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pro Jamendo is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to play background music in your establishment without having to pay fees to collective rights societies (such as SACEM, SABAM, GEMA, SGAE, BMI, ASCAP, PRS, … ).

Background Music

Legal compliance is guaranteed and Jamendo provides a certificate reflecting proof of exemption of these payments.

Benefits 21 musical atmospheres available.



Ad-free and without interruption

per year

Quality Jamendo artists in a continuously updated catalog. Easy to use – only an internet connection is required!

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Avenue de la Liberté 76 L-1930 Luxembourg

T +352 26 53 42 21 F +352 26 53 42 42

> Un catalogue actualisé en permanence Exonération des redevances aux sociétés de gestion de droits d'auteurs (SACEM, SABAM, ...) Conformité légale garanties par un certificat

Jamendo offers two user-friendly methods for distributing music Nos produits :




+ 320 Go + 20 programmes disponibles + Mise à jour automatique + Lecteur compatible avec Windows XP/Vista/7

+ Unité autonome dédiée à la musique 22 cm x 11en cm non-stop + De la musique + Mise à jour automatique + Simple d'utilisation


Une connexion et une utilisation simple

Do you have a computer at your disposal Du son numériqueThe JamBox is a stand alone box you receive et de la musique de qualité that can connect to your audio system? that is pre-loaded with our musical content.

> A partir de 48€ par an

You can directly:

device independently; (en fonctionThis de la surfaceoperates de votre établissement)

simply plug it into an outlet and to your amp (audio output RCA Cinch).

Broadcast our programs with the Jamendo PRO Player jamendo SA jamendo France avenue de la Gare 22, rue de la Paix for Mac & PC; an Internet connection is required. 41, An Internet connection in the establishment L-1611 F-75002 Paris +352 26 53 421 GSM if : +33 is not necessary you (0)632.01.57.43 opt for the JamBox. Download the music onto your computer from your customer account. The JamBox updates itself online; therefore it is sufficient to simply connect it regularly to the Internet Save music on a CD, USB stick, MP3 player from your home or elsewhere. or an external hard drive. If you do have an Internet connection in your establishment, you will also have the option to run the JamBox in online mode. The music programming will then follow a predetermined schedule based on time of day. This device is equipped with very basic buttons which allows for simple navigation between our different atmospheres.

More on Jamendo S.A

Avenue de la Liberté 76 L-1930 Luxembourg

T +352 26 53 42 21 F +352 26 53 42 42

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