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Granny Pat How can one mourn the passing of a life lived to the fullest and absent of regret? What more is there to life but the fulfillment of Gods plans and destinies? When it comes down to it, the memory of a persons life is summed up in a split-second; contrasting the illusion of time. Yet this split-second somehow encapsulates the decades of companionship in an emotional sense and a spiritual sense - the way someone's spirit has connected with yours - that transcends all calculations of the mind. This is the personal legacy left behind and in Granny's case it is flourished with happiness and an abundance of Gods joy which overflows and touches all she meets. The void left in so many peoples lives is undeniable; she was a strong woman. She was a strong woman. She supported others much more than what could be expected; she was a pillar in the area of ministry, a foundation of marriage and family and a cornerstone in the lives of a fortunate number. Granny spent her last days in a place as close to paradise as possible on earth. She passed on peacefully into a renewed body which can keep up with her spirit. Heaven knows she will be missed here, as they have missed her in her time on earth. Zane Subritzky (See next page for Jonathan’s tribute)

Granny Granny‌.. Granny was one you could greet and always find a welcome smile You could sit down, and chat for a while, She was always interested to hear your thoughts and prayers And definitely loves people to do her hair. So many memories she left behind, And I’m sure you will see that she was one of a kind Granny was a great encourager, always encouraging us to do what we think was right. We all thank the lord for her physical health and for the priceless memories that she has given us. And we also thank the lord that she is now in the glory realm rejoicing as we speak. Granny always looked beautiful physically, But I could also see a beautiful spirit within her,

Often as she gave us ice-cream or a lollie-in each hand as we used to call it, she would say “ Do you know why you can have an ice cream?” “why?” we would say “Because your’ worth it!” Granny was a character of happiness and joy and LOVED her grandchildren, she was very proud of us, “How are my twinnies?” “How are my little twins doing? She would say proudly. Granny was a very huggable person, and everyone enjoyed hugging her, and I found these hugs very special moments One thing that we enjoyed in particular was after church going to granny and granddad’s house to have lunch and talk with granny, then we will go and have a swim. Granny then enjoyed watching us swim and was very proud seeing us acquire more swimming skills when we were little. Granny had always made the most of life and she was always there for us, and she never missed a chance to support our family. Granny spread an Atmosphere of love and peace to everyone she encountered and always tried to do her best to spread the word of Jesus Christ to people. Granny even had two cars with the license plate “God Loves You”. That took courage. And granny had courage. We will all miss granny’s company. Thank the lord that she is in the place of eternal peace right now. Thank you. Jonathan Subritzky

Tribute for Granny  
Tribute for Granny  

Zane and Jonathan's tributes to Granny Pat at her funeral