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Newsletter of the CAGT PTA Columbia Missouri Association for the Gifted and Talented Parent Teacher Association October 2011

WE NEED YOU TO ADVOCATE! Executive Board President Matt Istwan Vice president Melody Galen Secretary Mary Catherine Jurczyk Treasurer Harry Castilow hcastilow@centurytel. net Committee chairs Advocacy: Karin Berry Membership: John Holmes Parent & Family Involvement: Elementary: open Secondary: Theresa Geyer Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation: Heather Myers hmyers@columbia.k12. Student Programs and Fundraising: both are open CAGT Web site: service.columbia.k12.

Partners in Education

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is submitting MSIP 5 (Missouri School Improvement Program revision #5) to the Board of Education soon. MSIP 5 eliminates Standard 7.2, the standard that requires school districts to systematically identify and serve gifted students in grades K–12. DESE is accepting public comments until November 1st. After that date, the Board of Education will approve or disapprove the MSIP. Therefore, we need to take action now! Please write letters informing those involved that it is vitally important that Standard 7.2 remain in MSIP 5. We request that you send your letters to both DESE and the BOE at this time. A sample letter is included in this newsletter; however, please be sure to personalize it! If they receive a “form” letter, it will not be effective! For more information, you may visit the DESE Web site at MSIP5.html.

Contact the CAGT PTA advocacy chair, Karin Berry, with comments or questions at Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Email: Fax: 573-751-9434 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Attn: Margie Vandeven, Asst. Commissioner Office of Quality School P.O. Box 480 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480 Board of Education: State Board of Education Department of Elementary & Secondary Education P.O. Box 480 Jefferson City, MO 65102 (You might address it to Russell Still, since he is from Columbia, and copy it to President Peter Hershend. Or, you might send it only to President Hershend.)

See Page 3 for the sample letter.

GAM Conference This Weekend! Attend the Gifted Association of Missouri Annual Conference here in Columbia! Learn more about gifted education in Missouri at Parent’s Day on Sunday, Oct. 23, at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Go to for more information.

CAGT Calendar

• Tuesday, Nov. 1, 6:45 p.m., PTA meet-

ing with Dr. Chris Belcher, Superintendent, Columbia Public Schools, at Field • Tuesday, Nov. 8, 7:00 p.m., free Webinar at Rock Bridge High School • Wednesday, Nov. 9, 6–7 p.m., Orientation for incoming EEE families, at Field • Wednesday, Jan. 1, 6:00 p.m., Chili supper/Field open house at Field


The Future Looks Bright Hickman seniors Jordan Hoffman, Annemarie Van Doren, and Avery Wagner, along with 33 students from 20 communities across Missouri collaborated under the direction of Cincinnati-based designers and futurists Jeff Sharpe, Christian Long, and the Prototype Design Camp team at the Missouri Future of Learning Forum held in conjunction with the MOREnet Instructional Technology Conference (MITC) 2011 at Tan-Tar-A, in Lake of the Ozarks. For 41 hours over October 9–11, students were immersed in an intensive collaborative design-team experience to develop their own solutions to address the future of learning in Missouri. At the conclusion of the process, each of six student design teams pitched a prototype to a jury as well as an audience of MITC conference attendees after which peer-selected representatives of each team (including Annemarie and Avery) held a 30-minute panel discussion articulately expressing and defending their teams’

ideas for the creation of a bright, connected, meaningful future learning experience in Missouri public schools. Themes highlighted and addressed by the studentfuturists included ideas for increasing flexibility, student choice, and student participation in decision making, as well as options for creating learning spaces geared toward enhanced creativity and student motivation. Prototypes ranged from “Class Cloud,” an all-inclusive software information system, to a mobile learning space with the tag line “Think Outside the Classroom.” Thanks to student sponsors BJC Healthcare and Missouri Tech who granted $850 to each participant. Additional thanks to CAGT-PTA for funding the student initiative grant which covered conference registration fees and additional meals for this transformational learning experience.

From Secondary EEE Secondary EEE thanks the following organizations for their generous support this year. The CAGT-PTA for its recent support in several projects: The middle school trip to the Central Missouri Renaissance Fair, travel expenses for EEE delegates to MOREnet’s Future of Learning Forum (see story above), an additional buzzer system for expansion of the district’s award-winning quiz bowl teams, transportation of select juniors to visit Truman State University for a college tour, a Webinar series with helpful topics for the parents and educators of gifted children, meals for faculty collaboration days, and additional supply money for teachers. Downtown Optimists and Boone Electric Cooperative Community Trust for establishing needbased scholarships for students taking advanced math at Mizzou during high school. USFWS, USDA, the Columbia Daily Tribune, Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia REDI, Columbia Orthopaedic Group, and multiple laboratories and programs associated with the University of Missouri for hosting and consulting with juniors and seniors completing EEE internships.

