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Mariarosaria ritonnaro arCHitECtUrE PortFoLio

CV Mariarosaria ritonnaro

Viale Giuseppe Verdi 6, 84131 Salerno, Italy

Born: 12/17/1986 nationality:italian sex: Female

Work experience


Technical ofice of Salerno General Hospital

nov 2012- apr 2014

Feb 2014 - Present salerno, italy

Main responsabilities: Design proposal for the renovation of Critical Care Unit Confrontation and focus group with medical staff involved aug 13 - Feb 2014

oFis arhitekti

+39 3485856994

Post-grad Master in Healthcare design Polytechnic of Milan sept 2005 -May 2011

Master degree in architecture University of naples “Federico ii“ grade: 110/110 with honours

Ljubljana, slovenia

Main responsabilities: 2d&3d CaD drawing, graphic design, composition Management with different European partners Collaboration in international design competitions

Lo studio di Giuliana Morelli

Jun 2011 - Mar 2013

apr 2012

32h“Basic use of nemetschek allplan” 4MCD studio, salerno

Language skills

naples, italy

Main responsabilities: 2d&3d CaD drawing, rendering, graphic design, survey interior & furniture design, assistance in construction site

italian English French

Jan 2012 - JUL 2012

asnoVa studio associato salerno, italy

Main responsabilities: 2d&3d CaD drawing, rendering, graphic design, survey interior design, collaboration in public tender competitions Jan 2012 - JUL 2012

ritonnaro Costruzioni s.r.l. salerno, italy

Main responsabilities: 2d&3d CaD drawing, rendering, graphic design, survey Collaboration in public tender competitions

Computer skills autodesk autoCaD adobe Photoshop adobe indesign adobe illustrator Maxon Cinema4D nemetschek allplan Microsoft Ofice suite


architecture & Planning

1 social Housing in competition 2 social Housing in competition 3 student Housing in competition 4 Ofice of Lazio Region competition 5 sustainable housing in salerno...........Diploma thesis

interior Design

6 summer House in Capri...........................completed 7 oman air ViP competition Healthcare Design

8 Critical Care Unit in salerno..................Master thesis

arCHitECtUrE &pLannInG


5600 sqm


87 apts for disable people+sport facilities

tasks and duties 2d-3d CaD drawing Ps post-editing translation fr-en Design composition

the core of the site is a wide public garden, that connect the boulevard Menilmontant and the passage de la folie regnault, creating a wide open sapce in frotn of the Cathedral notre-dame-du-PerpĂŠtuel-secours. the Volumes and their position create a connection between the central garden and the boulevard, and the view from the street to

Year Practice

2013 oFis arhitekti Ljubljana slovenia

the Cathedral is preserved. the programme is divided in two building: the main one facing the boulevard is organized in different sized apartment, whilst the one facing passage de la folie regnault is designed for duplex apartments. on the groundloor sport facilities and public functions increase the connection between the inner private space and the street.

Faรงade diagram

Typical loor

typical apartment

internal green court

internal green court

Green space diagram


6000 sqm


apts for disable people+parking

tasks and duties 2d-3d CaD drawing Ps post-editing translation fr-en Design composition

the project is developped in a green area, with two linear building and three smaller towers. the main character of the buildings consists in the hexagonal loggias in perforated aluminium panels, that create on the faรงade a volume rhythm. these loggias also provide a good micro-climate and shadow on the balconies. the theme of the hexagones is kept

Year Practice

2013 oFis arhitekti Ljubljana slovenia

also in the green areas, where geometrical hedges separate private from public spaces. In the middle of the ive buildings a playground is protected by a marshland that provide also fresh air during summer. space for storage, bycicle racks and parking are located in the basements, but the central green area keeps the plain earth.

Tower typical loor

tower main faรงade

Linear Building typical loor

Linear Building main faรงade

Faรงade section


8500 sqm


315 student housing + common spaces

tasks and duties Project management 2d-3d CaD drawing Ps post-editing Design composition

the building faces avenue augustin Fliche, just in front of the Faculty of Medicine. Behind the site a lush green area separate the trafic from the existing student residences. In order to not close the view to the green area from the street, and guarantee a permeability, the building is developped as a composition of level, higher at the two sides, and empy in

Year Practice

2013 oFis arhitekti Ljubljana slovenia

the middle. all the apartment are suitable for disable people, and also couple of students with children ind their place. On the groundloor the common area and the ofice face the street and two inner patios. the faรงade is conceived as prefabricated panels that close the volume or every single apartments, as original module of the project.

