene for appraisals Be specific Give relevant feedback How to utilise the probing process to uncover the real message The stages of appraising others

What should be documented

Course duration: 2 days

27 Training

How personal style should be tailored

Personal Impact



Personal impact and effectiveness is one of the most important ingredients to being personally successful. If you are looking to strengthen your personal brand, identity and persona, we will work with you individually to cultivate success. There are many aspects


to master in having a great personal impact but once mastered result in personal success, happiness and confidence in determining favourable outcomes.

This is a highly confidential and bespoke service offered by MorganAndersen and will address key aspects of behaviour, working practices and mind-sets, allowing for true growth and freedom from past failures and feelings of inadequacy.

This course can also be delivered in a group setting, where each individual will be challenged on various aspects of attitude, behaviour, motives and response. This is a


Training 28

highly personal course and has the potential to have a major effect on individuals for the better, giving them greater awareness of themselves and their actions and its impact on those around them Personal leadership

s e o h S

Personal Life A Coach

Attitude Aspirations Books s d r a d n Sta Knowledge

For individuals with specific development needs, speak to the MorganAndersen team. We are able to create bespoke development solutions that can be delivered to individuals over intensive or prolonged periods of time to suit the needs of the leaner and their position. This type of learning is highly applicable and utilises a range of learning methods to embed knowledge quickly and cement new behaviours.

Each learner is given a learning partner – a specialist member of the

MorganAndersen team – who works closely with the learner to create the bespoke learning program and provide consistent support through the learning process.

29 Training

Individual Development

Executive Coaching & Mentoring We offer coaching and mentoring services to key influencers and decision makers, where individuals can benefit from one on one time with a member of our experienced team. This is completely confidential and is highly relevant and impacting. Executives that have a coach or mentor are increasingly more successful, driven and focused as a result and can advance their leadership skillset quickly. This is a highly personal way of developing senior leaders and as such will only work by matching an executive with the right mentor or coach. We have many years of experience in

Training 30

this area and are skilled in matching individuals with members of our senior team.

Executive Presentation


Now, more than ever, it is imperative that organisations effectively communicate to both their internal and external audiences. Specifically, we work with clients to create messaging strategies that ensure critical information reaches associates at all levels with continuity and understanding. Our general areas of focus are the following: Presentation Planning - Designing content and structure to maximize impact and achieve desired results. This includes use of humour, storytelling, statistics, quotes and powerful closes. Audience Engagement - Connecting and keeping audience attention and interest Audio Visual Tools - Using visual mediums to effectively support key messages Vocal Technique - Developing successful projection, tone and pace Non-Verbal Messaging - Utilizing body language to consistently convey the intended message Calm, Cool and Collected - Overcoming presentation anxiety

Course duration: 2 days

31 Training

Keynote Presentations Adam Morgan founded MorganAndersen in 2009 out of a drive to see companies be supported by excellent training that delivers a return. Frustrated by many training organisations that often waste money and fail to deliver tangible results, he left employment at Barclays Bank as an International Learning Manager and created this specialist training and engagement company.

Adam has a unique ability to captivate a room with his no nonsense, straight talking and down to earth approach. He is passionate about doing life well and is a firm believer in exceeding expectations – at work and at home and inspires, challenges and provokes change through his humorous and relatable personality. It’s hard not to instantly like Adam and because of this, he is able to deliver a strong message that others may struggle to do so with such precision and impact. Whatever the purpose of your event, meeting or conference,

Training 32

you are guaranteed a perfectly placed message with a motivational and challenging individual.

