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A Web Quest for 10th Grade World History

Cold War Event from your Research

Event #1

Event #2

Event #3

Event #4

5 facts about the event

Is this evidence of “HOTNESS” or “COLDNESS”? Why?

4. Evaluation 4





Has title, thermometer, 4 pictures, and 4 explanations

Has title, thermometer, and may be missing 1 picture or explanation

Has title, thermometer, and is missing 2-4 pictures/ explanations.

Has title but may not have thermometer. Also is missing more than 4 pictures/ explanations.

Visual Appeal

Visually striking. All pictures colored. Obvious evidence of original thought and creativity.

All pictures colored. Evidence of creativity.

May not be colored. Has 2-3 pictures. Pictures are efficient, yet lack real effort.

Not colored. Has less than 2 pictures. No reasonable effort.


Contains four explanations with no factual errors.

Contains four explanations with a few factual errors.

Contains 2-3 explanations OR has numerous factual errors.

Contains less than 2 explanations OR is replete with errors, showing no evidence of research.


Presentation is clear and understandable. The presenter delivers the presentation in a professional manner.

Presentation is understandable and keeps the attention of the audience for most of the presentation.

Presentation is passable, however the speaker may be difficult to understand due to poor presentation skills (mumbling, turning away from audience, etc.)

Presentation is not passable. The presenter appears unprepared and the presentation is obviously impromptu.

The following Web Quests (also on assignment 2.2A) were either used in some way to help me as I built this Web Quest, or would be possible additional Web Quests that could be used to supplement this one. • Pluciennik , D.(2011). Cold War: Communism or Capitalism. SDSU. Retrieved from: • Stewart, T. Origins of the Cold War Web Quest . King Kekaulike High School. Retrieved from: • Grey, D. (2010). Science Fiction and the Cold war. Kean University. Retrieved from: • Cohen, M. (2010). Mrs. Cohen’s Propaganda Web Quest. Monroe-Woodbury High School. Central Valley, New York. Retrieved from: - I realized that my rubric was inspired by Web Quests I had looked at. Her’s may have been one of them.

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Web Quest  

This is a Web Quest.