Level +6 loorplan

south-East faรงade

t1 typical apartment

t2 typical apartment

interior apartment view

Longitudinal section


3000 sqm


48 ofices + services

tasks and duties

Lazio Council’s Ofice is located in the existing complex in Via della Pisana, in a strategic position, near the highway and facing the peaceful roman countryside. the building is conceived as a horizontal volume, broken in the middle by the overhanging hall. the whole project is conceived as a sustainable building,with renewable energies and a

2D-3D CaD design redering, graphic, interior design

Year Practice

2012 asnoVa architects salerno, italy

sophisticated system of air circulation, that has its edge in the bioclimatic chimney, a EtFE coated curved tube that is the main feature of the hall. an optimal microclimate is guaranteed by the use of the water and mediterrean essences that enrich the façades and the roof garden creating a pleasant work environment too.

Typical loor

Ofice detail

south-East faรงade



Cross section

Longitudinal section


3500 sqm


24 apartment+ shops

tasks and duties

this alotment in salerno East area is located in a strategic position, on the waterfront facing the future Marina d’arechi Harbour by Caltrava. according to the Urban Plan, the project keeps the “embrace” shape of Bohigas’s project in the basement, whilst turns in the upper loors into a composition of straggered volumes , it on a regular squared structure

Design composition Material research Energy calculation

Year Practice

2011 University of naples prof. s. Pone prof. P. Miano

scheme, so that every apartment is organized in a open plan and is given of a wide terrace without structural overhang. all the used material are natural and with a sustainable lifecycle, and the energy supplied is provided by a PV and eolic system, integrated in the architecture. the building is dry-built, without use of concrete, so to be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

+1/+4 level loorplan

100 sqm apartment

+2 level loorplan

110 sqm apartment

+3 level loorplan

100 sqm apartment

Bins integrated in parapet

Water system

roof garden


Kenaf iber insulation

Horizontal omega steel proile

Vertical box-shape steel proile special connection for corners Cotto-dry list, “C“ proile Hook shaped proile

Kenaf iber insulation rockwool insulation Gypsum panel aluminium structure

parquet loor sub-pavement steam barrier Heating layer Beam insulated ceiling

16 turbines 1sqm

MiCro-EoLiC sYstEM prof. Lucien Gambarota_Hong Kong University Motorwave group 4sqm turbines battery --> 50kWh/month works from 4m/s wind speed Medium consuption per apt. 250kWh/month necessary turbines per apt: 20 sQM

PHotoVoLtaiC sYstEM necessary power per apt.……………….4kW single panel peak power ………..115W single panel area…………….0,838mq 4000W_= 32modules/apt. ___26mq/apt. 115W

i n t E r i o r D E S I G n

sUMMEr HoUsE in CaPri Data

180 sqm

tasks and duties

the renovation of an ancient villa in the island of Capri, in the Gulf of naples, is the opportunity to make the existing house over into a modern and at the same time traditional and mediterrean summer house. the hue of light pink perfectly matches with the natural tiles. all the forniture is customized, including in-built wardrobes and bathroom’s accessories.

2D-3D CaD design furniture design, survey

Year Practice

2011 Lo studio di GIuliana Morelli naples, italy

a beautiful elliptical stair brings to the bedrooms, al with bathroom en-suite. a heating loor solution is adopted so to guarantee comfort also during the winter, and a system of solar water heating is installed on the roof. all the material used are natural and sustainable. the decoration is completed with some pieces of art of neapolitan artists.

aIRpORT VIp LOUnGE OMan aIR Data Programme

500 sqm ViP lounge airport

tasks and duties

the concept is the creation of a space that is elegant and cozy. It relects tranquil and safe environment. The different functions are separated but yet inside single connected space. the main idea is dividing the different functions into semi-intimate separee-s. Each separee has its own character and atmosphere. the distribution of separee-s is according to

2d-3d CaD drawing Ps post-editing Design composition

Year Practice

2013 oFis arhitekti Ljubljana slovenia

the logic of space from quiet to more busy and noisy zones. the main element are semitransparent textile curtains that divide the space. the ViP lounge provides in the number also a meeting room, equipped with computers and printers, whilst in the relax area is also possible to enjoy a manicure or massage. Behind the display a restaurant is availbale.

HEaLtHCarE D E S I G n


670 sqm CCU renovation 10+2 beds

tasks and duties

The Critical Care Unit of Salerno General Hospital was built in the ‘60s, and activated in the ‘80s. Due to the evolution of medical technologies and guide lines, a renovation is needed. the project aims to adequate the existing space to the new needs, and to guarantee a safe and comfort space to the patient and the staff. the project keeps the same number

Design composition 2d-3d drawing render, research

Year Practice

2014 Technical ofice of salerno Hospital

of beds, and organize the space in 10 separated boxes of 20smq each in a circular shape, in order to guarantee a better control from the central nurse station. a solar tubes system bring the natural light on each bed and on the centre. the spaces around are recovered as deposit,administrative ofice, and a hall dedicated to family and visitors.

single box detail

FLOW DIaGRaM patients low

Visitors low Staff low

Cross section

t Y Mariarosaria ritonnaro Viale Giuseppe Verdi 6, 84131 Salerno, Italy

+39 3485856994


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