“Adam is a dedicated, insightful professional. Through

“The Customer Service Excellence work our team went

“Following the training we have received nothing but

detailed needs analysis he was able to craft and deliver

through was completely world class and has had such

praise from employees about the course content and

an impactful program that successfully won commitment

a major effect on the service our guests receive. We

delivery – this is a significant result in itself! We have received

and from stakeholders at all levels. His facilitation and

continue to receive incredible compliments and referrals

praise from customers about our improved customer

motivational skills are top-notch and he is a pleasure to

for the service we provide... what an amazing program

service... and, perhaps most importantly, there has been a

work with thanks to his intelligence, creativity and passion

that results in visual change”

marked improvement in internal communication... Always

for a job well done.”

professional, clearly skilled and experienced”

“Whatever the purpose of your event, meeting or conference, you are guaranteed a perfectly placed message with a motivational and challenging individual.”

33 Training

“Business runs like c

each person loves th

e clockwork when

the part they play�

“The former Secretary of State for Business, Lord Mandelson, encouraged independent reviewers to examine whether a wider take up of people engagement approaches could impact positively on UK competitiveness and performance, and meet the challenges of increased global competition. The independent reviewers’ answer is an unequivocal yes. Since Autumn 2008 they have seen many examples of companies and organisations where performance and profitability have been transformed by employee engagement; they have met many employees who are only too keen to explain how their working lives have been transformed; and have read many studies which show a clear correlation between engagement and performance – and most importantly between improving engagement and improving performance.”


Department for Business Innovation & Skills




Clear Vision Strong Leadership


Engaged Employees

We are as passionate about your people as we are about our own and fully understand the importance of a healthy people engagement strategy being worked out through our partners’ organisations. We have first-hand knowledge of how to construct successful

Attention To Detail

engagement plans and how to best engage with your workforce, to not only improve the lives of your people, but to see strong uplifts in performance. In today’s society, many companies are looking to differentiate themselves and attract

Mea EvaluatsuedreRd es&ults

talent by offering additional benefits, social activities and a whole host of events. Without a clear plan of how to engage your people, this can be an expensive waste of valuable time and resources.

With a clear plan, an engagement strategy can add tremendous

value, reduce attrition, attract high calibre candidates and encourages longevity of

G Cusretoatmer Experience

f f a t S d e l l i Sk

Right People

Rigehstses Proc

performance. MorganAndersen are experts in helping you engage and communicate more effectively with your people through a variety of means.

37 Engagement

Strongial F inanclts Resu

Loyal Customers

Employee Wellbeing Sense Of Belonging

MorganAndersen are skilled in understanding your business objectives and developing an employee wellbeing plan to align with them. The benefits are well worth any investment and recent surveys have identified


Learning & Growth Plans

that staff engaged in a wellbeing program through their employer, work harder, have increased loyalty and reduced absenteeism amongst many other attributes. Our team need to fully understand your business, company DNA and culture before setting to

Fluid Communication

work on a wellbeing strategy or developing the one already in place. This fundamental step is vital to the success of the plans we construct and work with you to complete.

If your organisation has no current wellbeing plan, our team will be on site with you for as long as is required to find out what is important to you and what you want to achieve. By doing so,

Engagement 38 Engagement

we will have a full picture of your objectives, motives and expectations we are to deliver against.

Progression & Development

If your organisation has a wellbeing plan in place currently, the MorganAndersen team will work alongside your current team to refine the plan and develop your people to position them for continued growth and success.

Values Of Our Organisation


Creating A Performance Culture Rewards

Culture is majorly important within organisations and it is vital you design and build your company culture and don’t let it be created by default. Culture is one of the single most important reasons people are attracted and repelled from organisations. It is the powerful mix of values and beliefs, backgrounds and expectations – all of which

Clear Expectations

should be defined and exemplified by the most senior influencers within an organisation.

If you are experiencing difficulties or issues with your people, one of the main reasons will

Giving Back

The Strategy

company cultures, to ensure it facilitates growth and contributes towards the success of your vision. We will evaluate your current situation and provide detailed analysis of how to improve your current situation and then create a plan of improvement to drive forward a new company culture or reinforce the one you already have in place, refining it in the process. Culture takes time to establish and evolve and we are committed to supporting you for the long term to ensure your business success.