The Bank of Missouri, our partner in education, for supporting EEE entries in the Lights, Camera, Save! competition. Mizzou Admissions for covering all expenses associated with October’s Honors Visit Day for juniors at Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools. And the many other friends who help us broaden horizons and open doors for our students! Follow the latest for high school EEE on Facebook.

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Ghost Trap Fourth and fifth graders paired with artists to create video for film festival The Missouri Arts Council partnered with the Gifted Center and the University of Missouri this fall to bring Tiny Circus, a troupe of artist–educators to Columbia. The artists worked via Skype and then spent a week with all fourth- and fifth-grade EEE students to produce an original animated short film that was featured at Columbia’s Citizen Jane Film Festival. The film “Ghost Trap” can be viewed on YouTube at: A special thanks to Pam Spencer, EEE teacher, and Assistant Professor Joanna Hearne, University of Missouri, for making this extended learning opportunity possible.

Sample Letter to the State Board of Education Date Peter F. Hershend President State Board of Education Department of Elementary & Secondary Education P.O. Box 480 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Dear President Hershend: On behalf of the Gifted Association of Missouri and gifted students throughout Missouri, I am writing to respectfully request the State Board of Education’s support of gifted education in our schools. Specifically, I am requesting you to adopt specific gifted process standards and ensure that achievement levels take into consideration growth for gifted students. *****Add your own talking points here********* Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to discuss this further, or meet in my school district, please contact me at_________________. Respectfully, YOUR NAME Address City, State, Zip Phone

Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation Committee Warm thanks to all who contributed time and/or food for the meals on teacher collaboration day in September. The breakfast and lunches were a big hit, and they were very much appreciated by the teachers.

Free Webinar, November 8


Join us for a Webinar called “Preparing Gifted Children for College...or Preparing Them for Life?” presented by James T. Webb, PhD, on Tuesday, November 8, 7:00 p.m., at Rock Bridge High School, Room 210. Academic success is helpful, but other areas of success are more important. As parents and educators, we must focus on social and emotional development if we are to nurture gifted children and adults so that they develop their human potential. Cultivating courage, caring, and creativity are as important as academics and developing intellectual abilities. What is appropriate for us to expect and demand in academic achievement, and how do we keep alive and foster the passion for learning and personal development even when it is not in traditional academic areas?

Discovery Lunch Series Munch & Music

Above: The Boonslick Chordbusters. At left, bluegrass band Good Turn Daily.


Donate the fundraising committee out of a job!!!!!! In order to fund all the fabulous events and purchases this year, we need to raise $11,600. Some of the events planned are the Discovery Lunches series, funding field trips, the annual picnic in May, and teacher appreciation activities.

If you make a donation through the no-work fundraiser, you’ll have no wrapping paper to buy, no cookies to sell. You’ll know you’ve already helped support our wonderful gifted program. Did you know...? It costs $50–$850 to pay for a bus(ses) and a driver(s) for one field trip, depending on the number of students and length of time We typically have 300–400 people attend the May picnic We hope to purchase a digital projector for use in meetings and assemblies, and the teachers have asked the PTA to purchase a Quiz Bowl timer to use for the secondary teams Our teachers work hard, and we try to show how much we appreciate what they do for our children If: • 12 members each donate $1000 — we will reach our goal • 116 members each donate $100 — we will reach our goal (we currently have 140 members!!!) • 232 members each donate $50 — we will reach our goal (okay, we need more people!) In order to fund the budgeted $1500 for the no-work fundraiser: • If 3 members each donate $500 — we will reach our goal • If 15 members each donate $100 — we will reach our goal (we currently have 140 members!!!) • If 60 members each donate $25 — we will reach our goal!! Remember, CAGT PTA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. A tax donation letter can be requested from the treasurer. Please mail donations to: CAGT PTA, c/o Gifted Education Center, 1010 Rangeline St., Columbia, MO 65201. Name(s) ______________________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________ State ___________ Zip _________________________________ ______________________________________PTA use only ____________________________________ [ ] Paid amount [ ] Check # or cash [ ] Paid date

CAGT OCT-NOV Newsletter  

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