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December 8, 2011


Neurotransmitter: A neurochemical that transmits nerve impulses across a synapse and are found at axon endings of motor neurons and they stimulate muscle fibers.

GABA and GlycineInhibitory Neurotransmitters

GABA AND GLYCINE GABA and Glycine work together as Inhibitory neurotransmitters. Glycine is the amino acid which helps slow down processes and is located in the PNS. GABA also slows processes down in brain and works as the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter located in the mammalian CNS. As an Inhibitory neurotransmitter,

in the brain, communication becomes out

GABA decreases the ability of other

of control, overstimulated, and chemically

neurotransmitters to work, meaning it

unstable. Low levels of GABA are also

blocks and discourages communication.

associated with problems of poor impulse

GABA also functions by binding to specific

control which includes gambling and

transmembrane-receptors and causes ion

stealing problems as well as temper

channels to open and allow the flow of

tantrums. Serious diseases can also occur

either negatively charged chloride ions into

because GABA levels are too low. These

the cell or positively charged potassium

include Bipolar Disorder and Mania.

ions out of the cell. GABA controls brain areas which

High levels of GABA in the brain produce more control, relaxation, and

involve emotion and anxiety and helps

sedation. When GABA levels are drastically

people feel relaxed (click here for more

changed from high levels to low levels this

information about relaxation effects of

instability causes seizures to occur.

GABA v=3_DywKEvyjc) If there is too little GABA

Alcohol increases levels of GABA. This drastic increase causes body systems to


GABA and Glycine at work Activities, such as yoga, create relaxation for the body and mind by increasing levels of GABA in the brain.

over relax. Slurred speech and foggy thinking can also occur because the levels of GABA are too high. Medications decrease anxiety by increasing GABA levels in the brain. Medications for seizures, impulse control problems, and Bipolar Disorder all work by increasing the GABA levels within the brain. Anti-seizure medications increase GABA to the normal range, lowering the possibility of seizures and produce brain chemical stability. In conclusion, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter which causes a relaxation default.htm neuron2.jpg uploads/2010/06/slow.jpg uploads/2010/11/clear-blue-pregnancy-testaccuracy.jpg uploads/2008/12/brain-250x226.png v=3_DywKEvyjc


effect and causes the brain to slow down. Too much or too little GABA in the brain can cause disorders. The sudden drop of GABA from high to low levels also causes seizures. Written by Katie McCan, Mattie Wagner and Rachel Thalhuber. Sources: mental_health_Carver_norepinephrine.html

GABA is used in medications

GABA and the brain. In slowing the brain down, GABA gives the feeling of relaxation to the body. Items such as Alcohol produce too much GABA and have effects on the body. If levels of GABA drop from high levels too quickly, seizures can occur.


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