39 Engagement

people. It hat supports our w is y eg at str e Th d grows iding principles an draws from our gu rmance by creating a perfo n tio sa ni ga or r ou rt of ng culture to be a pa driven and rewardi

be because of your company culture. Our senior team have years of experience in defining

Vision & Values Development Your company vision should be supported by a strong set of values that underpins the way you do business. Successful organisations are filled with staff that know and relate to their employers vision and values and we at MorganAndersen are no different. Utilising our skills with company development, we work closely with you to define your vision in the short and long term and then build a core of values that will help get you there. Regardless of a company’s size, we can re-launch these internally and externally, create identity and build values into the daily routines of your people.

If you already have a strong set of values, MorganAndersen can develop ways of instilling these into each employee and also recommend ways of measuring their success and rewarding those who promote and live them in their roles. Our goal is to help you produce a workforce

Engagement 40 Engagement

who all live and breathe your core values and will in turn accomplish your company vision, whatever that may be.

Internal Brand & Communication Having an internal image for your people to identify with is an essential aspect for any successful organisation. Having an internal brand creates belonging and ownership and solidifies your company’s external brand values in your people; giving them an additional level to your company


that only they are part of. This feeling of exclusivity and belonging has major benefits, creating a foundation of trust and ownership of the company vision.

We know how to create strong internal brands and will work with you to create a bespoke internal brand that meets all of your values and truly brings your vision to life for your people. A motivated







and focused workforce is an incredible asset and our team want to make sure your internal image and branding with your people is coherent, fit for purpose and effective.

41 Engagement

Reducing Absenteeism If you are experiencing challenges with absenteeism, we would like to work with you to tackle the issue and start reducing this as soon as possible. Absenteeism is not only costly, but is counterproductive and destroys morale and momentum.

Simply, if you would like help and support with this, contact one of the team today who will arrange a meeting with you at your earliest convenience so that we can start to rectify the problem.

Each year approximately ÂŁ1.6 billion is lost due to absenteeism and with our help; we can ensure your business does not continue to contribute

Engagement 42 Engagement

towards this figure.

Let’s Meet. The next thing to do is to meet and talk about your company. We would like to hear about your challenges and successes and understand how we can help you reach the next level. Whether you need to alleviate pain in your organisation or drive higher results, we will be able to deliver a new way forward for you.

Call: +44 (0) 1942 705674 Visit:

43 Let’s Meet


Companies We Have Worked With Argos


PC World

Appliances Online



Avis Budget Group

Dolce Hotels And Resorts



Interstate Hotels And Resorts

Paymex Group


Maybourne Hotel Group


Arla Foods

The Cooperative

Recycling Lives

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Jumeirah Hotels And Resorts

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Five Foundation Elements - page 10

Measured Results - page 9

Conducting Appraisals & 121’s - page 27

Human & Business Model - page 17

Mystery Shopping - page 13

Confidence & Assertiveness - page 20

Increased Productivity - page 22

Personal Impact - page 28

Conflict Management - page 21

Individual Development - page 29

Public Speaking & Communication - page 24

Consulting - page 12

Internal Brand Communication - page 41

Reducing Absenteeism - page 42

Creating A Performance Culture - page 39

Internal Customer Service Development - page 14

Retail Sales Development - page 16

Developing Leadership - page 25

Interpersonal Skills Development - page 23

Training Manager/Team Development - page 18

Employee Wellbeing - page 38

Introduction - page 3

Train The Trainer - page 19

Engagement - page 37

Keynote Presentations - page 32

Vision & Values Development - page 40

Executive Coaching & Mentoring - page 30

Leadership For Leaders - page 26

Why It Works - page 8

Executive Presentation Coaching - page 31

Lets Meet - page 43

Winning Results - page 4

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Morgan Andersen - Products & Services  

Morgan Andersen - Products & Services

Morgan Andersen - Products & Services  

Morgan Andersen - Products & Services